Prepositions used with "college"

"in college", "to college" or "of college"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 30% of cases college in is used

Think about interning while in college.

When I was in college, it didn't faze me.

But you are free to use the skills you learn in college to pursue another career/job.

She got a place in college in Dublin, where she gained some weight over the first year.

I used to be so embarrassed by the fact that I was in college and had never been kissed.

The shooting happened at a chapel in the World Changers church in College Park, Georgia, a police spokeswoman said.

And, invariably, they look like the group of awkward guys that sat in the back row in college trying to be hardcore.

Many students at the University of Tennessee, who hope to study abroad in college, are choosing to stay home instead.

We need to stop accepting foreigners into our schools and universities and increase American enrollment in colleges.

In 26% of cases college to is used

My parents didn't go to college.

When I came to college I was lost.

Osman had no desire to go to college.

I'd been a nurse and when I went to college I got a holiday job back in the hospital.

Some were parents with children ready to head to college and others had younger kids.

One of the best things I can recommend to college age kids is to do a mock interview.

If there is a Kenyan with such a high ambition of being a member of parliament, they ought to step back to college.

Dallas center Bernard James, right, served in the Air Force before going to college and is a 27-year-old NBA rookie.

Canada does not the university entrance exam? students can according to high school grades apply directly to college.

She hopes the third daughter will have a chance to go to college but with her current pension, it seems unlikely too.

In 17% of cases college of is used

This system of college education sucks.

She is about 1 1/2 years out of college.

Not sure if we can just finance all of college.

Now, the price of college tuition is just one of the burdens facing the middle class.

The Promise Of College Steven Maack, an English teacher at East High in Wichita, Kan.

Funny thing; almost no job postings I found asked for a certain type of college degree.

Except it is VERY HIGH for three people who started operating a non-profit with no experience right out of college.

It's probably only best to live here straight out of college or if you're 80 and you've lived here your whole life.

And things finally came to a head after she and Paul went on a weekend away together to celebrate the end of college.

A slight change in the governance of colleges, schools or, indeed, hospitals could lead to further reclassifications.

In 8% of cases college for is used

Why does usa charge so much for college.

Alot a dem was juss too immature for college.

Later, she quit her volunteer position for college.

I think it is safe to say that I was ready for college and college was ready for me.

She used her first name Anna instead of Cris when she moved to New York for college.

Once an NCAA player signs with an NHL team, he also becomes ineligible for college hockey.

There was no movie for college kids and teenagers to go and see, and ' Hostel ' was the date movie that was ballsy.

Naturally I would be intrigued to know that there are other types of programs that can be offered for college credit.

Over the years, the program has provided millions of dollars to help African American students get money for college.

I've had a Facebook profile since early 2005, when the site was intended for college and graduate students to network.

In 7% of cases college at is used

My first day at college was very tough.

Of course they drink at college, most do.

Plus, look at college graduates and their degrees.

Do you have a firewall switched on? Are you behind a proxy (say, at college or school, or.

Your full name is, your IC number is, your IP address is, you are a student at college etc.

The Reverend Cyrus Sherman had steered the Model T Ford to the side of the road at College Hall, facing the campus.

I did one year at college, but I dropped out six months ago because I live on my own in a hostel, so I need to work.

I've had a few panic attacks at college and the beginnings of many there which was awful because I never wanted to go.

Teaching takes place in the Trinity Centre for Health Sciences and on the main Trinity College campus at College Green.

In 6% of cases college from is used

You must have a degree from college.

When I graduated from college I had about $40,000 in debt.

He will also featuring a friend from college in guest spot.

Are you kidding? Tom - most of those players probably never graduated from college.

After graduating from college and entering the business world, Haley watched business.

But he's yet to grab much attention from college programs in the way of official offers.

So yeah, maybe it doesn't work for professional jobs, but for anyone who hasn't graduated from college yet, try it.

Wish me luck and let's hope that 2014 comes fast and welcomes acceptance letters from colleges that's 7 hours away.

I was graduating from college and like many college graduates, I didn't really know what I wanted to do with my life.

Upon graduating from college, I moved home to look for a job, and lived at home for about 2 years while worked nearby.

In 2% of cases college after is used

I moved home for grad school after college.

I didn't come out until after college, though.

So when I went to grad school right after college, I got my first laptop.

She met her husband after college and they have been married now for thirty-one years.

And it struck me then that I didn't read any Star Wars books until well after college.

And like the writer said it's because you had no clue that life after college was like this.

So, how then do you make yourself marketable, and ensure you get your dream job immediately after college or campus.

For all of my life, from the time I was 16, I have never held a full-time job, despite years of trying for one after college.

I am MBA and Engineer working witn Indian MNC (Aditya Birla ), I have not seen any complete 3 hrs bollywood movie after college.

She quit sports, took a sedentary job after college, and ate herself up to a weight more than the 350 pounds her scale registered.

In 2% of cases college by is used

It's typically considered a technology fee by colleges.

There are general and academic regulations as outlined by College.

I look forward to the continuing adoption by colleges and universities across the country of this program.

DHS hosted the first of the new Challenge Cup series in 2008 when they were beaten by College under floodlights.

Hangouts could be used by colleges to communicate with incoming students, or alumni, or even current students or their parents.

When any candidates for Higher Degrees and candidates by special Grace have graduated, the presentation of graduands by Colleges begins.

A report by College Board showed that the average tuition fee of American four-year public universities in the school year of 2011 through 2012 was 8,244 U.

There shall be no registration after two weeks from the beginning of teaching unless otherwise approved by College Academic Committee in consultation with Senate.

Fast-forward two decades, civil unrest dominated Burma as currency devaluation led to riots led by college students and Buddhist monks, which resulted in a large scale massacre.

Third-quarter shipments are typically boosted by college students buying laptops, but the past three months ' PC shipments were so pitiful, they were even down from the second quarter.

In 2% of cases college on is used

The reason? Because Vegas doesn't put odds on college wrestling, that's why.

Mature 17 year-olds interact with 20 year olds on college campuses routinely.

No Arab groups popped up on college campuses calling for solidarity with Jews against terror.

Two kinds of Stafford financial products for move on college exist: unsubsidized and also backed.

This narrowing margin could possibly be attributed to women's increasing dominance on college campuses.

Whew, I've been working on college essays the whole day (don't judge) and am mentally exhausted by now.

That said, occupations in cities tend to be a lot more diverse (in terms of students and non-students) than ones on college campuses.

One of his first tasks if elected would be to change it to City Hall so people understood the majestic building on College Green belonged to them.

He was born in Winchester and was a boarder at Wellington College, a public school in Berkshire before moving to Bristol where he has stayed ever since.

In 2% of cases college through is used

Those laws put money in the bank, bought cars and put kids through college.

The pathway through college often doesn't run smooth for people, but dealing with a bit.

I'd for making education cheap (parents will still have to pitch in) all the way through college.

Watch out how Chirag bullies his way through college on Vodafone MTV Rush, Saturday, 12 August 12.

I worked my way through college and got help from my parents/grandparents when I really needed it, but didn't ask for it.

Posted by: Jack February 28, 2012, 5:44 pm 5:44 pm Unlike Romney, the President had to work his way through college and law school.

They rely on student loans to make it through college, get a degree and move on to a job and hopefully become financially successful.

In some cases, sponsors become so connected to their child that they choose to continue their support through college or vocational school.

I really enjoy classical music, but playing violin never quite clicked with me although I played in various orchestras and quartets all the way through college.

After 33 years, (plus 6years dating) 3 kids grown and through college and getting college degrees ourselves, I absolutely could not imagine my life without my husband.

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