Prepositions used with "perspective"

"in perspective" or "of perspective"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 40% of cases perspective in is used

It will keep things in perspective.

You've got to put it in perspective.

However, let's put this all in perspective.

Small children do not have the life experience to help put things in perspective.

To put it in perspective, his arms cover four more inches of air than Anthony Davis '.

Once the live recordings are in the original session, I immediately put them in perspective.

Posted by JP on Wednesday, Nov 7, 2012 2:23 PM (EDT ): You made my day, Matthew, and put things in perspective.

Diff in perspective -- You assume we OWE immigrants entry - I assume it is a choice on our part and not a right.

And while economics can help us to put things in perspective, some of these conflicts are ultimately unresolvable.

Sure, 2011 will go down in record books as one of the better farming years, but it needs to be put in perspective.

In 30% of cases perspective of is used

It's just a matter of perspective.

All a matter of perspective, I guess.

It gave us a lot of perspective on everything.

YOUR PEERS! Your classmates are a terrific source of perspective and information.

Something that the average viewer probably never thinks about is the importance of perspective.

Now, in the interest of perspective and fair play, I feel like I have to insert one thing here.

The assignment consisted of creating an abstract drawing that included elements of perspective and chiaroscuro.

Detroit's coaches and players, though, got a bit of perspective about how important wins and losses are in life.

And maybe look at them through a variety of perspectives -- because they can become misunderstood or caricatures.

Bringing a range of people into your strategy discussions will ensure you consider a mix of perspectives and ideas.

In 19% of cases perspective into is used

To put it into perspective at US$1.

This definitely puts it into perspective.

Last year put my career into perspective.

My h2b has been brilliant and has really helped me put things into perspective.

To put that into perspective, current estimates put the age of the Earth at around 4.

To put this into perspective, the company is pretty much based on a sort of farm yard.

Please be careful with what you post even if it is your opinion, put other people's feelings into perspective.

Here is an attempt try to put Arsene's decisions and strategies to make the club even bigger into perspective.

It's that little touch of familiarity that makes it so much more than it was: it puts everything into perspective.

Putting everything into perspective however, we've won the two Super Cups as well as the Club World Cup this time around.

In 3% of cases perspective about is used

It's all about perspective you see.

I guess it is all about perspective.

Where do you aim? It's about perspective.

Plus, we think it's all about perspective.

It's all about perspective, and some kids just have it in spades.

Thus, commentaries about perspectives showed less exciting picture, it was supposed that consumer purchase activity would be +27 in November.

Despite the tough stance during the first session, the negotiation continued for three more weeks, once every week, mostly discussing about perspective than policies.

In 2% of cases perspective to is used

However, reading your blog really put things to perspective.

I qoute some Quranic Verses to put things in to perspective.

Yes, I remember he lied, but let us put lying into perspective.

Personally it is helpful to see how you clarified some fact about Osho and put them into perspective.

I have found The Swiss Ramble -- blog very useful in putting things to perspective and also Arsenal's situation on the map.

If this is not savory to perspective immigrants and visitors, then they need to stay in their country of birth or current residence.

In 1% of cases perspective as is used

Thinking? Many ideas coming at you as well as perspectives.

But in the light of time's perspective, the deceptive prominence of these emotions will fade as perspective and wisdom emerge.

In 1% of cases perspective For is used

For perspective, an increase in GVA of 50 billion represents about 0.

In 1% of cases perspective on is used

On Fridays this semester, I'd in a course on perspectives on the sociotechnical.

Valuing The Dark Knight Rises, or any iPad/mobile game, hinges largely on perspective.

However, he must know that I value him, even if and when we differ in our approaches to issues, and on perspectives.

In 1% of cases perspective with is used

The standard 2010 difference gives you Manager along with Perspective.

At The Beach, Cavendish, PEI is a good example of how I have been experimenting with perspective.

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