Prepositions used with "translation"

"in translation" or "of translation"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 40% of cases translation in is used

There must be something lost in translation.

Something could get horribly lost in translation.

Somewhere along the line, something was lost in translation.

So, is anything lost in translation? Bellos dislikes the idea.

This means that your brilliant concept won't be lost in translation.

I think sometimes lost in translation is one way of looking at an issue.

Between metaphysics and epistemology, things often get lost in translation.

Bellos delights in translation's chequered past and its contemporary ubiquity.

Voltaire: Doug Quixote: 27 Jan 2012 7:06:48pm Half the post got lost in translation.

In translation, the adjective is involved in various transpositions that aim to preserve original meaning.

In 20% of cases translation of is used

His research interests are in ethnography of translation and literary studies.

I think part of the problem I have with this Gospel is a problem of translation.

There was a noticeable difference in speed when this absence of translation occurred.

Translation companies The Association of Translation Companies welcomes new members from around the world.

And the SOOMPI thread was outstanding -- we watched the last SEVEN episodes through a collaborative effort of translations.

Founded in 1976, the ATC is, perhaps, one of oldest professional groups representing the interests of translation companies in the world.

It is dedicated not only to representing the interests of translation companies, but also to serving the needs of translation purchasers.

Fabrice believes very strongly in the usefulness of translation and translated content and has an entire organization dedicated to it, so you can understand why he'd feel strongly about this.

In 10% of cases translation for is used

And if they are selected for translation they appear rather late.

When Is Localization Needed? Localization is usually needed for translations that are aimed for make sales.

As a result the need for translations with languages such as German, Italian, Spanish, Russian and Arabic is in constant demand.

It's all about writing with your readership in mind, a topic we touched on in our recent post: How to write a case study for translation.

This means that English, German, and French are by far the most important languages for translation, particularly for literature and books.

When I shot the opening sequence I locked us all in the room -- the couple playing the parents, the boys, Arthur for translation and Luke the DOP.

GT figures that a sentence for translation is probably a sentence that has been used before, and translated before, so it looks for that sort of match.

In 9% of cases translation with is used

I am German, and I would gladly help you with translations.

The Tanzanian children sent beautiful letters in Swahili with translations.

The training was conducted in English, with translations in French whenever necessary.

In the process, you should become more comfortable with translations and less comfortable with several Rails methods.

I do respect your the work you did with the subs for this, but I would have preferred a more literal translation filled with translation notes.

If the certificate does not list your gender AND place of birth, then you will also also need to provide your foreign birth certificate (with translation if it is not in English).

In 7% of cases translation about is used

David Bellos is eager to remove such clichd thinking about translations and translators.

David Bellos is eager to remove such clichd thinking about translations and translators.

Bellos's sharp, amiable, and wide-ranging book isn't just about translation, it's about language and meaning and even what it is to be human.

Since that time, naturally enough, my ideas about translation have changed somewhat and I have now revised this work in line with my current thinking.

All-in-all, probably the best book I have ever read about translation, and very accessible to anyone, translators and people just interested in language.

He takes particular enjoyment in killing clichs about translation, and his book is a witty tour of the way humans get around the eternal language problem.

In 7% of cases translation to is used

What you must know is that there is more to translation than simple language translation.

Full membership is open to translation companies meeting our criteria and operating in the UK.

Overseas membership is available to translation companies operating everywhere else outside the UK.

In the last 10 years, the focus of South Asian literature has also turned to translations of verncular literature, he said.

The translation of each book was assigned to translation teams, each made up of two lead translators, two translation consultants, and a stylistic consultant where necessary.

In 2% of cases translation from is used

Moving away from translation also avoids adding unnecessary prepositions.

In 2% of cases translation on is used

This is the best book on translation I have read.

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