Prepositions used with "history"

"in history" or "of history"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 41% of cases history in is used

It all started in History class.


Today in History Today is Friday, Nov.

Once again, he's making the previous worst POTUS in history, Jimmy Carter, look good.

So synonymously linked is this building to this time in history it only adds to city.

Wilkerson compares this epic migration to the migrations of other peoples in history.

For instance, you could be pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in History, Anthropology or English, etc.

First - fiction is so much fun, isn't it? My interest in history was inspired by some of the fiction I read and saw.

In history there were numerous occasions when the Holy Prophet designated Ali as his Deputy and successor after him.

It will eventually be marked in history, but for now, it will be a while before consumers adopt this payment method.

In 40% of cases history of is used

This is the testimony of history.

This is awesome piece of history.

And his sense of history is honed.

Wolf's Law of History Lessons: Those who don't study the past will repeat its errors.

But if the media want to end up on the right side of history, they'll spot the trend.

It is the largest bubble in all of history and will probably be the most destructive.

We surely want to win good cricket matches, but we are quite aware of history and the tricks of the British Empire.

All the best Rod V said, An excellent, well written article Rod, and as you know this is the sort of History I love.

Technology has strongly influenced the course of history and the nature of human society, and it continues to do so.

Many women opt for interdisciplinary majors like environmental or women's studies, which have components of history.

In 5% of cases history throughout is used

Throughout history, poverty is the normal condition of man.

All of the above detail same-sex marriages throughout history.

The idea of granting the wearer height is one that has been seen throughout history.

That's all quite true, and most peculiar - this impersonal inhumanity throughout history.

That has happened throughout history as I noted here in my examination of CET back to 1538.

Throughout history, the Al-Kafiruun had made so many attempts to deviate the Muslims from the path of Allah.

What are you trying to tell me? Well there are a few fundamental questions asked by humans throughout history.

The scholars of Hadith criticized each other throughout history, but they were human and so have made mistakes.

Paulus: 05 Aug 2011 8:40:14am There is a lot of mention here in the comments of gay marriage throughout history.

In 4% of cases history from is used

The lessons from history are clear.

They never seem to learn from history.

We can see from history how that turns out.

It wont last forever and as we know from history, the bigger the boom, the bigger the bust.

That is history for it does not change it is only men that have failed to learn from history.

Like he always did, he used examples from history showing masters making disciples enlightened.

Our names are erased from history with the millions of others who have led similarly humdrum if not slavish lives.

India should take lessons from history and must not shy away from putting forward its ' demands ' in a much more forthright manner.

The failure to compromise, to resile from erroneous positions, and to learn from history thus is at the root of the Sri Lanka divide.

Learning from history Paul gave us part of the answer when he wrote another letter, this time to the new Christian church in Corinth.

In 3% of cases history to is used

Republishing to History for Kossacks.

Cool keep reffering to history all you want.

HISTORY And so we come fulll circle to history.

To voters and maybe even to history they may be trumped by the dismantling of al-Qaeda.

Other eminent Irishmen are known to history as the teachers and evangelizers of Europe.

Shortcut to History You can enter Full History Search right from the Smart Search Field.

This is a sad loss to history, and therefore to the public understanding of government which FoI is supposed to assist.

When they finally come to redner up the report of their global stewardship to History, there will be much of which to boast.

Anyone who has read Naipaul's writing will know his contempt for many things, including Islam and its contribution to history.

Still, the resentment, enmity, hostility and hatred go back even deeper into history, dating back to the anti-colonial struggle.

In 2% of cases history for is used

For history tells a different story.

Perhaps one for history - even Australian history perhaps.

However, except for history, he preferred sports to academic subjects.

The Bible was used as a textbook in schools, for Grammar, for Civics, for history etc.

It is ranked 2nd nationwide for History of Art in the 2008 Research Assessment Exercise.

A junior high school student developed a passion for history and archeology 56 years ago.

Among younger children, the hours set aside for history are being slashed to make way for supposedly vocational subjects.

Doc, whats up? Adjusted for history, inflation, time, and bias your facts get a 43% score for accountability and forecasting.

Make Gilder Lehrman your Home for History Become an Affiliate School to have free access to the Gilder Lehrman site and all its features.

I hope he quickly defines how he wishes to be remembered, for history can be unkind to those who also ran, regardless of how great they were at the time.

In 2% of cases history with is used

But argue with history if you'd like.

Don't go around messing with history.

A journalist engages with history as it happens.

This version makes it easier to reconnect the novel's/memoir's action with history.

Some people you read their books and you know they're trying to compete with history.

That would really boost the subject and restore its parity with History and Geography.

Of the final fate of this fascinating Buddhist civilization, archaeology combines with history to give us broad idea.

In my opinion this is love that goes beyond the barriers that might come with history or other things that separate us.

Roll mi's major pre-occupation in his plays is with history conceived as tragedy either in metaphoric or in plain expository terms.

In 1% of cases history about is used

Read below about History of scuba diving.

Eventually, Stephen would like to write about history full time.

But, as we all know about history: it doesn't repeat, but it does rhyme.

We won't have to worry about History Wars -- this really will just be the end of history.

To adapt Marx's dictum about history slightly, Man makes his own pleasures, but not just as he pleases.

It takes a lot of ignorance or (possibly in Bloomberg's case) a willingness to flat-out lie about history.

Same as a few on here he irritated me by towing the scouse party line about history etc when we played his teams.

I will agree with the part about my generation (and subsequent generations) not being very educated about history.

You can thank the monotheistic church for yourself having had an education, for having learned about history, etc etc.

Thursday, October 15, 2009 The Ending of Those Who Torment Muslims We have been reading about history frequently recently.

In 1% of cases history by is used

The current borders are a mess driven by history.

They will be remembered as spineless enuchs by history.

The leaders who want to be remembered by history should explore.

NCIC will be judged harshly by history if they keep ignoring these obvious signals.

Each is burdened by his subconscious, by history in general, and by his memory in particular.

The fears and warnings of disaster by those opposed to that social change were proved wrong by history.

For the newlywed or the business group staying in a castle can be a unique time surrounded by history and ancient lore.

An MP who can't appreciate this reality is not only unfit for this high public office, but also stands to be condemned by history.

However here lies the tragedy: once you've walked onto the path set by History, the ending can never be changed, whether or not you caused it.

In 1% of cases history on is used

Mark, 2009-12-01 07:31 I ordered an essay on history.

The decision to operate in acute appendicitis is usually made on history and physical examination.

Thus the strongest chapters are on sociology and social policy, the weakest on history and geography.

For example, the chapter on history draws rigid divisions between women's history and gender history.

So how is ARS ideally managed? Stage 1: make a firm diagnosis based on history and clinical findings.

Ernst Zndel and the Leuchter report have left a profound mark on history; both will be remembered for many years to come.

Same thing happened as a prelude to Clinton's healthcare program going down, and they are counting on history repeating itself.

Instead of using theoretical models to explain reality with a focus on theory, the focus would instead be on history and explanations of episodes.

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