Prepositions used with "table"

"in table" or "of table"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 36% of cases table in is used

The results are given in Table 2.

There are only 6 rows in tables.

Detailed data are shown in Table 5.

Contribution of services to GDP during postwar recessions is clearly recorded in Table 4.

What i did was create a payment for each product and put it on my website in table codes.

The sample variance is obtained from The above equation can be seen to be true in Table 2.

These options are evaluated in tables that actually appear in the second part along with major route options 3 and 4.

In the worst cases, hospitals do not report external causes at all (see for instance, Mexico-IMSS hospitals in Table 2).

The latest figures on GDP and its major expenditure components up to the first quarter of 2009 are presented in Table 1.

One control field was identified based on a grower complaint of heavy rootworm injury to non-Bt corn (C3 in Table 1; Fig.

In 16% of cases table of is used

Add 250 g of table salt on every 70 kg bag of feed.

In every 70 kg bag of feed, add 250g of table salt.

This is a big restaurant, ya know, we've got a ton of tables.

There weren't a lot of tables for customers, but I'd thinking that's what makes it cozy.

A database is a collection of tables used for managing and retrieving content displayed on a website.

Following the industrial revolution things transformed significantly which brought to mass production of table linens.

As you leave the building to take transport to the city, your eyes wander across to look at the splendor of Table Mountain.

Casino Night can consist of a variety of table games and game wheels and encourage your guests to dress up for the occasion.

Giving your dog a healthful eating plan of dog food as nicely as lots of table scraps will not advantage him in the lengthy run.

In 13% of cases table to is used

This value applies only to table cells.

Determine the line dishes will follow from chef to table.

Similarly, page locks are always escalated to table locks.

Firefighters used an aerial truck to lift the man from the gorge to Table Rock Complex.

To postpone a motion until some later time: Move to table the motion until a specific time.

If you haven't heard of Outstanding in the Field, it's a nationwide tour of farm to table dinners.

The minister was allowed to hand out materials and move from table to table, talking with children, the claim states.

Refer to table 09 and explanation on page no 87-89 and 92) 11Co-ordinationPoorVery Good (Refer to explanation at page no.

Four different families of solutions are obtained by differentiating the value of this vertical displacement, according to Table III.

In 9% of cases table on is used

I plan all my dives on tables anyway.

Now that I was older I enjoyed waiting on table.

The most widespread of these have been shown on Table 1.

Combined with apps like Air Display, your iPad on Table Stand becomes a cool looking second monitor.

Mounted Brigade machine guns on Table Top and Bauchop's Hill also found a good target at extreme range.

You say that embarcadero let you leave, but i guess that the decitions that were on table didn't pleased you at all.

I think they are more important issues to be solved in restaurants than eating on tables such as TVs and Music playing.

The most commonly understood variety is known as sucrose, and has commonly been seen in bowls on tables throughout the world.

But such utterances would certainly not put food on tables in Nigeria nor provide the much needed security Nigerian? s earnestly yearns for.

It is really hard to accept that early electronic hearing help came with batteries so massive that they had to be placed on tables while in use.

In 6% of cases table at is used

He entered and reclined at table to eat.

Looking at Table 4 in December 2009 there was 6.

The average performance of Murrah buffaloes at Lampatan Farm are presented at Table 3.

There will be no more salt shakers at tables at the chain's 476 locations, USA Today first reported.

Paul writes to one of his spiritual daughters: Truly, you dine at table while your poor father is dying of hunger.

Nicely painted and decorated insides with many customers sitting at tables chatting enjoying the days freshly baked goods.

I found out I was very very very good at table tennis by getting off my butt and joining the local club at the sports centre.

It is also encouraged because most ping-pong promoters like to highlight how almost anyone can play and compete at table tennis.

Table Tennis Players are Unathletic This myth ties in with the perception that table tennis is really a game, rather than a sport.

At tables scattered across the room were couples focused only on each other, the smell of anticipated sex rolled around the bar like a turbulent sea.

In 5% of cases table for is used
for table row; and

Fiberglass is also another option for table top material.

Mathew Syed could not have succeeded if he did not have the talent for table tennis.

But inner joins only exist for tables, and you can't establish relationships between queries.

While you shop for table linens, there are plenty of designs in number of styles, materials and colors.

Ten Intermediate Level Attributes for Table Tennis Mistakes - the number of unforced errors is less, but still significant.

The table tags include <table>, the main tag;

for table header;
for table data cell.

If you persist in giving your dog scraps of human food, he will soon commence to develop a taste and preference for table scraps more than dog food.

On a scorcher of June afternoon, the Shanghai Haidilao isn't packed the way it often is during colder weather, when diners can wait an hour or more for tables.

If you are considering paying out time and effort by using friends, you might like to search for table seat designs as opposed to sole seats to allow space in excess of a couple of folks each time.

In 5% of cases table from is used

Remove legs from tables and sofas.

It differs from Table to table, and environment to environment.

The minister was allowed to hand out materials and move from table to table, talking with children, the claim states.

The software can effectively recover deleted records from tables, linked tables, indexes, triggers, queries, constraints, etc.

From Table 1 it is apparent that many of the Borgard set of round shot weights had diameters very close to whole numbers of inches.

The organiser can then go quietly from table to table to inform Muslim guests of JAIS presence and their purpose of wanting to interview them.

In 5% of cases table with is used

There are twelve sites with tables, fire grills and vault toilets.

The inside was a large hollowed out room filled with tables and a bar.

They really went out of their way to assist with Table Clinics this year.

Outside the airport arrival lounge are a series of chairs with tables and TV.

The stuff that you are trying to do here is pretty basic stuff when dealing with Tables in Dynamics NAV.

Most condo units will offer a dining room with table, while some condo rentals may have a few bar stools for stting at the kitchen counter.

All of their cottages and the Superior Room include: Tiled bathrooms, 24 hour hot water showers, electric fans, intercom for room service, private balcony with table, chairs and a hammock.

James ' extensive involvement with Table Tennis also includes NZ Table Tennis Board Member (1999-20030, NZ Table Tennis National Coach (1996-2004) and Table Tennis Northland President (1993-2003).

In 4% of cases table round is used

A personal Algonquin Round Table.

Special Working Committees include SMART Partnership and Investors ' Round Table (IRT).

Discussions have been held with the Maryland Business Round Table for Education based in Baltimore is excited about our approach.

Apart from sessions typical for most conferences, there will be organised round tables for participants working in the same area.

The Gyllenhammar group was to become the highly influential European Round Table of Industrialists or ERT, drawing up policy for Europe.

Fresh off Thanksgiving, a TV Fanatic Round Table of Matt Richenthal, Christine Orlando, Carla Day and Dannii Priest (of Sons-of-Anarchy.

Last weekend, the Algonquin Round Table of Essex was out celebrating one of their number's birthday at posh Japanese eaterie Nobu in London's Mayfair.

Vintage round tables, accompanied by ice parlor chairs, plus a mini-bar are the only pieces standing in the area, aside from the orchids and bromeliads that abound.

In 2% of cases table below is used

The below table shows the withdrawal benefit which an employee will get if he withdraws his EPS amount (within 06 months to 09 years).

Results The means, standard deviations, correlations and measures of internal consistency (Cronbach 's?) can be found in the below table.

Error size which occur in typical weighing instruments is presented on below table: One of the basic means to eliminate such errors is calibration of a weighing instrument on its operation location.

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