Prepositions used with "comparison"

"In comparison" or "by comparison"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 59% of cases comparison In is used
    MSNBC is a powerhouse in comparison.
    Theo doesn't look so hot in comparison.
    GM, in comparison, has achieve what? Nothing.
    China may throw in a stimulus package, but the main difference in comparison to U.
    In comparison, the stimulus package in the US pumped $787 billion into the economy.
    These private schools charge relatively low fees in comparison to the elite schools.
    I appreciated this vast improvement in comparison to that experienced from previous races held at the same site.
    He is comparatively endearing of character in comparison to the hyperactive (almost ADHD like) other two crazies.
    It certianly feels a little filmsy in comparison, even compared to the unsubstantial PSP-2000 and 3000 offerings.
    In comparison the protesting individual has limited resources and lives at the centre of a web spun by the state.

    In 22% of cases comparison by is used
    London's efforts pale by comparison.
    Straight guys have it easy by comparison.
    By comparison, meat farmers are struggling.
    I find younger men so easy to talk to by comparison, so much more fun to befriend.
    China, even though its people seem very poor by comparison, is a very rich country.
    By comparison, most traditional flame retardant polycarbonates meet this key flammability rating at a thicker 3.
    The iPhone 4, by comparison, only offered around seven hours of continuous talk time on a single battery charge.
    By comparison, the team's leading scorer was Brandon Jones, who will celebrate his 18th birthday later this month.

    In 9% of cases comparison for is used
    For comparison Japan scored a maximum 10.
    Verses have been numbered for comparison.
    For comparison, Brazil ranked 62nd and India ranked 99th.
    DotEmu kindly provided AMO with a review copy of the PC version for comparison's sake.
    As for comparisons to the original, it's the same recipe that has been used all along.
    I didn't really have indications that I was different, because I had no reference for comparison.
    For comparison, Hurricane Katrina at landfall had tropical storm-force winds that extended out 230 miles from its center.
    The table below details the data types for the above three data models and includes LP32 and ILP32 for comparison purposes.
    Just for comparison's sake, the great majority of hard workers in the country work 40 hours a week and make R$622,00 per month.
    An abbreviated version of the EU competencies list is reproduced below for comparison purpose: Exclusive domain of Brussels: 1.

    In 6% of cases comparison of is used
    I do not consider Magnetic Scrolls to be worthy of comparison.
    For ease of comparison, it is assumed that each raga is beginning on a (Western) C.
    By way of comparison, the value to households earning $40,000 to $50,000 is closer to 0.
    You really can make a lot of comparisons on this event that China is trying to make a BFD of.
    For the sake of comparison let me take a country and compare it with india on where corruption stands.
    Be sure you set up your standard reading through at an ideal time so you will have a point of comparison.
    By way of comparison, Vodafone in the UK advertises speeds of between 1 and 2Mbps download and 700kbps and 1.
    That kind of comparison doesn't help and in fact, mostly lumps you in with everyone else saying the same thing.
    By way of comparison, the Soviet Lunokhod programme did not achieve anywhere near as much science as did Apollo.
    Look, for the sake of comparison, at the 69-7 thumping McNeese State put on lower-division McMurry two weeks ago.

    In 1% of cases comparison on is used
    The empirical results are based on comparisons of objects, photographs, situations, or buildings.
    Between Turkish and Hindustani are based on comparison with the Ottoman and the present- day Turkish i.
    For my money, this is a significant discrepancy that causes me to question warming attribution arguments based on comparison between GCMs and observation.

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