Prepositions used with "area"

"in area" or "of area"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 52% of cases area in is used

Gains in areas such as Internet (+7.

Sind is the third largest province in area.

The province is the second largest in area.

D 's, and almost none with degrees in areas of science relevant to the evolution issue.

Smaller communities exist in areas such as in Belgium, Spain, Panama and the Caribbean.

They had expected higher activity in areas of the brain associated with visual imagery.

At OPEC, we recognize that there will be developments and advancements in areas such as electric and hybrid vehicles.

In area, Baluchistan is the largest province of Pakistan, covering nearly 40 percent of the country's total territory.

Some election centres in the affected states were shut down, but early voting continued in areas outside Sandy's path.

This includes a commitment to education, health and economic development in areas affected by their mining operations.

In 21% of cases area of is used

Bars abound though a couple of areas stand out.

This work has been developed in a number of areas.

Nursery area should be about 1/10 of area to be transplanted.

What jobs can you do? Biosciences graduates in 2009 found work in a wide range of areas.

Your assertion that people don't want to live in those types of areas is not based on data.

How can this be? The solution to this problem involves understanding of area, slope, distance.

The Ring In the case of the ring like structure, determination of areas results critical due to its reduced dimensions.

Therefore, Bangladesh has the world's highest density of rivers per unit of area, remain seasonally submerged every year.

We could be tinkering with a lot of areas of the roster through the remainder of the offseason, camp and into the season.

The vast stretch of area comprising Central Asia, Iran, Afghanistan, north-west Hindustan, Anatolian Turkey, Northern Iraq etc.

In 9% of cases area to is used

Look to areas that have good health facilities.

But it is moving to areas like Vietnam, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia.

Many markets have bounced up to areas of resistance on the charts.

Franco prolonged the war to apply terror more thoroughly to areas his rebels conquered.

Cllr Lowry said the aim was to prevent people moving to areas with more generous benefits.

But if you go to areas you are not supposed to go, you will put yourself in serious danger.

Many fled to areas they felt were safe, a large exodus reaching Colombo in December, when transport became available.

Similar past issues related to areas of? cultural and religious sensitivity? have also sparked the deaths of innocents.

He has the ability to bring out the best of your riding and takes you to areas as an outsider you would never get to go.

In this case, the region-end acts like a float into areas generated by the region-before (respectively, the region-after).

In 5% of cases area on is used

Suggestions on areas that need.

This appendix expands on areas related to timber decay.

But this is not a forum on Area 51 and alien conspiracies.

ASU also subsidizes the U-Pass, which offers unlimited rides on area buses and light rail.

One interface, called DriveGrip, uses gloves with vibrating motors on areas that cover the knuckles.

If you have any questions on areas to fish, how or when to fly fish any location in the South East of.

Early infection tends to occur on areas such as the ears muzzle, face and elbows but heavy infestations may occur all over the body.

It may arise in habitually sun-exposed skin, especially on the face, or on areas that have been previously sunburned such as the back.

People seem to think we have hours to deliver one parcel!!! We are expected to make between 18 and 30 deliveries an hour dependant on area.

Total of 18 packages from Amazon (Super Saver delivery) to three different addresses in the Coventry-Northampton area in the past 4 months.

In 3% of cases area for is used

He looks for areas of common ground.

This is good for areas where water supply is very reliable.

All areas have these traits, but they only have relevance for areas which have stacked line-area children.

This unit is around discovering and applying the rule for area of a triangle (area equals half base times height).

It was pretty fine-grained information that was actually quite useful in looking for areas of concentrated activity.

Rogue DPS is obviously working great at the moment, but that doesn't mean that we can't look for areas to improve in.

You can also look for areas of mutual interest, things that excite both of you and things that you are least interested in talking about.

In palpating the Hara, you will also listen with your hands for areas that may have a pulsing sensation, temperature variations, tension or pain.

She was introduced to heat-tolerant sweet-potato varieties developed at CIP, which are relevant for areas in Malawi where these are not yet grown.

In 3% of cases area from is used

The prosperity attracted immigrants from areas around the region.

Local demand for gasoline, and local supply conditions, vary from area to area.

The insects had been seen heading south from areas including Moratuwa and Kollupitiya.

An eclipse of the Sun is when the Moon completely blocks sunlight from areas on the Earth.

Edwards said most of those fleeing were coming directly from areas of fighting within Syria.

Packs are available in most Wiltshire libraries and leisure centres or from Area Board meetings.

Where there is trouble, they will send additional forces moved from areas they hope will remain calmer.

These voters have been displaced from areas like Jaffna, Mannar and Vavuniya for more than two decades now.

Yes, it might be a pain to keep shifting from area to the next but it's completely required for the security.

Its immediate task was to establish its ascendancy throughout Germany and to evacuate German troops from areas west of the Rhineland.

In 2% of cases area at is used

The mother and her baby daughter were pronounced dead at area hospitals.

At Area 51 we pride ourselves in breaking the mold of the conventional game store.

Instead, he and Ricky Dakay toured the CCSC grounds -- pointing at areas to improve.

A good place to start may be to look at areas where current practices are not delivering.

Build quality is unfortunately a bit of a downer, and you can feel the flex at areas on the chassis.

I pride myself on being a great leader, but to the day I die my job is not done in looking at areas for improvement.

Occurring primarily at areas of skin folding, this rash is followed by scaly lesions that can ooze or bleed with scratching.

Bill Holtzclaw, R-Madison, spoke at area schools including Bob Jones High School, Randolph, Sparkman High School and Decatur High School.

I urged the Senate to look at areas where Nigerians have been grossly abused by these foreign airlines such as fuel charges, which is a scam.

The creation of blue-sky growth strategies quickly became a redundant skill while there was less willingness to look at areas such as outsourcing.

In 2% of cases area into is used

In fact history has revealed that the Jordanian forces had orders not to venture into areas the U.

On and on we went, sometimes passing from red-soil regions into areas of rich, black earth? ideal for growing cotton.

Brendan Nottle: Also horse and wagons that went out into the outback into areas that very few other people had gone into.

In this case, the region-end acts like a float into areas generated by the region-before (respectively, the region-after).

In this case, the region-start acts like a float into areas generated by the region-before (respectively, the region-after).

In this case, the region-after region-viewport-area acts like a float into areas generated by the region-start and region-end.

If price gouging was considered acceptable, then would-be suppliers would most certainly have an incentive to push extra supplies into areas where they are most needed.

In 2% of cases area with is used

Other branches of economics deal with areas like energy.

The different types also show different rates of numerical increase with area.

He also created the Tennessee Valley Authority to deal with areas worst hit by drought across the ' dust bowl ' states.

Let these people come up with area of each of these open spaces and prove to the people of Campbelltown that this is a good idear.

Also the watering conditions vary considerably with areas that are water soaked marsh lands to the deserts where nothing can grow.

This is still relatively low compared with areas requiring immediate rehabilitation, but somehow a very good and positive indicator of forest renewal.

Areas with area-class equal to one of xsl-normal, xsl-footnote, or xsl-before-float are defined to be stackable, indicating that they are supposed to be properly stacked.

Wildfire incidents in southern Colorado, northern New Mexico, and eastern Arizona were closely aligned with areas of extremely low 10-hour fuel moistures (below 5 percent).

For each formatting object F and each area-class C, the subset consisting of the areas returned to F with area-class C must be properly ordered, except where otherwise specified.

After a tour of the Roaring River Cave and Blue Hole in the community, the team met with area residents who have long expressed concern about the lack of business at the facility.

In 1% of cases area by is used

All unsolved crimes should be listed on the Internet, searchable by area.

January 1, 2012 -- December 31, 2012 Miracle on Farnam Midtown Crossing's new lighting display and contest, sponsored by area organizations.

Perhaps the scam is going by area? ADDITION: I just saw that someone else had a call in their wife's maiden name too, also a connection with BT.

But the government could do worse than start by gathering accurate regional information by area on the cost of living and developing a strategy for reducing it.

According to ' Unaffordable Housing: Fables and Myths ' by Evans and Hartwich, the UK has the smallest house size by area of those they compared, see table below.

Evaluation The model has been enthusiastically accepted by Area Managers across the business and is actively used as part of their assessment and development discussions.

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