Prepositions used with "kind"

in, of, to, with or by kind?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 57% of cases kind in is used

Republicans will respond in kind.

You will note that I did not respond in kind to Mr.

I really believe the Universe is going to reward them in kind.

Reciprocate in kind with caring deeds and help and your friendship will be strengthened.

Even if your spouse's ex says horrible things about you, absolutely do not respond in kind.

It was specifically asking after someone's health and a reply in kind would have been expected.

Tim informed me that most of the funding, whether in kind or in cold hard cash, is coming from publishers and others in the trade.

In 1936, people classed as employees were asked to include the value of payment in kind such as free housing as part of their incomes.

While visiting people in need with social workers, Suki came to learn that psychological counseling is as important as assistance in kind.

He also had an amazing ten-year relationship with a family of foxes, which were perfectly willing to respond in kind to his emotional intentions.

In 15% of cases kind of is used

I got the idea from Amanda of Kind Over Matter http: //www.

That's just a quick gathering of kinds of divisions that come to mind.

The basic principle of classification of the NOC is that of kind of work performed.

Keep up the beautiful one of kind work! I wouldn't pay anything for that hat! It is ugly.

The members of group characterized though they be by consciousness of kind, at once competing.

Sometimes we just shake our heads in wonder at the lack of kindness; sometimes we get our feelings hurt.

One thing I have learned that there are a lot of kind people who are willing to be generous when the need becomes real.

So I guess my mom has shifted just because she's become more aware of kind of what I do, and the goings on of those kind of scenarios.

Former Blue Bomber stalwart James West is in town to support Jones and had plenty of kind words for his close friend earlier this week.

YOU ARE SO ABSOLUTELY RIGHT! They didn't need to say a single word and i could see the type of kind of love you wouldn't find in many centuries.

In 8% of cases kind to is used

It's probably because I am to kind.

But its pretty cool just to kind see what you can track.

Your sponsors are to kind and I just love that fabric, so pretty.

Alter your old entrance knobs to kinds by using a better quality.

Any girls backpack/purse consists of phenomena in addition to kind as well as efficiency.

This hype surrounding the, 31 year old, Russian's arrival is quite high, and if Bryzgalov fails to live up to this hype the fans in Philly wont be to kind.

In 6% of cases kind with is used

I am satisfied with kind of the results students showed me in my internal exams.

He used to honour her and treat her with kindness and respect, and say,? Umm Ayman is my mother.

If anyone came to him and asked for something, he would give it to them, or at least respond with kind words.

I believe many, perhaps even most, folks in all religions are generous people with kind hearts trying to do what they believe is the right thing.

A very unassuming, humble elderly man with kind eyes, you wouldn't guess that he was well versed in music, poetry, philosophy, calligraphy, science, religion.

In 4% of cases kind by is used

This article is reproduced by kind permission of the author and taken from.

The article is reproduced by kind permission of the Daily Mail and journalist Jim McBeth.

The picture here is Tim Stone's beautiful photograph of a Coneflower, used here by kind permission of Tim.

In 3% of cases kind about is used

Think about kinds of things that they like and do.

The adventurous might try clicking to other columns to find out about kinds of poetry whose existence is rarely hinted at on the pages of Poetry.

In 3% of cases kind for is used

If you were hoping to just twist in a couple of bulbs here and there, you're going to be in for kind of a shocking surprise.

In 2% of cases kind like is used

But it always felt like kind of a long shot.

Josh Lowry Doesn't this seem like kind of a cheat, then? It's just 70 billion copies of the same 700kb.

In 1% of cases kind from is used

These are some of the items that are still on offer from Kind fellow RC's.

Conclusion Time is usually far from kind when it comes to re-experiencing retro classics, but Jet Set Radio is one release which doesn't seem to have aged a day.

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