Prepositions used with "sum"

In, of, to, about or with sum?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 69% of cases sum In is used
    So, in sum, I don't think this will fly.
    In sum, terrorism is certainly not a Muslim monopoly.
    In sum, winning the NBA lottery can really help a team.
    A number of hackney-car owners were fined in sums from 1d.
    In sum, there are 300 GK communities all over the islands, north to south.
    Put in sum, a prize to the aggressors who violated the UN's own resolution.
    In sum, Sergey Radchenko has delivered on much of what he promised in his introduction.
    In sum, for the mid-term we see directionality clearly biased in favor of peso strength.
    So in sum, I voted conservative in the primary and will be voting Republican in the general.
    In sum, America's strategy against China consists of three interdependent components: to maintain and increase the U.

    In 10% of cases sum of is used
    We are talking of sums ranging from $250,000 to about $60 million.

    In 8% of cases sum to is used
    So to sum this up, many of the wanted features on your wish list are for speed purposes.

    In 6% of cases sum about is used
    I guess that about sums up our relationship.
    That about sums it up: storytelling well above.
    With Prometheus, yeah I'd say I'd give it 1 star, maybe 2 stars at a push, because in the context of sci fi horror and the Alien franchise in general I think that about sums it up.

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