Prepositions used with "demand"

"in demand", "of demand" or "on demand"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 36% of cases demand in is used

Promotion, of course, is still in demand.

The profession continues to be in demand.

The elasticity of demand is still in demand.

I think if you are good at what you do you will always be in demand for your services.

That means that a 10% increase in fuel prices would result in only a 1% drop in demand.

Art works from the Tang dynasty might be more in demand than those from the Han period.

The GOI is taking steps to develop cold chain infrastructure, pushing a steep rise in demand for cold storage equipment.

The reason was a shortage of electricity supply with respect to a peak in demand induced by the high summer temperatures.

While decline in demand is a nice thing to hear, it is nowhere near the amount of decrease needed to mitigate this issue.

Operating in favor of gasoline prices staying lower is the reduce in demand brought on by the high costs over the summer.

In 27% of cases demand of is used

I am in no position to be of demand.

Good luck with your list of demands.

I was hit by this tsunami of demands.

According to the now classic work of Philip Kotler, the elasticity of demand innovation.

Quite simply, lack of demand and the inherent privilege that comes with being a majority.

A fundamental imbalance of demand and supply is responsible for this sharp drop in price.

Over 400 doctors took out a protest march up and submitted a memorandum of demands to the resident district collector.

It is filed within thirty (30) days from the Taxpayer's receipt of the Notice of Assessment and formal Letter of Demand.

As if all that wasn't enough, the corporation ended up losing its slide film business too, due to a sheer lack of demand.

This naturally implies that the elasticity of demand determines consumer media channel, recognizing certain market trends.

In 23% of cases demand on is used

We aim to deliver video on demand.

A triage system may operate depending on demand.

Average consumers follow what's popular and on demand.

Study in any depth the impact that Prince Rupert port will have on demand in Vancouver.

Advised a company that was launching an IPTV and Video on Demand (VOD) service in Ghana.

One of the characteristics of Cloud Computing is to scale resources up or down on demand.

Her show ' On the Wing ', a three-hour eclectic mix of music, airs on alternating Mondays, and can be streamed on demand.

TLDR; A personalised virtualised desktop that downloads locally on demand, with differential synchronisation for changes.

The nurse didn't think feeding on demand or expressing a little under a shower to relieve the pressure would do anything.

Users access applications running in this space on demand, and need not worry about any part of the back-end infrastructure.

In 4% of cases demand to is used

With an excess of apartments relative to demand, prices of apartments will fall.

So brands must not only rpvide top service but actively listen to demands for greater social responsibility.

Fundamentally, however, what causes the rising value of licences is their growing scarcity relative to demand.

End-to-end timing is 51 minutes, with headways varying according to demand, from two-and-a-half to 15 minutes.

They allow for a steady flow of energy, a smoothing out, if you will, rather than peaks and dips according to demand.

A Party's development priorities may, owing to demands from more pressing needs, not yet be the putting of such procedures in place.

A statement endorsed by some Muslim religious leaders urged the government not to give in to demands of a ' minuscule minority ' by repealing Sec 377.

It could well have worked -- when you are in a foreign land (apparently at somebody's mercy ), you are more easily malleable to demands from that party.

Due to demands from parent groups, MOE had beginning late 2011 until early 2012, appointed various private panels and think-tanks to provide views on PPSMI.

The share value therefore moves up and down in response to demand for the trust as well as the value of its underlying assets (known as net asset value or NAV).

In 4% of cases demand with is used

With demands coming in for overseas.

The factory is under pressure to keep up with demand.

The service is a little chaotic because they're so busy they struggle to keep up with demand.

With demand for electricity regularly outstripping supply, grid operators ration out power by periodically cutting service in some areas.

Today, it is known as a high-growth location in terms of real estate development with demand for housing coming primarily form the IT/ITES industry.

Aluminium is a widely used non-ferrous metal with demand driven by end use consumption in transportation, packaging, construction and household items.

With demand for high quality fruits and vegetables growing from domestic consumers and the food processing industry, India's seed imports are likely to grow.

The event was well attended with Demand Planning, S &OP; and Supply Chain professionals coming to discuss forecasting, sales and operations planning and supply management.

A weekend of rain meant for houses not as full as I had hoped, but the sunshine today means we're trying to find some extra chairs to put into my venue to keep up with demand.

But the commitments the aides outlined appeared to tally closely with demands put to him at a crisis meeting on Monday night by a group representing the country's most influential ayatollahs.

In 2% of cases demand by is used

The Google Play store was swamped by demand for the 4.

Qatar Airways said it was positively surprised by demand on its Doha-Yangon route and will now step up flight frequencies from three weekly flights to daily flights.

In the absence of sizable increases in tax revenues, it is quite clear that the lion's share of the planned sales of Treasuries in 2009 can not be met by demand from the market.

Most is what you say is well-known and you wrote a long piece just to make the point that taka-dollar exchange rate is affected by demand supply imbalance, surprise! Perhaps I expected much from you.

In 1% of cases demand about is used

Also, a point about demand for PCs.

Free market is all about demand and supply.

You can't draw conclusions about demand shifts from population numbers alone.

The agreement we reached last December restored an important degree of certainty to the supply side of the market, at a time of much uncertainty about demand.

In 1% of cases demand between is used

Everyday new apartments are bobbing up to bridge the gap between demand and supply.

Another challenge is to fill in the mismatch between demand and supply of skilled labour.

Inventory (an excess or shortage) is the result of a misalignment between demand and supply.

Given the current gap between demand and supply, there is a clear need for adding capacities in this sector.

With the widening gap between demand and supply, both for oil and gas, the outlook for the upstream sector is extremely positive.

In 1% of cases demand For is used

For demand to stay strong, business travelers need to continue to fly.

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