Prepositions used with "hospital"

"in hospital" or "to hospital"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 41% of cases hospital in is used

Nine survivors are in hospital.

Deaths occurring in hospitals:.

Two months later he died in hospital.

Since then I got an infection was back in hospital and thats when it all feel apart.

Children of all ages can be difficult when they return home after a stay in hospital.

It was incredibly confronting compared to the times I've watched elderly relatives dying in hospital/nursing homes.

Fred is in hospital and is due to have an operation that day which, while important for him, does carry some risks.

You will have to help a little unless they have already been in hospital, they can not imagine it all on their own.

Doctors in hospitals now have digital medical records, broadcast through wifi to iPADs they carry around with them.

In 30% of cases hospital to is used

Stevens was rushed to hospital.

He died on the way to hospital.

He told them to take her to hospital.

If you saw Laffan's ankle on Saturday, you would have told him head off to hospital.

When her condition became worse, I started looking for ways to take her to hospital.

The man was winched to safety and taken to hospital after the vessel docked at Troon.

Doctors will be allowed forcibly to sedate the 55-year-old woman in her home and take her to hospital for surgery.

She lived for a number of years in a care home, but passed away on returning to hospital suffering with pneumonia.

Doctor Karp believes it will receive government approval, and be available soon to hospitals and medical centers.

I was taken to Hospital and kept in for while, but it was not physical injuries that I suffered from; it was mental.

In 13% of cases hospital of is used

This may have a downside for the better management of hospitals.

This may have a downside for the better management of hospitals.

She took care of her child who spent over a year in &; out of hospitals.

Months ago, she was the one who staggered out of hospital to dinner after major surgery 3.

Having cleared, cleaned and replaced items in her home she comes out of hospital next week.

I will also add, that Bruce Taiapa just recently came out of hospital from a serious illness.

My parents were dealing with somebody dying, they were in and out of hospital, and I have a little sister as well.

Our team has worked intensively in the rural and urban part of the country and collected the details of hospitals.

I think 30 percent of hospital stays in the United States are probably unnecessary given what our research looks like.

However, the integration of the service in the daily administrative functioning of hospitals is still to be realised.

In 4% of cases hospital at is used

The rate of childbirth at hospital has been raised to 63.

They are to stupid to even check out the donor boards at hospitals arenas etc.

He has held various nursing leadership positions at hospitals in Washington and Florida.

Their days and nights are spent facing appalling conditions at hospital corridors and floors.

The society will take the patients by air ambulance to Nairobi for providing treatment at hospitals.

People were gathering at hospitals in the area, hoping to find missing family members among the wounded.

Some have devoted their efforts in Religious formation ministry and chaplaincy at hospitals and schools.

Patients have a variety of options here that they don't have at hospital emergency rooms or private clinics.

The 2009 HIQA report concluded that the provision of breast services at hospitals the size of Ennis was unsafe.

The 2009 HIQA report concluded that the provision of breast services at hospitals the size of Ennis was unsafe.

In 4% of cases hospital from is used

They do little to decrease the rising costs from hospitals and doctors.

The bodies were taken from hospital to Imambargah Shah-i-Karbala in Rizvia Society.

Wiggins was released from hospital in Preston this morning and is recovering at home.

For direct transfer from hospital to long-term care, the average wait time is 50 days.

He also falsely claimed that the have already been released from hospital, by the way.

I am discharged from hospital now, but I think am just followed by too many bad things.

Its stagnant economy needs investment in all sectors, from hospitals to infrastructure.

Going Home from Hospital Before discharge, make sure you know all about your child's after-care.

His injuries were not life threatening and he has since been released from hospital, police said.

He was released from hospital less than a month afterwards, but Muamba was advised to quit on medical advice.

In 3% of cases hospital for is used

The same process is in store for hospitals.

They were going to shorten waiting times for hospitals.

Among them, one form will be for hospital records and another to be sent to county or state.

It also covers any related legal fees, costs and expenses, as well as costs for hospital expenses.

Here are some useful tips: Preparation for hospital can start long before your child has to go there.

Cellulitis would be one of the most common reasons for hospital admission amongst Infectious Diseases units.

Doctors say there is nothing illegal about marketing for hospitals based abroad, but it hurts their clientele base.

This expertise is available and valuable for hospitals to draw on to prevent and contain hospital-acquired infection.

Without their rent-seeking deal with CMS that appoints JCAHO as the gatekeeper for hospitals who want Medicare, they wouldn't exist.

At least with the ACO payments and rewards for hospitals will be based not on how much their providers do but instead how well they do.

In 2% of cases hospital into is used

Most people go into hospital to have haemodialysis.

When I was first diagnosed, I was shocked when I had to go into hospital.

In 2004 100,000 of those who went into hospital contracted an infection there.

Perhaps consider bringing acupuncturists into hospitals and more treatment facilities.

He went into hospital for an operation, there was a problem and he never came around again.

Explain to your child that he or she has to go into hospital in order to get better and will come home again.

You will not need to go into hospital to be treated, but you will have to spend an hour or two each day draining the fluid.

Sounds to me as if your honesty wasn't rewarded and you wuld have been better declaring yourself sick from the day you went into hospital.

Two weeks later again she went back into hospital so that something could be done about her constipation which was by now at crisis point.

Blake's own lawyer says he had kidney disease and was on dialysis but he was admitted into hospital the day before his death following a heart attack.

In 1% of cases hospital as is used

These findings encouraged the enhancement of medical environments, such as hospitals and sanatoriums, through a nature-based design.

The communities face quite a number of challenges when it comes to basic social amenities such as hospitals, schools, transport stations, etc.

He confirmed that officers had interviewed 200 out of 700 people who could have had access to the area concerned, including potential victims as well as hospital staff, patients and visitors.

In 1% of cases hospital on is used

It is also about trying to make senior managers aware of the impact of alcohol on hospital services.

Waiting lists The overall number of patients on hospital waiting lists stood at 27,212 at the end of September 2003.

D today (22nd December, 2003) welcomed the continuing reduction in the overall number of patients on hospital waiting lists between June and September 2003.

It could also reduce the burden on hospital services, freeing up much-needed beds to treat other patients who often live in remote villages, with little or no access to healthcare.

In 1% of cases hospital with is used

All I know that if I was older and not in good health etc, I would want to be in an urban area with hospitals, and museums, galleries.

Murray, 58, has pleaded not guilty to involuntary manslaughter by injecting Jackson with hospital anaesthetic Propofol on June 25, 2009.

This can help expedite the claim procedure significantly, and may be able to allow the insurance company to settle directly with hospital.

With hospitals looking to control costs, most of the white coats will be worn by people who assist doctors and not the doctors themselves.

Plus, there are billions of bucks being wasted because the system requires insurance companies to fight with hospitals and doctors over every dime.

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