Prepositions used with "writing"

"in writing" or "of writing"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 48% of cases writing in is used

If in doubt, get it in writing.

It's a master class in writing.

Ask for information in writing.

Finish with What's Next If your proposal is in writing, be clear about the next step.

A besieged PM capitulated, but the monks insisted on getting this promise in writing.

For me, the pleasure in writing comes from there, from the feeling of moving forwards.

Doing the prepay and setting down all your wishes in writing makes things much easier on the ones you leave behind.

Here are 2 of them -- when it is more appropriate to leave the actor unidentified: Applications must be in writing.

Again by ensuring you have been clear in writing about what rights you are licensing, no publisher can be surprised.

So, be sure not to admit to a debt -- verbally or in writing until you have evidence the debt exists from discovery.

In 35% of cases writing of is used

Good to see this kind of writing.

Plus, I love her style of writing.

X: I want to make money out of writing.

Recognizing the total pointlessness of writing has been sort of emancipating, though.

Find good collection of writings related to different people with different talents.

At the time of writing, Shakira's representatives had not responded to the complaint.

I have read a single piece of writing that came out in english language and spanish about the man and the movement.

That's a fact I've come to know in my years of writing, counseling, talking, reading, and dealing with other people.

Exposure to many different types of writing will not only hone your skills as a writer, but also keep you interested.

In 4% of cases writing to is used

But there are differences regarding to writing.

Prior to writing, I was in the corporate sector.

Time to get back to writing! 106 Comments I love this post.

I'd delighted that isn't my job! I'd quite illogical and impulsive when it comes to writing.

Given that I've been prone to writing lists ever since becoming a contributing writer to 12Most.

I want to get back to writing and maybe some teaching, working on women and girls around the world.

To begin with, I focused on personal development, but then I switched my focus to writing, blogging and publishing.

In addition to writing, she is a United States Professional Tennis Association tennis instructor and a professional racket stringer.

You are dealing with a GPU which exposes a lower-level interface, so LIMA driver functions often boil down to writing registers directly.

Using classical techniques is not, in itself, a different approach to writing: it's simply a way of thinking more consciously about what you're doing.

In 3% of cases writing about is used

Shawn and Ira began to speak about writing.

That, or writers that only talk about writing.

I really had to think about writing differently.

What I learned about writing, journalism and community in that time has never left me.

Hi Simon, thanks for your great help! i got a really good score just reading ur advice about writing (esp.

Why would I want to go and listen to other writers talk about writing? ' I suspect that is my own problem.

It's all over the place! What the hell? Racist comments about writings? Come on, I thought you were intelligent.

Here you can find some of my thoughts about writing, politics, society, dreams, and anything that comes into my head.

So if you are thinking about writing, publishing and printing your own book, shop around and make sure you know how much it might cost.

The state has been dragging its feet in okaying surgery and I'd been wondering if this was nature's way of telling me to forget about writing.

In 3% of cases writing for is used

Good article, thanks for writing.

In any case, he gets paid for writing.

This is a great blog -- thank you for writing.

If anyone has experience with this; speak up! Kind of like 99designs but for writing.

My reason for writing just felt so personal -- a matter, almost, of personal survival.

Thank you again for writing! Rgds Yasmeen I found your recent oped article fascinating.

Alternatively, you can contact us through our website at: http: **30;649;TOOLONG Once again, thank you for writing.

His passion for writing stayed with him throughout his business life and he started writing his first book in 1994.

Even though this is a thin, semi-masturbatory justification for writing, it's the only thing that remotely motivates me to sally forth.

Through that process I discovered that the zeal for writing is inspired by a stirring in my spirit not from a challenge placed upon me by other writers.

In 2% of cases writing by is used

Another author concludes by writing;.

Make your voice heard by writing, acting, and being impossible to ignore.

If there are only two elements A and B, we may represent the causal relation-ship by writing.

You are doing your duty by writing, some other are also doing but how can I do something is this regard being an ordinary citizen of Pakistan.

Don't turn yourself into a human compiler by writing and maintaining ad-hoc functions to do the same work that a simple algorithm in a **27;2943;TOOLONG framework can do.

In 2% of cases writing on is used

Information on writing, literature and publishing frequently are featured in her blog, Write-World.

She however sparked off a flurry of ideas, sparked a desire to learn more on writing and better myself at it.

The reading list for the class is excellent, and I admire very much the focus on writing and peer-assessment, instead of quizzing and exams.

He has published over 250 columns and articles, leads seminars on writing, and is a popular speaker at writers conferences across the country.

He has published over 250 articles and editorials, leads seminars on writing and is a professional coach on both commercial freelancing business start-up and self-publishing.

Gore still spends hours most days on writing (he has a book set to come out in early 2013 on global economics and politics) and consulting about policy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

I asked her what special features, that she wanted to write, I say yes, you put all efforts on writing, and other social recognition for you, you will have the right to pursue your legal status.

In 2% of cases writing with is used

Mary-Anne is a gamer who fell in love with writing.

Many, instead of writing? Mu? ammad? in full, suffice with writing? Mohd?

It seems to be the same with all the lecturers who teach something to do with writing.

I occasionally procrastinate with writing, even though it is one of my favorite things to do.

This is apparently because introverts are more comfortable with writing than speaking in public.

I think, with writing, particularly, there has always been an expectation that it should be ' free ' or ' not well paid '.

As we've discussed before, the internet provides communities, inspiration and motivators that can engage boys with writing.

Thank you for being open and sharing your experiences and valuable information on what measures you have taken to carry on with writing and using the PC in general.

Moringa has been used by various societies (Roman, Greek, Egyptian, and Indian to mention a few) for thousands of years with writings dating as far back as 150 AD.

In 1% of cases writing into is used

Nothing was ever put into writing and signed Adolf Hitler.

There should be machines to translate speech into writing and vice versa.

In fact, with hours put into writing and not socializing, I've literally lost the art of speaking.

For someone who fell into writing plays almost by accident, he seems to be enjoying himself immensely.

The fifth book was about Archimboldi's early life, his start into writing and his emergence as a prominent writing.

As a blogger this may just be what you need to re-energize yourself to get back into writing or the turning point in your writing style your readers were waiting for.

In 1% of cases writing through is used

Alter-ing for the worse through writing is an originary exteriority.

I think you are an inspiration for anybody who dreams of becoming self-employed through writing.

Ireland seems to be a very musical culture, so storytelling through music and storytelling through writing are amazing in Ireland.

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