Prepositions used with "manner"

"in manner" or "of manner"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 46% of cases manner in is used

He measures himself in the religion, in manners and etiquettes.

So if I can not describe, in manner that meets your satisfaction, the process of breathing (i.

Historians note that this child looked like his grand father the Holy Prophet in looks and in manners.

When the individuals behave in manner other than that defined by these rules and norms, deviance occurs.

It has been the redactors aim that even one already familiar with the original should miss nothing, nor be aware of difference, either in manner or style.

Today, as if that memory was irrelevant, it is Somaliland's SNM leadership that has overlooked recent history and is now behaving in manner similar to the Barre regime.

Modest in demeanour, unassuming in countenance, private in manner, Doyle is as real as it gets in a world seemingly taken over by the notion of what's cool, what sells, what gives.

In 28% of cases manner of is used

It's their ' lack of manners '.

I see it as a simple matter of manners.

Plastic bags are usually indication of manner nowadays.

The only time people get it studs up on here is when they act with a lack of manners.

Compared with our British cousins Australia boasts a distinctive egalitarianism of manners.

I believe this is a perfect for all babies to get on the lighter side of manners! I cant wait to share it with.

There are certain rules of manners which should be followed when you are posting as a guest on some else's blog or website.

Diagrams automatically support a large number of perceptual inferences; the information can be indexed in a variety of manners.

But thoughtfulness begets wrinkles and bundle on his had been present during do so (according to great many purses which greater gaiety of manner.

Personal websites often have addresses in that sort of manner, where the domain name belongs to whomever provides the service, and personal sites are in sub-sections.

In 11% of cases manner like is used

In like manner, also, both those who are too quick and those who are too slow have bad memories.

At the opposite side of the road, directly fronting the chapel, the gates of the college were seen, guarded in like manner by a body of police.

The princess and Aladdin ate as much as they thought fit, and drank in like manner of the African magician's old wine; then they retired to rest.

The NPP's Young Patriots responded in like manner by also demanding from President John Mahama, to state reasons why he excluded the Bishop Middle School, Tamale, from his CV.

In 6% of cases manner with is used

The reverend seemed like a person with manners, yet he demeaned her while she could hear it in the end(can't see her?).

Today they've grown into well-behaved kids (teen and pre-teen) with manners who still have their occasional moments, but so far haven't given me much trouble and I feel are good role models.

In 4% of cases manner about is used

They care pertaining to anything about manner pattern.

If you looked into Ramadan on the spiritual side you would see its also about manners and behaviour etc.

In 1% of cases manner from is used

Mobile laptop or computer really need to know, it might never ever ever aside from manner.

In 1% of cases manner over is used

When Z speaks, they will offortlessly speak things injurious to others in a highly untactful and glazed over manner.

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