Prepositions used with "silence"

"in silence" or "of silence"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 42% of cases silence in is used
    They wandered on again in silence.
    Just let the world sit in silence.
    This time Helen took it in silence.
    In which case, our local workers probably wouldn't have to suffer in silence anymore.
    He would look at them in silence, and grief would crease his fine and sensitive face.
    However, there is also power in silence, and, when used well, silence can be persuasive.
    She agreed with me that it seemed awfully strange, and then we both just sort of sat there in silence for a moment.
    However, for the need to pronounce the word loud, clear and preferably in silence, without any extra ambient sounds.
    Where is their caveman? In the rental car Woman sits in silence wondering about that conversation they had last night.
    I normally get home and switch on the TV, put it on mute, and sit for about an hour in silence, to reflect on the day.

    In 39% of cases silence of is used
    Fermates are moments of silence during music.
    We can't find anybody in the sound of silence.
    After years of silence he is ready to confess.
    It's like a game, and after all, dating is a game, right? Don't be scared of silence.
    A few beats of silence can raise the listener's expectation of what is about to come.
    On Tuesday, the Lake Oswego City Council held a moment of silence in recognition of the crime.
    DO WE KNOW WHEN THE HALF HOUR OF silence ENDS? From a modern revelation we learn when the half hour of silence ends.
    DO WE KNOW WHEN THE HALF HOUR OF silence ENDS? From a modern revelation we learn when the half hour of silence ends.
    CAN WE calculate THE ACTUAL DURATION OF TH HOUR OF silence? Since we know the half hour of silence begins at 2,000 A.
    CAN WE calculate THE ACTUAL DURATION OF TH HOUR OF silence? Since we know the half hour of silence begins at 2,000 A.

    In 7% of cases silence into is used
    Fat chance! Then Osho went into silence.
    Even Rommel's family was cowed into silence.
    He was shocked into silence and didn't say anything.
    As the UPS beeped into silence, the inverter breathed its last.
    And then Harry finally stepped out of the shadow, overwhelmed into silence.
    I understand the anger many people feel at being duped, ignored, or (worst) bullied into silence.
    The opinionated can't defend themselves from retribution, so better to legislate them into silence.
    Her sense of humor shocked me at times! So raw! silence into silence the essence of life reveals its hummingbird.
    Or rather, I think that the poets have been cowed into silence by the dominance and urgency of the quants ' narrative.
    And I do not remember the story of his being Angry at the sannyasisn for not demostrating in the streets in his favour and so retreating into silence.

    In 3% of cases silence with is used
    The scene is tense, with silences that are awkward or watchful.
    This behaviour is discourteous and should only be met with silence.
    Verse and chorus sections are spaced with silence, a clever approach that provides.
    They display authority and clarity with silence and ensure smooth progress and transition with words unspoken.
    The Democratic Party's support for war in Afghanistan and for Israel's attack on Gaza was greeted with silence.

    In 2% of cases silence by is used
    The crowd appreciated the fight scenes gripped initially by silence, to cheering of support.
    By silence we mean the segments of signal that has only noise in it, in other words, the voiceless segments.
    Like the young Sikh man I met in 2005, it needs the kind of irrevocable closure that can not be supplied by silence.
    Why do we get bothered by silence? Wherefore peace in utterance? This is the way the man wins over his students, commands respect and love.

    In 2% of cases silence for is used
    Whatever the sort of prayer you prefer, there does need to be some time for silence.
    They're describing a trade-off between money for secrets, and/or money for silence of the sort that is familiar from blackmail cases.
    So much of OUR history was stolen from us by the need for silence that was inflicted upon us by discrimination that we MUST try to reclaim it whenever possible.

    In 1% of cases silence about is used
    They need to learn about silence and what a reading atmosphere is.
    A spiritual retreat is about silence and stillness -- silence of the mind as much as of the tongue; stillness of the spirit as much as of the body.

    In 1% of cases silence between is used
    It concerns the relationship between silence and word: two aspects.

    In 1% of cases silence to is used
    Political niceties meant that the cavern's location needed to be kept secret, while Ron's assistants were so frightened by what they had witnessed that they didn't require swearing to silence.

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