Prepositions used with "length"

"in length" or "of length"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 64% of cases length in is used

Usually 10-20 seconds in length.

The animals were only 2-3 mm in length.

I have seen them twenty feet in length.

The course is 550m in length, with a vertical drop of 50m and gives speeds up to 45mph.

Don't go over 2 x A4 pages in length If you CV is over 2 A4 pages -- something is wrong.

Manuscripts should normally be no more than 40 pages in length, including footnotes (ca.

The obstacle course is between 350-450m in length and includes 12 obstacles with one double and one triple, for 15 jumps.

It was about 4 - 5 cm in length, with a soft, muscular body like that of a gastropod but without the characteristic foot.

It is quite shielded, although it could possibly be high heel dress shoes, try on individuals them in length as you wish.

His notes add up to a total of 300 volumes in length, though he is only able to publish 80 volumes before he dies in 1288.

In 16% of cases length of is used

The problem was mainly a matter of length.

Each jump is of length 6 centimeters or 8 centimeters.

We can think only in terms of length, breadth and height.

Other basic factors such as style, evenness of length and staple strength are equally as important.

The only other thing to do was to throw random lines that did not exceed an original line of length L.

He proposed that decimal subdivisions should be used to determine the lengths of shorter units of length.

Some biased scholars have tended to dismiss this agreement of the order of length of the cycle as a mere coincidence.

These units of length, as were the Greek units of weight and volume, were derived from the Egyptian and Babylonian units.

Problem: Field at Center of a Square The magnetic flux density at a distance r from the midpoint of a conductor of length l is: Q.

But when you combine this type of length with Gobert's motor and mobility, he becomes a ubiquitous presence from the high to low post.

In 7% of cases length for is used

This transcript has been edited for length.

Letters may be edited for length and clarity.

Note that we have edited this material for length.

Our conversation has been edited for length and clarity.

What follows is a transcript that's been edited for length.

Always look for length in a trump suit, rather than just strength.

Check instructions on turkey bag for length of time needed to thaw.

I cut the external connectors and passed the wires inside to test for length.

Out of 100, points are awarded for length of ride, difficulty, and crowd participation.

The officer may ask you about a return tickets and sufficient funds for length of intended stay.

In 5% of cases length to is used

The stuff can be cut to length and comes in different widths.

Let it be Nd length = Min (Nr, Nd) for i =1 to length check the subcell i*i has blackborder if yes.

Regardless, every one will think their particular belief is true, and will go to lengths to ' make it so '.

They are also likely to have fragile egos and go to lengths to protect these - reacting viciously and angrily if they see a threat to them.

In 3% of cases length by is used

Sorting CSS properties by length is obviously absurd.

Vehicle Dimensions, sorted by length, longest first Vehicle Length (cm) Width (cm) Chrysler Grand Voyager 2.

So, instead of dividing length(text) by 2 and subtracting from 40, we will want to directly subtract 80 by length(text).

Helmets protect the brain from forces sustained in a collision by lengthening the duration by which the forces are applied to brain tissue.

To be replaced with their trucks, they then rolled out an unsustainable network of highway, freeway, malls, industrial parks all serviced by length motor transport.

In 2% of cases length as is used

A sorter's job is to separate goods into categories, such as length, color or fabric type.

In 1% of cases length at is used

Research by two British doctors in 2002 looks at lengths of fingers from their rotation points in almost 200 hands and again fails to find to find phi (the actual ratios found were 1:1 or 1:1.

In 1% of cases length including is used

The requirements for making an Overcall are: An overcall is a limit bid, showing 15 HCPs or less (16 pts including length).

In 1% of cases length on is used


Depending on length of premium payment there are two types of whole life insurance i.

In 1% of cases length with is used

It draws the picture with length visible but time not visible.

This means ' juggling ' distance with speed with length (time) and recovery.

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