Prepositions used with "circle"

in, of, to, for or from circle?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 63% of cases circle in is used

They have you running in circles.

Much time wasted running in circles.

Hermes - we are going around in circles a bit.

So many lives lost, so much damage done to the country and we are going round in circles.

Ash began laughing and screaming while he and Misty ran in circles around Brock and the map.

If someone told me it there's beer in the party, I will run around in circles in excitement.

The book started me thinking that there is hope and really, just stop running in circles and get a plan and move on it.

We all move in circles where we exert a level of influence: in our family and our place of work, among our friends and associates.

We all play a role in the development of this industry and country and until we get our act right, we will keep running in circles.

Meanwhile my friends and i will go camping laugh and joke, While the rest of the country goes around in circles chasing their own tails.

In 10% of cases circle of is used

The TMT is a pencil and paper task, requiring participants to connect a series of circles in order.

I made a pattern of circles all over the shirt, which I know is 100% cotton, so this should have worked.

Ulaby) The loop shown in the figure consists of radial lines and segments of circles whose centers are at point P.

Previously hidden by snow, the curves on the fields -- like roots -- now formed an outline resembling a bouquet of circles and rectangles.

In 8% of cases circle to is used

In November 2011, the Authority awarded the ten-year franchise to Circle.

However the agreement transfers all demand and financial risk up to 5 million to Circle.

Often the line shifts anyway, formations go from two lines to one line to circles, horse shoes, diagonals.

These tracks would rejoin at the north end only to circle the tight loop, and cars could pick either the inner or outer track southbound.

She was reportedly set in motion by a novel, high-stakes wager that required Annie not only to circle the earth by bicycle in 15 months, but to earn $5,000 en route, as well.

In 6% of cases circle for is used

Handi Punch for circle cutting.

As for circle cutting this is the Merc.

God seems to have a thing for circles and ellipses.

The Tecre graphic punch (bottom right) is described below - it's the biz!! Tecre Graphic Punch for Circle Cutting.

In 3% of cases circle from is used

Whatever curves there are look like they were traced from circle templates.

Yesterday you would have heard from Circle Sentencing (NSW ), the Murri Court (Qld ), the Koori Court (Vic) and the Ngunga Court (SA).

In 3% of cases circle like is used

A rectangle should remain generic just like circles.

In it, our writers argue over random issues, like circle vs square, TV vs cinema, books vs video games.

When my turn came, I had to say something weird and funny, so I said reality is made of things like circles with relations between them just like numbers, we are not real.

In 3% of cases circle with is used

Now we're really getting to it with circle cutters.

So for a pentagonal arithmagon, with circle numbers represented successively by c1, c2,.

Niche Interests Work Well with Circles Posting about a specific interest on G+ is one of the ways of developing a following.

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