Prepositions used with "agreement"

"in agreement" or "of agreement"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 42% of cases agreement in is used

I think we're in agreement here.

Thanks for in agreement with me.

I'd kind of in agreement with you.

I have been mostly in agreement with your main philosphical and economic arguments.

I'd not in agreement with you completely on splitting up the country being treason.

Businessmen live by their code of honour, either through a handshake or a nod in agreement.

So I'd willing to cede the point, given that we're mostly in agreement with Kirkman's handling of his characters.

As to our students, I suspect we're all in agreement that we could do a better job of evaluating them than we currently do.

This anomalously cold eastern North Pacific is in agreement with a semi-permanent La Nina-type condition found by Mann et al.

In 33% of cases agreement of is used

Extension of term of agreement 87.

The dotted lines mark the radial limits of agreement.

Radial limits of agreement for CO, GEDV and EVLW were 0.

The solid line represents bias, the two dashed lines upper and lower limit of agreement.

The solid line represents bias, the two dashed lines the upper and lower limit of agreement.

As part of the process of economic integration, New Zealand signed a series of agreements with Australia in 1983.

I want to start by talking about the points of agreement between Steve and me, and as he suggested, there are many.

A father who is not married to the mother of his child can apply to the court for custody in the absence of agreement.

CHANGES IN TERMS OF AGREEMENT Alentus reserves the right to make changes to the above terms and conditions of this agreement.

In 7% of cases agreement by is used

Other meetings will be by agreement.

The second one is by agreement with the states.

Some employees are covered by agreements made by Joint Labour Committees (JLCs).

These reforms could be implemented by agreement or, even better, enshrined in statute.

Even until the 18th century, there seems to have been no draws by agreement other than in very simplified endgames.

They breached no secrets, they did not contribute to rumours, they did not initiate discussion on matters which are by agreement secret.

The earliest reference to draw by agreement I could find was in the American Chess Code of 1897, which allowed draw by agreement at any time.

As you you said he was a marxist, any marxist does not believe of government obtained by voting or by agreement like that of Mwalimu gaining independence from Britain.

The Street- Mediated and Geographic Space (Experience) Louis Kahn described the street as a room that is made possible by agreement and the first community place in the city.

Individual speaking times are 10 minutes although this is commonly varied by agreement beforehand and with the leave of the Senate (unanimous consent of all senators present).

In 6% of cases agreement to is used

This interaction may lead to economic exchange or to agreement on policy and rules.

This week a parliamentary commission came to agreement on reforming the unemployment benefits.

One of the things they do is to help separated parents come to agreements on custody and other family law issues.

He believes they'll be able to come to agreements by local bargaining with local officials who understand local needs.

Since we couldn't come to agreement about the coexistence of the product, we thought it would be better for us to step out of it.

The technology and other security technologies, the ink sales are national laws and regulations, based on the way to agreement on file with sales, specifically for bulk users.

Jurisdiction This Account Agreement is governed by the laws of Panama as such laws are applied to agreements entered into and to be performed entirely within Panama by Panamanian residents.

In 3% of cases agreement on is used

See AgreementInfo for details on agreements.

In the latest NBC/WSJ poll, the President had a significant advantage on agreement on the issues.

Ali Ahmed Karti, Minister of Foreign Affairs in Sudan briefs the meeting on agreement between Sudan and South Sudan.

And if we fail to convince each other, the disagreement and the respect need not cancel out each other; friendship is not contingent on agreement.

However, depending on agreement on the terms of the barter, you would be required to market your show to attract sponsorship or advert placements.

Having set up a OFFA to negotiate access agreements, said body declares that it has no practical means of penalising HEIs that default on agreements.

In 2% of cases agreement for is used

In the first place, this is a matter for agreement between the employee and the employer.

They need to talk and see if there is a basis for agreement on some major issues--as there seems to be.

The timetable for agreement expired on August 2, but an additional period of talks was agreed at Mbeki's request, culminating in the September agreements.

Heads of agreement: Once a basis for agreement has been arrived at, with the parties together in the same room as the mediator, it is helpful to draft heads of agreement.

In 2% of cases agreement into is used

To direct the Secretary of the Treasury to enter into agreements with the several Federal Reserve banks.

Robert Thomas Mohini Rao December 27, 2009 (1:25 pm) Hello, I have a entered into agreement with a property seller to buy a ready-to-occupy flat in Bangalore.

In 2% of cases agreement through is used

Such a right was granted through agreements.

Hubs The topic for this live Q &A; has been chosen and the panellists invited through agreement between Guardian Careers and the sponsor.

However, it is still possible for a government to be formed if a majority can be achieved through agreement with Independent and/or minor party members.

In 1% of cases agreement Without is used

No use or distribution of this content is permitted without agreement with The Sport Rack.

Without agreement on what government is, and what it's goals should be, I fear that government will always disappoint the majority.

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