Prepositions used with "appearance"

"in appearance" or "of appearance"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 39% of cases appearance in is used

Oats should be bright in appearance.

McPherson was also unkempt in appearance, and pale.

To resemble in appearance, temperament, or character.

First, it is irregular, fractured, fragmented, or loosely connected in appearance.

Compared to the near side of the Moon, the far side is very uniform in appearance.

These dogs often appeared more houndish in appearance than their standard-sized cousins.

In its early stages the rotted timber may not change much in appearance but will be easily penetrated with a knife.

Killer whales are stocky in appearance compared to most whales which are quite long and slim relative to their length.

In the United States federal law requires that chips that are purchased must be different in appearance from chips that are won.

The wheat and the weeds are similar in appearance in the early stages and it will be much easier to differentiate them as they mature.

In 22% of cases appearance of is used

Ranquin is willing to kill people at random for the sake of appearances.

He became only the sixth England player to reach a century of appearances.

I'd also aware he's only made a couple of appearance, but he does show promise in this area).

STBX booked them in a lot of classes this year, so both kids will be making a lot of appearances.

To perceive requires a perceiver and a perceived and this is firmly in the realm of appearance (vyavahAra).

Since the span element is intended for fine control of appearance using CSS, it should never have been a restartable element.

Tinchy made a number of appearances on Tim Westwood's 1Xtra radio show taking part in freestyles, sometimes joined by his crew Ruff Sqwad.

After the Stunt Following her stunt, Annie made a number of appearances at local gatherings including the Pan American Exposition in Buffalo.

They have given 1 good performance out of 5 yet both have the same amount of appearances in the b2?? I like the idea of getting on D3 as top group.

The most publicized accounts of appearances of modern pterosaurs demonstrate that they were nowhere near what fish would appear like when they jump out of water.

In 8% of cases appearance for is used

Power to take bond for appearance 91.

Arrest by breach of bond for appearance 92.

Those who shave for appearance don't look appealing -- they look like a recent victim of crabs.

Look for appearances by Justin Bieber, Martha Stewart, Donald Trump, Carlos Santana, Marcus Samuelsson, Tommy Hilfiger and Taylor Swift.

Creole society is marked also by both considerable freedom of action, without prudery (and this may be the Latin legacy ), and concern for appearances: decorum is all.

Either the SPLC is so powerful that they can wipeout NR in one fell swoop, or Lowry is a plant to have total control of NR, ie they can be the controlled opposition for appearances.

In 6% of cases appearance with is used

Keeping up with appearances one of my nieces was at the airport in her fabulous vehicle, ready to be my chauffer.

In 5% of cases appearance about is used

People are not all about appearances but rather what is inside.

One of the most common misconceptions is that you don't have to worry about appearances.

You can lecture a woman on how society works, but don't attempt to talk to her about appearance, eh lads! I don't think Tony Jones meant it like that.

In 5% of cases appearance Despite is used

However, despite appearances, a Maroon named Johnson managed to lead a small group into St.

Likewise, despite appearances to the contrary, the rule of dictators and other elite groups is always weak and unstable.

That is, despite appearances in recent years; some rebalancing away from our reliance on debt to fund growth is overdue and welcome, though it will be painful.

Despite appearances, the Panthers Offense came into this game with the desire to vary their personnel groupings, altering between 11, 12, and 21 personnel equally.

Despite appearances, last month saw less than half the normal rainfall and some areas of Britain are worried that if the dry winter continues we could face a drought.

In 5% of cases appearance to is used

The majority of people relate growing older to appearance.

With regard to appearance I find it somewhat surprising that Mr McGlynns baldness is so often mentioned in the criticisms levelled.

At least Saudi Arabia has demonstrated a certain sensitivity to appearances and has adjusted its reserves number slightly from year to year.

The whole scene was a big contrast to appearances by other Labour figures such as Douglas Alexander or Andy Burnham, who were almost all as dull as ditchwater.

But he has yet to make a league start since Brendan Rodgers replaced Dalglish, with the midfielder restricted mainly to appearances in the Europa League and the Capital One Cup.

In 4% of cases appearance on is used

There was also a strong emphasis on appearance.

Their their game is played purely on appearances, greed, fear.

When in doubt, throw it out! Never taste food or rely on appearance or odor to determine its safety.

All of the classes are judged on appearance, posing helps and also subjective based on what judge sees what.

In 3% of cases appearance as is used

In the budget, the latter allocated $100,000 as appearance fee for their friendly opponents.

In 2% of cases appearance behind is used

Yet there is a plan behind appearances that does not change.

That I say I can observe cruelty is not a realist statement unless I maintain that cruelty has a reality outside human needs and intentions - in other words it has a reality behind appearance.

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