Prepositions used with "practice"

"in practice", "to practice" or "of practice"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 34% of cases practice in is used

Quite the opposite in practice.

You should apply it in practice.

In practice, the wheel feels great.

Regionally, there were as many provinces stating increases in practice as decreases.

In practice, they end up doing menial jobs like what our less privileged sisters do.

In practice it would be unusual for bees to collect nectar from one exclusive plant.

In practice, there is plenty of evidence that it continues to be used in some schools and is accepted by students.

It would however allow a newly independent England to pursue those goals to see if they actually work in practice.

In practice, this means the system boots faster, and anything you use daily will pop open quicker, as you'd expect.

The idea of commercial publishing is separate from that of paper journals, but in practice the two go hand-in-hand.

In 27% of cases practice to is used

Has anyone put this to practice.

Now this is the place to practice.

That's the time to practice patience.

In those cases, the degree is a requirement to be licensed or certified to practice.

Its a bit of a slog but after a couple of months you will not need to practice them.

He has voluntarily agreed not to practice medicine pending the outcome of his trial.

A few months after starting to practice Inner Bonding, Roger remembered that he had really wanted to be a teacher.

They are funded entirely by the annual registration fees paid by attorneys authorized to practice law in Illinois.

When a particular member is too busy, we try to accommodate him in order for him to have time to practice with us.

Then, with our heads swimming with all of the different things we had to think about, we hit the water to practice.

In 22% of cases practice of is used

Sequence of practice jibe on foot.

They get a hell of a lot of practice.

But today is the second day of practice.

It makes sense, therefore to call these kinds of communities communities of practice.

However you set about it, you need loads of practice so it becomes second nature to you.

Here are a set of practices that can help you cultivate a sense of mastery and well-being.

When pleasure and pain arise how are we going to use the Dhamma to be free of them? This is the point of practice.

Ten years ago, when someone wanted to set up a set of tools to support a community of practice, they called up IT.

Eventually in 2007 after three years and five months of practice, it was clear that I had to make a career change.

While religions vary and differ from one another, in this one particular mode of practice they are almost the same.

In 9% of cases practice into is used

It was nice getting back into practice.

Summary: Easy to read and put into practice.

However putting it into practice will be complicated.

He learned a lot while on the sidelines, and now he gets to put that into practice.

Obama's bigger problem is to convince enough people he could put any of this into practice.

Note down any examples you can think of when you have put these competencies into practice.

Against the discourse of women oppression, I insist that we have to bring into practice ' respect for woman ' i.

One of the things that you need to put into practice is actually a day time of relaxation soon after the wedding.

Management education, in its actual sense, remains incomplete till the students put into practice those concepts.

But, as with all possibilities they will remain unrealized unless they are developed, nurtured, and put into practice.

In 2% of cases practice for is used

For practice naming chords, see Naming Triads and Beyond Triads.

How quickly we forget, eh? She still hasn't showed up for practice.

I would like to build arrows for practice, but I have not the materials.

The College notes the continuation of an ePIP for practices participating in a PCEHR.

I'd have to go pick up Andrs for practice tomorrow morning anyway, it saves me the extra drive.

It may not be necessary to become a monk, although the monk's life is the ideal form for practice.

You are invited to review the website and take a few of the courses for practice and learn how the program works.

You MUST study your course material, and for practice use SAT books, I would suggest you to use Kaplan SAT Books.

And, contrary to Allen Iverson's now infamous quote from the last decade, practice is not just practice for practice sake.

I'd been saving egg shells all week so the two best ones could be used on the cake and the others could be used for practice.

In 2% of cases practice with is used

It does get easier with practice.

With practice, you will master it.

Your speed will pick up with practice.

This measure of synchronization and better engage in can only be arrived at with practice.

Can we be fully present? I think with practice, we can have the experience some of the time.

I got better with practice, and I was OK to begin with, due to my good hand-eye coordination.

Don't worry if you get paid little in your first few days! With practice, you will get better and faster at picking fruit.

Some might take this option, but with practices fast approaching this summer, they might not have time to flee Penn State.

With practice, mindfulness can help you learn to better tolerate negative emotions without letting them control the way you act.

For example, Junior Justin Diddell, who is on the varsity football team, has to juggle school work, along with practice and games.

In 1% of cases practice after is used

Merchant spoke to the team after practice and seemed to remind them what it's all about.

Wednesday after practice reporters questioned coaches and players about what went wrong Sunday and if it could be fixed.

I remember when, if I didn't have a ride home after practice, I walked home 3 miles (up hill both ways in 3 feet of snow of course).

Looking at the players on the court after practice Tuesday, Crawford smiles when he is asked why he has been so successful this season.

When speaking with him after practice on Friday, he was visibly having difficulty turning his head too far to the side and certainly didn't make quick head movements.

In 1% of cases practice at is used

Rap music at practice? Please, tell me no.

He's the first one at practice and the last to leave.

He's got a running joke with one of the refs at practice about how he stands.

Also noteworthy at practice was that Brandon Prust is no longer wearing the jaw guard.

He was not at practice to start Friday but came out onto the field later on a limited basis.

His good friends on the team report that Greg was in high spirits at practice, joking about and having a good time generally.

Notes: The Broncos had their first perfect attendance at practice this season on Wednesday although Kuper and LB Nate Irving (concussion) were limited.

In 1% of cases practice by is used

The only way you'll ever learn to do it is by practice.

By practice, it learns precisely to drill the hole where the shell's adductor muscles are.

The Companions and their Followers in general followed the traditions accompanied by practice.

By the English way of looking at things, a tree must be known by its fruits, and theory judged by practice.

They were by practice and conviction democrats for the most part and certainly on record more so than the U.

She is put at risk by practices that dissipate the security of relationship to her natural mother and father.

However this does not mean that Imam Malik or his followers rejected all those traditions which were not accompanied by practice.

It may be simply a bit of good advice that is needed though even here we can improve our skills by practice, thought and training.

In 1% of cases practice through is used

The method of winning these riches is through practice of sadhana.

Third, he went through practice problems with the solution key in hand.

All the designers on Dribbble who follow a trend are learning from it through practice.

Through practice, they then have developed the habit of choosing those kinds of alternatives.

I have actually embraced those concepts really well through practice, over the course of my Spark life.

Some comes from differences in parenting skills, which may be enhanced through practice, effort or training.

For ideas are nothing in themselves unless tested through practice or craft or events and are turned back into ideas again.

However, remember the threshold perception young attorneys are suspected of being lazy and incompetent, and break that mold through practice.

Enterprise Skills Enterprise skills, on the other hand, are particular abilities that may be gained through experience and developed through practice.

Furthermore, traditional customs often perpetuate the oppression of women and increase HIV risk through practices such as female genital mutilation and widow inheritance.

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