Prepositions used with "consequence"

"in consequence" or "of consequence"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 52% of cases consequence in is used

The child dies in consequence of such exposure.

The Jesus movement, in consequence, had no legal standing.

I've sort of lost respect for them as a whole, in consequence.

His picture is to be found both prominent and hole-ridden on my dartboard in consequence.

No money shall be drawn from the treasury but in consequence of appropriations made by law.

It was in consequence of their being separated from the world that they became a Church of God.

Believers, in consequence, were no longer challenged by exposure to the agonizing suffering of a crucified Saviour.

Rome, in consequence, carefully controlled the occasions when people could gather in anything bigger than family groups.

Many made fortunes in consequence, and were left wondering why at least some of those at home could not seem to do the same.

In almost every vessel that arrives several persons are afflicted with it, in consequence of which all the hospitals are full.

In 21% of cases consequence of is used

The only thing of consequence is what we do.

Kids are not afraid of consequence for there actions.

The only thing of consequence in the Middle East is 7.

It's the fear of consequences that leads one to employ (or deploy) any of the enumerated.

In terms of consequences for markets, Mr Jeffrey's view is that eventually the euro will fail.

My above list of consequences and punishments are not going to be based on some revenge mentality.

And all because people will not look ahead at the spectrum of consequences that will come from this situation.

We in the organic movement often say that a conventional system lacks foresight; it has no concept of consequence.

In a very point u psoriasis most important command of consequences behind wwii, the an soviet association dreadful.

It really does seem as if the tribal instinct of immediate political survival is the only thing of consequence to FF.

In 8% of cases consequence with is used

They don't know what it was like to make your own choices and deal with consequences.

Clearly, mistaken Bible prophecy is very costly, with consequences that last for centuries.

There are policy issues in the aviation sector with consequences for socio-economic development.

You shouldn't have sex unless YOU YOURSELF ARE READY and are ready to deal with consequences that come along.

Helping children to understand their rights does not mean pushing them to make choices with consequences that they are too young to handle.

But from the chaos, a pattern of new technologies are emerging with consequences so far-reaching as to begin to shape, once again, a new-world approach to energy.

Perhaps it is time to end the current issue and then begin with a new system of accountability with consequences when you do not meet expectations or don't follow the rules.

In 7% of cases consequence without is used

They can have everything they want without consequence.

Zero rates gave politicians the idea they could issue debt forever without consequence.

Not long after, he realises that a choice once made, can hardly be reversed without consequences.

The right to free speech is beyond precious, but it does not give anyone the freedom to spread misinformation without consequences.

I do not suggest that failure to comply with social norms will come without consequences, but that is nothing to do with the legality of the behaviour.

It is an illusion of democracies, and of America in particular, that you can interfere abroad without consequences simply because you can do it in secret and without uniformed bodies.

In 3% of cases consequence by is used

In that case, only about twenty were admitted to the secret; and yet one of them, in his anxiety to save a friend, betrayed the plot to that friend, and, by consequence, averted the calamity.

In other words, rules, agreed upon by the individuals in question and backed by consequences, are needed to ensure coordination and prevent individuals from free-riding on the efforts of others.

In 2% of cases consequence about is used

They don't care about consequences; they're not intimidated by them.

It is a story about consequences, in this case of those brought about by an unsolved murder committed 15 years previously.

In 2% of cases consequence from is used

Speech is free but it is never free from consequence.

It is not just about managing and understanding the current level of technology but looking to the future and protecting the youth from consequences we don't yet know about.

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