Prepositions used with "column"

"in column" or "of column"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 39% of cases column in is used
    III ), the place (in column No.
    The readings are set out in column (1).
    V) and finally the nature of meeting (in column No.
    That timetable stretched on fifteen pages, each with six columns which show the date (in column No.
    First we want to use the value in column 2 (the sticker label) to say what the rdfs:label of the sticker is.
    In column (3) the differences are squared, and the sum of those squares is given at the bottom of the column.
    The problem is that whilst column C is empty, the formula in column D takes the C values as zero and produces an answer.
    The ear-lier entries on my home page did show up hor-i-zon-tally in columns (I set it to 3 blog posts, and they showed up like your demo).
    In her African American founded newspaper, she continued to pursue her ambition as she wrote in columns for many years and also lectured extensively on women's issues and race.
    It consisted of all kinds of crooked characters disposed in columns, and had evidently been prepared by some person who had before him at the time a book containing various alphabets.

    In 34% of cases column of is used
    It allows for fine-tuning of column widths.
    The sum of squares is given at the foot of column (5 ), namely 1697.
    His work has inspired millions of column inches and provoked masses of debate.
    It can create asymmetric grids, golden ratio grids, or completely bespoke arrangements, not just a row of columns.
    Grille light should be equal to the number of columns separated by the number of their appearance slightly better.
    On the other hand, increasing the number of imaginary beads necessary for a problem without increasing the number of columns had no effect.
    The M7 Edition allows for HBase databases to have more than 1 trillion tables and allows for 20 times the number of columns as Apache HBase supports.
    Exodus grafitti? Nearer the mountain, Ron said he'd found rows of columns and other indications which convinced him this was where the Israelites had made camp.

    In 6% of cases column by is used
    Week by week, story by story, column by column, doorstep by doorstep, Nick Davies prised open the truth.
    Spacious verandahs supported by columns surround this very large, four-storied building with a highly visible clock tower.
    The lofts created in such a way are locally supported by columns and bearing walls and not part of the overall original load bearing structure.

    In 4% of cases column against is used
    The goals against column in the top 4 match-ups speaks for itself, but I would add that Spurs were the better team away at City and on Saturday.
    Looking at the numbers and the consistent decay of our goals against column over the last 4 years, it's hard to argue against the premise that our coaching staff has not done its job.

    In 4% of cases column between is used
    If you make the columns narrow enough, set the gap width between columns to 0, and use a fill but no border, I bet you can pull it off.

    In 4% of cases column on is used
    It was also recommended on column Travel Picks of Reuters.
    It is built to a slender square plan with twelve buttresses and rises to an arched verandah, supported on columns at the roof-terrace with a domed pavilion on top.

    In 4% of cases column to is used
    Right click any column, go to column Chooser to customize grid layout.
    Text to column will be too time consuming after spliting each word onto a different column if there are like 100s words on each row and there are 100s of rows.
    John Bundy wrote: > My obvious answer is to tell you to just use text to columns, you can split > the cell at each space, somehow i'd sure that is too easy.
    John Bundy wrote: > My obvious answer is to tell you to just use text to columns, you can split > the cell at each space, somehow i'd sure that is too easy.

    In 2% of cases column about is used
    Cotton-growing Rice-growing Weapon Producing is a process which involves gathering of information about column through execution of certain queries with intention to identify erroneous records.

    In 2% of cases column for is used
    The **28;11904;TOOLONG is used to determine the stacking direction for columns (and the default flow order of text from column-to-column).

    In 2% of cases column into is used
    A worksheet consists of cells that are organized into columns and rows; a worksheet is always stored in a workbook.

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