Prepositions used with "order"

"in order" or "of order"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 66% of cases order in is used

It is in order and clearly done.

An explanation should be in order.

Johnston) in order to apprehend St.

Naturally a complete check-up of the balloon envelope is in order prior to each flight.

We need to understand our own place in the world in order to be able to engage with it.

When I was young, I was not tempted into extremist Christian theology in order to rebel.

IC isn't probably the best way to get him, but Africa needs peace and in order to make it happen he must be captured.

In order to better understand the fate of Etruscan literature we should first look at how Roman writing was recorded.

In order to find plenty of species of fish on the following angling trip, understand that silence is really a virtue.

Last but not least, they should be familiar with the software in order to fully understand the context of the phrases.

In 17% of cases order of is used

Price depends on size of order 2.

Finality of orders on appeal 430.

Finality of orders on appeal 430.

Rumour is anyone with email confirmation of order might have to wait up to three weeks.

High frequency trades are declining but the number of orders is dramatically increasing.

I rise on a point of order to seek your assurance, guidance and direction on what we, hon.

We would still have to simulate huge data sets, of order 1000 times larger than the signal, in order to obtain these tails.

To go from the naked eye to Galileo's telescope, that was about a factor of order ten; ten times better than your naked eye.

The interim guy clearly won on a voice vote basis but the Paul people called a point of order and demanded a manual re-count.

In 5% of cases order By is used

Users will now be able to search emails by order of date, attachment size and other options.

By order of the Board of Directors Garry Diack Chairman 13 November 2012 EXPLANATORY NOTES 1.

The appellant made a Rectification application but it was rejected by the Tribunal by order dated August 29, 2008.

During these sittings the Akyeame on behalf of the Asantehene will usually announce the cases by order of importance.

How many times do I have to type it? DoesThisOffendYou From what I can tell (Google custom date range search- sorted by order).

While reserves are established by treaty or by order of the federal government, land claims are based on aboriginal historic use of lands.

Kleinberg defines a measure of weight associated with each such burst and solves the problem of enumerating all the bursts by order of weight.

Benson and Glover (1931) state that in 1929 there were 78 floggings by order of the courts, and 72 strappings for breaches of prison discipline.

But the principal responsibility for over-water transportation, both by statute and by order of CincFE, fell upon the Military Sea Transportation Service.

Roused to action by this letter, London at once requested the authorities in the island to take action, and by order of the Council of Jamaica, which met at St.

In 3% of cases order for is used

The website also offers free shipping for orders over Rs.

For orders greater than 120 cookies we require 48 hours notice.

The cost Delivery within Australia for orders over the value of $75 are free.

The army positioned 125,000 men in Florida and was told to wait for orders to invade Cuba.

If the restaurant pre-do a number of them and wait for orders, quality can not be guaranteed.

You may want to test all of these things from your website before you launch it for order placement.

See section 122 of the Fines Act 1996 for orders requiring part of the fine imposed for an offence to be paid to the prosecutor.

The Porterhouse delivers beautifully packaged produce in cooler bags free of charge from Monday to Saturday, for orders more than $500.

In 3% of cases order on is used

You also get free shipping on orders over $50 or more.

The Beatles LP is on order, it's not out until the 15th Nov.

Guaranteed Saturday service on orders placed before Friday 20:00 GMT - 5.

Lots of women would need to locate specialist stores and wait on orders for their size.

ComNavFE? s operation order of early July had been modified by the addition of Task Group 96.

If there is a crane out there that is guaranteed not to fall over -- Burlington has it on order.

The company gives free shipping on orders that are above $50 and it is possible to track an order right on their site.

On order of Sultan Barghash the huge carved main door was made wide enough so that he could easily ride an elephant through.

The impact on order flow, on the other hand, is still very pronounced on the third day and is still observable on the fourth day.

Comments Tesla Motors alone should have qualified him right! I have the Tesla Sedan S on order should come in the next two months.

In 2% of cases order with is used

Food and Drink Breakfast consists of a mixed buffet with orders taken for eggs, omelets, toast, etc.

Next, I began rounds with the doctor, with orders to instruct him and the nurses on how we ' do things in America '.

I say, bring all our troops home from Afghanistan and station them along the border, with orders to shoot if necessary.

However, the gamble appears to be paying off, with orders for the new model being incremental to Western Star's business.

They provided advice to field commanders that sometimes conflicted with orders the commanders were getting from their immediate bosses.

By evening of the 9th the Marines were on the move, with orders to capture Paedun-ni, five miles down the coastal road, before daylight.

I was mainly getting at 3 ), with order of abstraction, multi ordinal terms, and the concrete practices of semantic hygiene such as indexing, etc,.

Have you sorted your order yet? If you are still struggling, forward me all the details with order numbers n stuff, VIA THE CONTACT ME FORM of this blog.

The Application was dismissed with orders that the costs shall be decided once the outcome of the main case, which is still pending, has been determined.

Sykes ' film career had begun in 1954 with Orders are Orders and although leading roles in productions were sparse he did make scene stealing cameos over four decades.

In 1% of cases order barring is used

Who can apply for a Barring Order? A spouse of the respondent.

How to apply for the Interim Barring Order? This is a temporary barring order.

How to apply for the Interim Barring Order? This is a temporary barring order.

A copy of the Barring Order should be lodged at your local Garda Station immediately.

However, the criteria for a Barring Order are stricter and the conditions are harsher.

It is granted while waiting for the court hearing of a Safety Order or a Barring Order.

If the person breaks the Barring Order they shall be guilty of an offence and can be liable to pay a fine up to 1,904.

If the person is not residing at the family home - the barring order will prevent the respondent from entering the home.

If you want an Interim Barring Order the Judge will hear your case on the day you make the application for the Barring Order.

The court will not grant a barring order unless the cohabitees have been living together for six months during a 9 month period.

In 1% of cases order per is used

Shipping fee is calculated per order, i.

Shipping fee is charged per order, not per passport.

It's only about 20 cents per order, which I can definitely afford.

It's obvious they pre-cook the bacon, and then reheat it per order.

Promotions and discounts You may use only one coupon code per order.

We don't currently offer a way to use more than one discount code per order.

I personally would be happy to pay a few pounds more per order for a professional delivery service.

If enough people do this, it's gon na hurt them a lot more than a few extra cents per order to give their employees access to healthcare.

In 1% of cases order pre is used

Pre orders of the Smartphone are boosted up by another carrier of the UK.

Pre orders of the Smartphone are boosted up by another carrier of the UK.

You often consider those contracts for pre order those which have 25 per month.

The more we pre order, the more incentive there is to put out a crappy product.

It is Phones 4U; this is also offering free MP3 players for its initial pre orders.

It is Phones 4U; this is also offering free MP3 players for its initial pre orders.

Pre order of these Galaxy Mini versions is appreciated by all the local customers of UK.

I love to be with all my cousins, Jordan 4 Bred Pre Order Website Where To Buy Bred IVs Online.

If you are a citizen of the UK and want to pre order Samsung Galaxy 3 Mini then choose One of these contracts from top most carriers.

In 1% of cases order under is used

Clearly S was under orders to politely say no to this.

However, during his descent, members of the Home Guard, under orders, fired at him.

Is it no guts, or he is under orders from producers to give Rice a free ride? He let her get away giving a speech instead of answering the question.

Army units already in the area included a battalion in blocking position on the left, two battalions north of the Yongsan road, and two regiments under orders to attack from the northeast.

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