Prepositions used with "hand"

in, at, on, of or to hand?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 23% of cases hand in is used

It all have to go hand in hand.

The two go hand in hand really.

The two can not go hand in hand.

This agenda to restore discretion goes hand in hand with that to improve professionalism.

In which case he will get all his salary in hand (without anything deducted every month).

With Tk 500 crore in hand now, the ministry is confident of achieving the revised target.

Dani and I walked home hand in hand just to make sure that should the earth open up, it would swallow us both together.

I come from a long line of tea drinkers; English men and women who spend the better part of the day with a cup in hand.

In some places, like Europe and South Africa, there exists the dual situation of measurement in hands and centimetres.

Construction of 140,000 of these T-shelter dwellings is said to be in hand, even paid for, at $2,000 for a 15-sq-m hut.

In 19% of cases hand at is used

Surely some revelation is at hand.

Anyways, back to the topic at hand.

Anyway, back to the matter at hand.

As such it is intended to refer to the tragic consequences of ignoring a crisis at hand.

The idea is to adjust and reconstruct thinking to deal with the learning problem at hand.

So if they're serious, the Occupiers will turn their attention back to the issue at hand.

More obfuscation? You, in your mind (only ), talk a good game, but you never seem to get to the specific point at hand.

There's something about being online that means total honesty is required, both with the issue at hand and with myself.

And the methods used are usually far from scientific, as the basic knowledge for such a complex exercise is not at hand.

About End of the World HuffPost Weird News is following the panic among those who think the end of the world is at hand.

In 15% of cases hand on is used

Also on hand at the studio were Dr.

Always keep some small coins on hand.

Keep different cramping medication handy.

Therefore, they will run through the money they have on hand, it's just a matter of time.

I sometimes skip the MRC and just use 2 other water based serums that I may have on hand.

Dante and his family were on hand to present the flags to the officials prior to the game.

Find out who the RA will be and make sure that you have any necessary phone numbers you may need on hand all the time.

PBR will be on hand with beer &; Jameson specials, and Three Twins will provide ice cream to cool off the contestants.

There was a line down the block at the Tivoli, news crews were on hand and it took us forever to navigate the traffic.

Our wedding team will be on hand to help with translating any questions that the registrar may ask prior to signature.

In 14% of cases hand of is used

Thank God it wasnt out of hand.

Things are getting out of hand.

Pls sit up b4 it get out of hand.

Currently, knitted is divided into two categories of hand knitting and machine knitting.

I am a person that needs alot of hands on time and experience before I get even better.

Diane's slight of hand here is to compare New Orleans charters to the statewide average.

Gratien Gunawardhane (G36) is a highly successful industrialist and businessman being Chairman of Hands International.

Yosi offers Ben and Cam a deal that catches them off guard: Cam rejects it out of hand, and Ben talks to Nancy about it.

This may be a trigger to tell you that perhaps you may need to watch your weight gain so that it doesn't get out of hand.

The early Christian church used baptism, combined with imposition of hands, as a rite conferring membership in the church.

In 14% of cases hand to is used

There are local guides to hand.

As a rule the men were fairly easy to handle.

Don't expect them to have office files to hand.

Vicky I have got to hand it to Herr Taschenmesserbuch (which means BTW pocketknife-book).

Eventually after counselling him not to hand over power to civilians, they kicked him out.

This game presents the perfect chance to hand Azpilicueta his debut and make an impression.

He eventually moved on to hand hitting, using nunchucks - a type of martial arts fighting sticks - and board breaking.

This led me to think that it would be nice to hand out some kind of spotter fee to people who refer us to new clients.

But so what? Brazil might be too much to handle, but Portugal should be no unmovable obstacle for Didier Drogba and co.

And the careful plan to hand out present to friends/family who were also back in Wales pre-Christmas is out the window.

In 10% of cases hand by is used

They have to be counted by hand.

It can then also be fed by hand.

All this work was done by hand on site.

Much of the visual material is generated by hand before being digitised and manipulated.

Responses to this review You have to check door handle when you open the door by handle.

Each piece is made by hand by the couple, soldered, and textured -- one piece at a time.

The workshop consisted of intermixed morning and afternoon lecture session followed immediately by hands on sessions.

I wanted to find a way to easily create gradients without having to define solutions that worked in all browsers by hand.

Why? We always did our dishes by hand, and we use to do dishes by hand when we practically lived with each other in college.

The stigmas can only be picked by hand and it takes 250,000 stigmas to make just half a kilo of saffron, hence its high price.

In 2% of cases hand before is used

I read about it about a week before hand.

Course losing weight before hand might help.

I did not know before hand this would be the case.

That is, whenever a type is used it must be declared before hand, hence int i = 3 and so on.

When you do vote a government in, they lie before hand, when in power, do the opposite to what they said.

If on the pitch I will try to make sure everyones does their prehab stuff in the dressing room before hand.

Hopefully i can meet up with some of you guys from the trip before hand, i really want to go to some of theme parks in LA.

Specifically, if you have a task to do, decide before hand how long it should take and work to that deadline - then move on to the next task.

I don't object to the experiment itself, I object to the fact that he did not tell those he experimented on before hand and ask their permission.

We may possibly do the trip leaving a week before hand but pretty sure it's all go for the 28th! Sorry I wrote that before doing my research haha.

In 2% of cases hand with is used

So those who eat meat are animals, but with hands.

It has to do with hand eye, and visuo-spatial awareness.

For example with Hand 8 below Pass when they open with 1D.

I laughed and with hands clasped to my chin, batting my eyelids with my heart a flutter thought.

They can come excruciatingly close to stopping the deployment, but that only counts with hand grenades.

The descent can be ridden with hands placed either on the brakehoods or the drop part of the handlebar.

If you want axe for wood then you must create one (because you cant collect wood with hands, I mean you can but its slowly).

The bride's kurta has dull gold brocade work with hand embroidered detailing and a teal blue dupatta to complete the ensemble.

The Deluxe rooms on the executive floor also has a bath tub with hand held shower (rather than the regular fixed shower head).

TMZ says that 20 years ago, Shanelle was also taken out of her home after Crystal allegedly whooped her with hands and words.

In 1% of cases hand for is used

They were well within the Ryanair weight limits for hand luggage.

It also compensates for hand movement while the photo is being taken.

But really when you sell some garments it is not a big money for handmade.

The nurses were instructed that one pack of tobacco for hand rolling (50 g) was equal to 50 cigarettes.

Other fun stuff Kids love Questacon for hands on how does it work stuff, and the Australian Museum, for the same.

You see the discussions all over Ravelry about buying from other crafters for hand dyed yarns and local yarn stores.

By destroying weeds with the second cultivation (ploughing or ridging) it will reduce the amount of time required for hand weeding.

It's been great for pacifying teething pains, it's great for hand eye co-ordination, and with the added bonus of mum being happy to wear jewellery which.

The key thing to remember is that you do not shop for a cheap hat from an artisan, any more than you look for handcrafted masterpieces at a department store.

For hands with a good 7-card suit, or any 8+ card suit, and 10 High Card Points or less discard the point valuation and instead count your number of potential tricks.

In 1% of cases hand from is used

Some individuals who lived from hand to mouth are now? millionaires? following their entry into politics.

Located just 45 minutes from Hand super casino Beachfront International Airport, settlement in Port Saint.

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Located just 45 minutes from Hands free slots with bonus Seaside Flight Terminal, retirement living in Interface Saint.

Disaster response comes from hands on deck, not from waiting for decisions from agencies paralysed by their bureaucracy.

The baton had passed from hand to hand, reluctantly and not without bluster, but neither was it wrenched from Britain's grasp.

We are getting a brace so he can start exercising the arm from hand to shoulder and down to a 30 degree angle for the next 4 weeks.

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