Prepositions used with "form"

"in form" or "of form"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 36% of cases form in is used

But by 2005, he was back in form.

The plant is very variable in form.

The year was 1979 and I was in Form Five.

In form, fit and set to be a father once again, Rooney has few excuses left for failure.

The statements in forms V-16 and V-17 will additionally be submitted on floppy diskettes.

The statements in forms V-16 and V-17 will additionally be submitted on floppy diskettes.

They are called the Magicians of the Jinn; Magicians who make things appear in forms other than what they really are.

Worship may be expressed in forms and rituals, but those forms must be expressions of our actual relationship with God.

Losing coach Brian Smith will have sleepless nights this week wondering how to inspire the Knights from their slump in form.

Reliable options are hard to find, but Super Tiger (Vincent Ho Chak-yiu) is in form and can run the trip, and as a blow-out.

In 33% of cases form of is used

He has been out of form for so long.

Functional Utility of the Copies of Form? E?

Evidence of formal character on Affidavit 481 510A.

There is a strong Japanese influence in my work, but it is one of spirit and not of form.

Hence there is a wide choice of forms to try in order to find what suits each individual.

All that happens is that a condition resembling a vision of formless God essence gets obtained.

Skibbereen will hope their current rich vein of form can be maintained as they pursue a notable league and cup double.

CLIVE: You want it reduced? DEREK: No, I don't- CLIVE: Well then you have to fill in a lot of forms to get it reduced.

Khedira was then asked his personal performances, and if he is suffering a loss of form after the Euro 2012 tournament.

When you have a lot of forms in the Form Builder DCM you can quickly find or sort your forms by using this sorting area.

In 14% of cases form on is used

If you are not on form you will get beaten.

Details of the meeting must be delivered to the CRO on Form E3.

Victor is a musician who can blow me away when he's really on form.

Cons of Option (a) (2 ): Collection: --Requires space on form for an additional category.

And purely on form his autumn was not that bad to pull the pin so early, last run was a 1.

Southee, if he has recovered sufficiently, would be picked on form, but Doug Bracewell and.

Starting line-up Given the options available, here's a projected lineup from the writer, based on form and the opponents.

Exports to the Central Asian Republics via Afghanistan by land route would, however, be subject to declaration on form? E?

Even a star like him is well aware that the team is picked on form and that there are no guarantees of selection next season.

In 4% of cases form for is used

It is typical for Form 990 to be filed in the year following its form date.

Alongside the local boys they had Alves and Keita who tehy paid 40+ mil for form Seville.

Emptiness is neither the origin nor terminus for forms; forms themselves at any moment are emptiness.

The application could be used for many different purposes such as research market or for form filling of any sort.

Hendry has struggled for form for a couple of years and could be vulnerable, particularly away from the TV cameras.

For form's sake, I started the meal with the other guests, but I had only just squeezed my lemon over the smoked salmon when a waiter tapped me on the shoulder.

Sehwag has been struggling for form for some time now and that was no secret, but what potential he holds and the damage he can do if he clicks was no secret either.

In 4% of cases form with is used

He says he arrives in Christchurch with form.

There is a similar mantra to the Image creation with forms.

It is Holy Scripture, with form and content similar to that of the Bible.

Foreign financial assets must also be declared in Form 8938 along with Form 1040.

There are so many budding filmmakers who are experimenting with form and content today.

Yes, there are fine novels written according to such norms, and conversely there've always been writers playing with form, etcetera.

A nation with form a third quarter of world population and the availability of human resources is certainly greater than any nation.

However, with form aside how do these two giants of international football compare as the main aspects of the two squads are weighed up.

I'd not going to bore you with form and meter- Foster's composition isn't about pretentiously cramming thoughts into the burdensome confines of syllabic patterns.

That said, I will say that one of the things that makes biohackers unique from other body modification communities is that they are often more concerned with function than with form.

In 3% of cases form into is used

You need to enter data into forms, you hit submit, and there you go, your ad is placed.

Clayton sometimes relapsed into forms of speech not entirely consistent with his principles.

Maybe he's riding his was into form but he was good in the Dauphine so I'd hoping to see more tomorrow.

The activities of our brain mould these formeless energies into forms which we call words, thoughts and imagination.

He came into form as an impact player last season, helping the Rossoneri to with the Scudetto and the Supercoppa Italiana.

Ea ting themselves into form What did we see? After an easy race the racing pigeons ate differently than after a hard race.

The Frenchman has slowly come into form and does not appear to be the serial misser of chances we saw in his early performances.

She passed well enough, though not as well as she had hoped, and secured admission into Form One at Kangubiri Girls ' High School.

That is, again we feed a lighter mix after and easy race at the beginning of the week so that we don't bring the doves into form to early etc.

Osho became Enlightened -- had an Apotheosis; the idea creating a commune perhaps is part of his Apotheosis and his will for bringing it into Form.

In 3% of cases form to is used

Biomass refers to forms of living matter (e.

Harper will be called on to form a government and face the same challenge.

Byng refused, citing their agreement, and asked Meighen to form a government instead.

This will eliminate existing ingrown hairs and prevent new ones from beginning to form.

Ignatieff's statement said: Whoever leads the party that wins the most seats on election day should be called on to form the government.

Shortly before his death (Sir George Grey paid him for it ), he wrote his autobiographical Historical Narrative of an Attempt to Form a Settlement in New Zealand.

Nigeria's economy as it relates to forms of payments Nigeria compared to the rest of the world, as it relates to payments, is still in the era of the wild wild west.

Along with the first three gospels his writing supplies a permanent corrective to forms of Christianity in which right faith is exalted at the expense of right action.

At this point (line 716) we notice how much of the Tale has concentrated on emotions of hatred, fear, hostility and anger with love so abstract and unreal as to form a very weak contrast.

In 1% of cases form about is used

It's more about form, and how much you can twist the form to fit what you can into it.

It's hard to talk about form when it comes to the League Cup, though, because there's so much rotation in the squad.

In 1% of cases form after is used

Chi-kwong studied Physical Education in the College of Education after Form Six.

Lai Chi left school after Form 6 and joined the civil service as a junior officer.

Edith Chun Lai-chun left school after Form 6 and taught at a secondary school for a brief period.

Kwok-hung left school after Form 5, and to begin with, was not very confident in his academic ability.

Maylie KAN Man-lai left school after Form 5 and is now the owner of a textile and clothing trading company.

Li Choi-mui left school after Form 5 to take up her share of the family responsibilities, but she loves studying very much and so later decided to further her education at the OUHK.

In 1% of cases form by is used

Form 22(E4) also has a filing fee of 15 and is accompanied by Form 23 (E4) which has no fee.

But that sad little rummage sale would never have been able to compete with the Greenwich Village tag sale being organized by form.

Certainly the rich decorative motifs that adorn the buildings are symptomatic of residents that held themselves in check by form and convention.

I remember this one friend of mine being called by form fours (you were not even allowed to enter their classes) and told to write the formula of grass on the board.

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