Prepositions used with "phase"

"In phase", "of phase" or "to phase"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 30% of cases phase In is used

Their arrival took place in phases.

In Phase II, being developed by Eli Lilly.

Its investigations are carried out in phases.

The figure to the right shows the two waves in phase.

It was implemented in an additional 130 districts in Phase two 2007-2008.

Phase 2 only includes such students who were not able to get laptops in Phase 1.

In Phase one it was introduced in 200 of the most backward districts of the country.

How can my office join ' GO! '? Invitations will be issued to CUHK offices in phases.

Supportive materials Supportive Behavior Change Communication materials were developed for conducting a series of planned activities in phases.

In 22% of cases phase of is used

Phas2 is only for the left over students of Phase 1.

The majority of phase five work will be on Spring and Dexter streets.

The most common sample rate combinations have a hard coded number of phases.

People are seen as making systematic progression in a certain order through a series of phases.

Furthermore, the Nodes run through the same set of phases as they would in sequential processing.

Public Works Department The Public Works Department, established some 122 years ago, has gone through a number of phases.

Once again Lowndesy/Luff stuffed with stacking even when taken out of phase early, still an awesome effort by The Kid, what if.

They then have a good set of phases and get the ball all the way to Australia line but came up just short and go out of touch.

Phase 3 is for the commercialization of the results of Phase 2 and requires the use of private sector or non-SBIR federal funding.

In 21% of cases phase to is used

One is you have to phase out fossil fuels.

Switzerland is due to phase in the law from 2014.

Time will be allowed to phase in any new categories.

You have to run transportation on something besides oil and you don't have forever to phase that out.

Parties debate market-based mechanisms, funding for the developing world and how to phase out fossil fuels.

If Phase 1 is a success, the team will move on to Phase 2, where they'll conduct field testing in Bangladesh.

In early May, the Quebec government offered to phase in the tuition hike during a seven-year period, instead of five.

But the irony of a Japanese firm filling the gap left by Germany's post-Fukushima decision to phase out nuclear power is not lost.

Executed prisoners have been often used as a source of organs, but last month China vowed to phase this out over the next five years.

In the very same convention center in Pittsburgh, some years ago during the G20, countries pledged to phase out fossil fuel subsidies.

In 7% of cases phase through is used

To do that means defining partway through Phase II what a product could be and then what the product should be.

Periodically, for millennia, it has gone through phases of fragility, as regional tectonic plates and delicate demographics shift.

Every creative project goes through phases of frustration that make the developers wonder why they put themselves through torture.

Youngsters in love will enjoy romantic escapade though young married couples will occasionally go through phases of quarrels and discord due to minor misunderstandings.

The company has always gone through phases where it was able to gather its resources and energies to fight the battle in a marketplace that is changing at the speed of light.

In 6% of cases phase For is used

Occupancy January 2013 for Phase 1;.

There is no online registration at this time for Phase 2.

Some Universities life Agriculture University, Faisalabad and UET, Lahore have also displayed their eligible students for Phase 2 on their websites.

For phase diagram purposes, one important way of looking at this is to examine what happens if you decrease the temperature of a solution with some given concentration.

In 4% of cases phase from is used

Using the new Capture 1 Pro 7 from Phase One is claimed by specialist ' to pull out about some 50% extra pixels from raw files, because of a total new raw-engine.

But where are you going to find happiness in such a world? I'd like to make some comparisons to illustrate how the worldly happiness of common sentient beings advances from phase to successive phase.

In 3% of cases phase on is used

Work commenced on Phase I of the project in April 2007 and the Placenames Database of Ireland was launched at the beginning of October 2008.

Construction started in 2006 on phase one of the project designed to transform the look of downtown while rehabbing sewers and other infrastructure.

Richardson described the experimental results on phase transitions in liquid He 3, which set Leggett into deep thought on their theoretical explanation.

Volkswagen has sold the Kombi in Brazil since 1957 and the current iteration is based on phase 2 of the T2 model that was built in Germany between 1967 and 1979.

In 3% of cases phase up is used

Angel Investors: A business can also be funded during the start up phase by angel investors.

Commercial Financing for Business Commercial financing is needed, not only during the start up phase, but also during the development, operating and growth phase.

In 2% of cases phase During is used

During phases of slow population growth and economic change, these tenure systems functioned well and showed a great adaptive capacity and flexibility.

In 2% of cases phase off is used

It could be a final blow off phase, taking madness to the utter level, the 0 % boom.

We are currently in the mania blow off phase of this bubble, but it began to inflate forty years ago when Nixon closed the gold window.

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