Prepositions used with "touch"

"in touch" or "of touch"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 60% of cases touch in is used

Let us keep in touch because I.

Get in touch if you would like to.

Just get in touch to find out more.

I have just sent a request to join the group as I would love to stay in touch - and up.

Most people agree that a certain commitment is required to keep in touch in the long run.

These members are kept in touch through a monthly newsletter and regular postal auctions.

The project is called ' Vocality ', and if anyone would like to know more, please get in touch via our website at www.

I do have one quibble with you though: unlike football players, runners don't retire, we just run away! Keep in touch.

By highlighting their skills and experience, we hope to give them another way to get in touch with potential employers.

We're really fortunate that his adoptive family has wanted to stay in touch, but that's not something you can guarantee.

In 28% of cases touch of is used

They are out of touch I reluctantly agree.

The people in government are so out of touch.

Is she now out of touch on both UK and US economies.

The mature staying power of Touch hasn't diminished and bewitches any who listen to it.

Of the 4, this is the least malign, as it only show that the politicians are out of touch.

It started with Jimmy Carter who couldn't get re-elected becuse he was an idiot, out of touch.

Both were remarkably delicate of touch though Laxman handled pace, and more specifically bounce, significantly better.

I mean, you can chuck this thing down and play it like a board game, control it with an iPhone, it's got 11 points of touch.

The twitch-hunting of Nick Griffin shows just how irrational and out of touch Twitter can be What an extraordinary contrast.

Perhaps you are so distant from your time in Scotland that you've grown out of touch or indifferent to daily Scottish affairs.

In 3% of cases touch with is used

Willow Glass performs remarkably well with touch sensors.

After that I am having a problem with touch and can't sign in to Google account.

My sense of smell is important to me, because along with touch it is how I see the world.

Even now English clubs are selecting the best young athletes for their academies rather than the players with touch and technique.

To right-click a good record you must feel it all utilizing an individual little finger along with touch the screen which has a subsequent.

Office 2013, the new flavor of the application comes with a new, intuitive design, which has been developed to work great with touch, stylus, and mouse and keyboard.

I'd not the biggest fan of egg white in drinks but this was a very playful drink, with touches of soft fruit and a warmth from the whisky that made it very enjoyable.

It has one interface that looks much like the Windows 7 desktop (but no Start menu) and it has another interface with colorful tiles that is intended mostly for systems with touch screens.

In 2% of cases touch for is used

You may want to keep an extra bottle with you for touch ups.

It is built as a physics-based game for touch screen mobile devices.

Co-existing with the phone are two breeds of laptop/tablet combinations, both running the new operating system, which has been optimised for touch operations.

Samsung are said to infringe on four patents, including one for touch screen technology co-invented by Steve Jobs and another for the front face of the iPhone.

Eliza After surviving her first marathon running for Touch in 2009, Eliza is thrilled to be taking on the NYC marathon for a second time with the Touch marathon team.

In 2% of cases touch into is used

I hope amazon kick them into touch, and soon.

Our incompetent local politicians neatly kicked this into touch by suggesting the Ferry Action Group be formed.

Wigan kicked off and Mido played a hopeful long ball which was headed into touch for a throw by the Hammers ' Danny Gabbidon.

Nacewa was bundled into touch on the left following a swift counter initiated by Boss and the ever influential Shane Jennings.

In 1% of cases touch by is used

Rather, 3D images that you can rotate by touch make -- yes -- learning fun.

One was that disease was transmitted by touch (contagion) so doctors wanted to isolate patients.

They have very poor eyesight and they hunt by smell and by touch, using well developed whiskers.

To turn off the screen in HTC Incredible S uses a mechanical button on the top end, it is quite large and easy to identify by touch.

Similarly, most of them noted an improved ability to differentiate surfaces and identify objects by touch during the 7 blindfolded days.

Most Start screen tasks can be performed from the keyboard, with a mouse, or by touch; you can be pretty effective getting around the screen without ever letting your hands leave the keyboard.

In 1% of cases touch from is used

When the magnets move, you are aware of it, and it doesn't take long before this becomes a distinct sensation from touch.

Argentina worked it right then left before Ireland were penalised for going off their feet in the ruck handing Sanchez a penalty opportunity 5m in from touch which came off the upright.

In 1% of cases touch on is used

It is on touch screen devices where Windows 8 shines.

Should you not be able to visit, keep on touch by phone or send postcards, letters or tapes.

Moreover, the application was conceived so that it would provide users with a great experience on touch devices that run under Windows 8.

Don't let negative body image play spoilsport in your life, sex Touch matters The Kamasutra lays a lot of importance on touch, and not only during intercourse.

In 1% of cases touch through is used

They still learn through touch and through putting things in their mouths.

I am a blind person, trying to identify items of clothing through touch alone.

In 1% of cases touch to is used

That hand seems not only to touch, but, with its strength, also to hold.

At Nelson College for Girls Rebecca received the Touch Player of the Year award for 2011 as well as Colours plus Service and Contribution to Touch Rugby.

I'd sure they'll somehow cripple the Mini to make the iPad still seem superior, and I'd sure they'll add a few features to the Mini to make it appealing to Touch owners (and iPad owners.

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