Prepositions used with "decline"

"in decline" or "of decline"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 48% of cases decline in is used

And those numbers are in decline.

Yes church attendance in Canada is in decline.

America is a nation in decline just like Rome in the past.

These may be summarised as: ethnic conflict, economic volatility and empires in decline.

THE END OF ROMAN BRITAIN By the middle of the 3rd century the Roman Empire was in decline.

Population is in decline in many parts of the western world like France, Germany and Japan.

You can build all this stuff when an economy is in ascension, but in decline, you just have to scavenge and get by.

Unfortunately, as the profile of Yemen increases, the quality of the reporting and public debate appears to be in decline.

Our economy has been in decline for quite a while now, and soon we are going to smash directly into an economic brick wall.

Production in Russia is in decline and the North Sea production levels have fallen by more than 50% since the peak a decade agon.

In 31% of cases decline of is used

After that I went into a bit of decline.

But we are still here and we show no signs of decline.

However, there are positive signs of decline, from 19.

These figures, however, turned out for the club when it was in a slow state of decline.

The employee, having not received any candid feedback, continues along his path of decline.

Can we not reasonably expect some amount of decline? Every half step he loses costs him hits.

Furthermore, we gratulate ourselves for having done something, while closing our eyes to the real causes of decline.

Perhaps he is a bit stunned or even a bit hurt, but he is substantially less likely to continue along the path of decline.

Recession, defined as two consecutive quarters of decline, comes as unemployment is soaring to record highs in Spain and Italy.

Statesmanship in 2012 is all about the management of decline and the certainty that things are bound to get worse before they get better.

In 11% of cases decline into is used

The fact is, our economy did not fall into decline overnight.

The use of leeches in Europe peaked between 1830 and 1850 then fell into decline.

However, since he left, his void has never been filled, and the team went into decline.

In the succeeding years the Youth Congress fell into decline, unable to resist the pressure of communal politics.

Whereas kings such as Thutmose III left a stronger and more dynamic Egypt, after Rameses death Egypt fell into decline.

Nigeria is the prime example of a country whose booming agricultural sector went into decline after its discovery of oil.

Former Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew had repeatedly warned that a two-party system would cause Singapore to go into decline.

Comment by jonno1 October 6, 2012 Act was in decline after Prebble left and fell further into decline with the appoinment of Rodney ' the dancing star ' as leader.

The Mughal dynasty ruled most of the Indian subcontinent till 1600; after which it went into decline after 1707 and was finally defeated during India's first war of Independence in 1857.

As maritime trade increased, the Yuan dynasty slipped deeper into decline and eventually fell in 1368 to Zhu Yuan Zhang, a Chinese peasant who had led a successful rebellion against the Mongols.

In 4% of cases decline on is used

Many indigenous arts such as yoga, ayurveda are on decline because they are not given much importance.

The economies are in recession; it means GDP is on the decline which imnplies GDP per capita is on decline.

In 2% of cases decline for is used

The evidence for decline lies in increased difficulties agencies have in defending the cost of planning in procurement discussions.

In 1% of cases decline to is used

Next to decline will be higher grade paper followed by government debt itself.

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