Prepositions used with "office"

"in office" or "of office"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 39% of cases office in is used

We don't NEED another LEECH in office.

They even kidnapped him while in office.

At home, in office, while travelling etc.

Weekly riots when Bush was in office too, didn't seem to bother the party then either.

Like John Major, Tony Blair has been heavily involved in his first few days in office.

He replaces AHM Mustafa Kamal, FCA, MP who had been in office since 23 September 2009.

With him died the dreams of millions of his supporters and admirers he had inspired during his short stay in office.

Oh dear! I live by the sea in a sunny part of England, worked in offices and did plenty of photocopying in my time.

Bush's years in office, five prior to the 2004 election, and about 46 deaths and dozens of injuries in those attacks.

History shows that presidents don't go from being highly criticised to being highly praised while they are in office.

In 28% of cases office of is used

Bush taking the oath of office.

I can't wait to vote him out of office.

Now he has a new four-year term of office.

Kuffour was retained by Ghanaians in 2004 to continue his turner of office until 2008.

See boundary compromise agreements at the end of Volume IV of the Code Oath of office.

America, its time to wake up and vote this incompetent pretender out of office in Nov.

The term of office for a precinct chair is two years, beginning on the 20th day following the Primary runoff election.

It was his tenure of office that Ewura Ama, the famous female composer and singer, was recruited into the police band.

Let this Libor scandal provide enough impetus and force to finally get the job done, and throw these bums out of office.

In today's traffic jammed commute, high rent, heating and lighting of offices it makes perfect sense to work from home.

In 8% of cases office from is used

He was later removed from office.

Help remove Gabrielle Giffords from office.

By the way, I'd running from office in 2012.

He was to be impeached by Parliament when he resigned from office at the end of 1992.

My only hope is that they haven't wrecked everything before being removed from office.

However, when government members demand Arkaah's removal from office, Rawlings refuses.

Lucia the power to exercise disciplinary control and to remove magistrates from office, is vested in the Commission.

Perhaps that is why the voters recalled Governor Grey from office and elected Arnold Swartznegger to take his place.

This tragedy is going to last for years at least 10 to 15 &; President Obama will be probably gone from office in eight years.

In 7% of cases office for is used

DUDUS needed to run for office then.

Makes a great gift for office mates or friends.

Only 3% of the building will be for office use.

I felt like SHE was running for office in her constant defense and building up of Pres.

This is a screenshot of where to find that Compress window, it's for Office 2003 but I 'm.

When she decided to run for office in 1974, she was ready for the common refrain of the time.

There are different types of leather chairs, designer chairs, executive chairs for offices and cheap office chairs.

By 1962 he was ready to run for office himself and chose the riding of St-Laurent-St-Georges in Quebec which he won.

But it IS a fact that immigrants have the right to vote in local elections, and are, in certain cases, running for office.

AND, once you have many millions of signatures you MUST make EVERYONE RUNNING FOR OFFICE SIGN a commitment to STOP THIS ABUSE.

In 7% of cases office into is used

We voted him into office for two reasons.

He had a surplus when he came into office.

As Preet said when sworn into office, being U.

Having a personal secretary, walking late into office, have people tending you is a.

When he got into office as PM, he proclaimed that the age of big government is over.

After all we voted them into office, so let them do their job and cut out duplication.

It's all about doing the dirtiest campaign you can to get into office, to hell with actually accomplishing anything.

You will clearly see that the attack on IRAQ was a very strong agenda item for Bush at the time he came into office.

The repub rank &; file is just as responsible as the politicians whom they voted into office, for the messes we have today.

But within weeks of the Obama administration coming into office, Obama's Attorney General Eric Holder made a similar remark.

In 6% of cases office to is used

V, 19 Members not appointed to office.

N i need to walk for 20 min to office everyday.

She has her tailor come to office to save time.

The election should be about bringing a political agenda to office, not a hero or villain.

Loafers are one type of casual shoes that can be worn to offices as well as outings and fun.

At the elected political level, she said the public confuses leadership with election to office.

With Irish support, Gladstone returned to office and it was rumoured that a Home Rule Bill had already been drafted.

Talk to Your Professors Go to office hours and ask them questions about lectures, or help with essays and assignments.

But, for some strange reason, immediately after Barack Obama was elected to office, the woman reportedly stopped paying rent.

At Random House, she was first an editor in the textbook division and later, moved to offices in Manhattan, a fiction editor.

In 3% of cases office with is used

The performance is great even with Office applications not written for 8.

He is Managing Director of Tuia Group, a professional advisory firm with offices in NZ, PNG and Samoa.

SLI Systems is a privately held company, with offices in Silicon Valley, London, and Christchurch, New Zealand.

JT &N; is a PRC law firm headquartered in Beijing, with offices in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Xian, Chengdu, Shenyang and.

Then you can write or edit some more on your phone with Office Mobile -- from the back of a taxi, the beach, wherever.

Immigration and Nationality Attorneys at the Nachman Phulwani (NPZ) Law Group with Offices in NY, NJ and Mumbai, India.

Greg Sparks is a founding partner of FGS - a firm of business advisors and consultants with offices in Dublin and Belfast.

Vuclip is headquartered in Milpitas, California with offices in New Delhi, Mumbai, Singapore, Dubai, Shenzhen and Beijing.

With offices in both Los Angeles and Paris, Timothy is known for his perfect balance of European grandeur and California comfort.

With offices in different locations we use web conferencing as a great way to stay on the same page, in order to communicate different ideas.

In 1% of cases office after is used

Check all areas that he did and did not do everyday after office hours.

We turn off all unused electrical equipment during lunchtime and after office hours.

The women always look their best and guys generally look sharper in ties and suits but that's no excuse to go after office colleagues.

Lecturing time is after office hours (for those in the EU, Middle East and Africa ); therefore you do not need to take time off your job.

This might not be simple for the 74-324 reason that you need to review and study which may disallow you to spend time with your friends after office hours.

Until the late 1960s, the front of Clifford Pier was a car park where mobile food stalls arrived after office hours, and was a late-night haunt for musicians and an assortment of night birds.

In 1% of cases office at is used

Nothing else to do and entire day there is nothing to do at office.

Regular communicate with your employees about their work or any other issue that they face at office.

She enjoyed a good working relationship with everyone at office and never faced any problem with the management during her service.

Dudes at offices the world over get that stupid look on their faces whenever they unwittingly or wittingly make women uncomfortable.

In my experience, the most beneficial inside selling process is this: 1) Rep calls to introduce self to relevant persons at office, sends cards to same.

In 1% of cases office during is used

Orders are handled during office hours.

To sign up, just call the number below during office hours.

Leaving work station unattended during office hours without any prior approval.

Please call our Flight Operations Department 2711-5555 during office hour or email to Flight Operations for the latest information.

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