Prepositions used with "dispute"

"in dispute" or "of dispute"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 40% of cases dispute in is used
    Ebal is not in dispute, here is where Zertal believes Mt.
    That is not in dispute and they didn't even bother to deny it.
    It is common practice for an expert to resolve matters in dispute.
    This time we decided to build it on the part of the school land that was not in dispute.
    And the facts of what happened in and around this picture are not in any way in dispute.
    Witnesses Witnesses give testimony about the facts or issues in the case that are in dispute.
    In disputes, people usually believe that they have the right answer and their view should prevail over the others.
    Justice Waki said courts had a duty to exercise discretion judiciously when it came to distributing estates in dispute.
    What remains in dispute is how much of the climate warming is from industrial processes and how much from natural cycles.
    The numbers involved in disputes between beer sponsors or Canadian television deals are laid bare, in painstaking detail.

    In 39% of cases dispute of is used
    In case of disputes, the wording and.
    Power to attach subject of dispute 146.
    In particular, unreolved points of dispute are: a.
    ACAS has set up a flexible working arbitration scheme to deal with this type of dispute.
    Resolution of disputes by arbitration is also recognised in foreign related laws of China.
    Resolution of disputes by arbitration is also recognised in foreign related laws of China.
    The code also requires Pashtuns to abide by the decisions of the jirga (council of tribal leaders) in matters of dispute.
    The Treaty establishes an East African Court for resolution of disputes arising from implementation of the Treaty provisions.
    The Treaty establishes an East African Court for resolution of disputes arising from implementation of the Treaty provisions.
    Under Chapter 6 of the UN Charter it can make recommendations that are non-binding with regard to peaceful settlement of disputes.

    In 8% of cases dispute for is used
    To do so, a tenant must file an Application for dispute Resolution with the Residential Tenancy Branch.
    If the tenant disputes the notice, the tenant must serve the landlord with an Application for dispute Resolution and a date for the hearing.
    The LCA is placing itself as an international dispute resolution centre, offering Lagos as a natural and neutral venue for dispute resolution in Africa.
    It is not uncommon for disputes and litigation to arise between beneficiaries relating to the administration and distribution of an estate in Hong Kong.
    Likewise, where there are workplace bullying allegations, we must start from the premise that mediation may not be a suitable process for dispute resolution.
    Brainstorming to develop new supra-system ' norms for dispute resolution, at least, will probably still be inconceivable in 2020 without some form of physical contact.
    In the case of a One Month Notice to End Tenancy for Cause, it the tenant wishes to dispute the notice, the tenant has 10 days from the date the notice is received to apply for dispute resolution.

    In 3% of cases dispute beyond is used
    Douglas, much of what you write is beyond dispute.
    In order to arrive at a real solution, we must get beyond disputes over details and press on to the foundations.
    Second point: The Minister does clearly assert that all NAMA-related commitments are set out in the May 2011 version of the MoU, and it is beyond dispute that repayment as such is not among those.

    In 2% of cases dispute on is used
    This just isn't an issue on which energy should be spent on dispute.
    The jurisdiction of the court is outlined in Article 9 and Article 76 of the Revised Treaty and allows rulings on disputes between states over interpretations of the Revised Treaty.

    In 2% of cases dispute to is used
    First, it leads to disputes and name calling.
    Some of the reported violence against women was related to disputes over dowries.
    All disputes arising in connection with these Terms of Use, including but not limited to disputes concerning the existence and validity thereof,.

    In 2% of cases dispute under is used
    No statesman could have altered the sheer fact of Russian having million of troops on the ground, all across most of the territories under dispute.
    The union says it has secured a commitment to ongoing negotiations to address the issues under dispute, in particular efforts to avoid compulsory redundancies in the passport agency.

    In 2% of cases dispute with is used
    Dealing with disputes Disagreements may arise between residents and providers/agents about rent, rent increases or rent arrears.
    The number of techniques and methods available for trying to deal with disputes, and of different approaches to natural-resource management, are growing.
    Civil cases are similar to criminal ones, but instead of arbitrating between the state and a person or organization, they deal with disputes between individuals or organizations.

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