Prepositions used with "return"

"in return" or "of return"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 61% of cases return in is used
    KDC expected favours in return.
    In return I don't mock his beliefs.
    I get the follwing email in return.
    There is no doubt in Husein's mind he spent close to $30,000 and got little in return.
    All they get in return is abuses, harassment and violence from these so called HINDUS.
    In return, they would be supplied with tools, tractors and taught how to produce more.
    What did Qaddafi have in return? Upheaval and turmoil and consequently western forces are cordoning off his country.
    The reason society offers little for these kinds of people though is because they have little to offer it in return.
    It's just a payment, like when you buy a burger, except you get a loan in return instead of something more tangible.
    Jeewa made the silly mistake of leaving his bedroom window open and in return the monkey left a present on the floor.

    In 22% of cases return of is used
    Iran is in the process of return.
    As the median rate of return is only 7.
    Your rate of return isn't $50/$50 = 100%.
    Game Plan: Set out the strategies that will be used to achieve the target rate of return.
    It is essential to compare this rate of return against the opportunity cost of investing your RRSP into other assets.
    The internal rate of return is defined as the discount rate that makes the net present value of a project equal to zero.
    Start earning more and protecting your savings today! A minimum investment of $1,000 provides a guaranteed rate of return.
    The kind of return of capital to Greece which we have seen recently in Italy would make a real impact on the budget deficit.

    In 6% of cases return On is used
    Minstrel band excellent on return from trip which is.
    Important: click on return TO MERCHANT as shown above.
    VERY IMPORTANT: click on return TO MERCHANT to continue.
    But Cartwright disagreed; immediately on return home, he started to work on a machine.
    Easily remedied with a spray of W D 40 on return bar at rear bottom of door, no more trouble since.
    So make room for these doubts and take time to read the store's policies on return and exchange, also refunds.
    Automation Machine has a lot of built in filters which allows the creation of a process flow based on return values.
    Other global cities that performed well on returns On property investments included San Diego, Portland, and Seattle.
    In such cases the payment book need not be returned to the Department but may be retained and the payment orders cashed on return.
    The dogs get individually walked twice a day in our 2000m2 fully fenced in run area and also fed twice a day on return from their walks.

    In 4% of cases return for is used
    So thats why I want ask for return my house tax.
    High postage cost and you have to foot the bill for return postage too.
    Seven thousand of these 20,000 people have been cleared by Myanmar authorities for return.
    For those who didn't make it - keep an eye out for return screenings at a theatre near you.
    Special delivery -- prepaid self-addressed envelope for return of the Passport (for postal application) 6.
    They readily receivd the things we gave them but never would understand our signs when we askd for returns.
    A one way ticket is P6,710 (multiply by 2 for return) and the check-in baggage limit is to 10kg and you pay for excess after that.
    It is a known fact that the longer the time available for returns, the less likely customers will return the item due to loss aversion.

    In 4% of cases return to is used
    Only to return four-fold as his husband rose from his side.
    I gave my friend a dove, it kept on returning to me The dove only belongs to my friend when it decided not to returns to me.
    So Gehan decided to try it on his own, only to return saying it was not great for photography as there were plenty of branches blocking a clear shot.
    The ability to track the order from placement to delivery is order visibility and the ability to return unsatisfactory merchandise is the returnability.
    More importantly, I think that his journey from child stardom through tough times only to return to success as a journeyman character actor is an inspiration to any artist.
    His wife owns a crew ship agency and has seen and heard of all sorts of stories how their husbands would set off sail for about 8 months or so, only to return to a wife who has now cheated on him.

    In 1% of cases return from is used
    From return of the Jedi onward, the franchise became a higher tech Star Wars Christmas special.
    In short you will password from return rituals are China continues to invest heavily in undersea warfare.

    In 1% of cases return Upon is used
    Credit will be issued upon return of product for the cost of the unused labels.
    This deposit will be refunded at the end of the course upon return of the equipment.
    I was also touched upon return home to hear so many friends and relations express how glad they were that I'd survived.
    Upon return of the injured player, the team must come into immediate compliance with the requirements of the payroll range.
    The typical holiday experience is that after a few days you feel you left home ages ago, while upon return it feels you just left.
    WINNING BIDDER PLEASE DO NOT SEND CASH - IT PROBABLY WILL NOT GET HERE! I will give an immediate refund (less shipping) upon return of the.

    In 1% of cases return with is used
    The rate associated with return is determined 100% by when you enter the currency markets.

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