Prepositions used with "group"

"in group" or "of group"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 30% of cases group in is used

Walk in groups or with a trusted adult.

If you buy in group of people we can win.

Studying in groups can be a great way to learn.

J ust three points separate all four teams in Group J following the last round of matches.

Some kinds of stork make their nests in swamps on top of branches and they live in groups.

They prefer to work in groups, to listen with an open mind and to receive personal feedback.

During dry season from January, to April it is possible to see Devil and Eagle rays in groups of up to 15 individuals.

This slide series can help you educate people from stage 3 CKD through end-stage renal disease, one-on-one or in groups.

Bishops will meet in groups of 40 or 50 to help give voice to those who arenTt comfortable with parliamentary procedure.

Foreigners require a Restricted Area Permit (RAP ), and must travel in groups of four or more people, or a married couple.

In 25% of cases group of is used

From the angle of groups and the whole.

This country is consist of groups of all faith.

The first number is the number of groups minus 1.

Every year, hundreds of groups travel to twinned cities to foster international bonds.

Assam are up against hosts Kerala, who languish at the bottom of Group C with one point.

It is the number of subjects minus the number of groups (always 2 groups with a t-test).

In short order, the multi-billion dollar international phenomenon of group buying has taken the online world by storm.

He taught meditation to all sorts of groups, including Christian priests and pastors, and Chinese Mahayana Buddhists.

Looking forward to seeing what you come up with next beside being member of group seems gpio needed to be primary group.

For others, it is seen as a disadvantage because different tabulation rules would result in different counts of groups.

In 11% of cases group to is used

We can also offer train-the-trainer courses to groups.

Container that can be used to group and layout components.

This way you become knowledgeable faster due to group support.

The **27;16370;TOOLONG formatting object is used to group index key references together.

Disco Files? Discovery files are used to group common services together on a web server.

From the family of Shahrastani, he is a half-brother to Group 3 winning mare Shareen (Bahri).

We then broke in to groups to discuss, and were asked to come up with a consensus answer to the above two questions.

The LBP-P can eliminate a belief in less than five minute and can be taught to groups of people in only an hour or so.

Hope you have a great time at the wedding! I was up quite early this morning, went to group and just enjoyed it so much.

Similarly to AWT, there are secondary containers (such as JPanel) which can be used to group and layout relevant components.

In 10% of cases group for is used

Main effects for group and time were determined.


Other trips can be arranged by appointment for groups.

This is useful when playing in games that have lots of tough content made for groups.

First, the Elon Poll is independent and does no contract work for groups or candidates.

Challenge #1: Providing an easy and convenient way for groups to transfer money to the FSA.

Please note for group bookings, a deposit of 25% of the total cost of the booking is required to secure the booking.

The sailing costs extra: 35-53 a day per person for group tuition, informal racing and unlimited use of sailing boats.

The centre has a lounge area for group meetings, desks and work spaces for personal work and enclosed spaces for meetings.

The garden also offers private day, evening and weekend guided tours for groups and gardening or any other leisure clubs.

In 6% of cases group by is used

They will happen on a group by group basis.

Some empty buildings are squatted by groups of Africans.

I could use the warp command, more wolves were appearing by groups.

He's really big on putting things out by groups that haven't had major releases before.

Organized criminal behavior by groups of young people is on the rise all over the nation.

Successful Group 1 students from the pre-selection semester will be joined by Group 2 International students at this stage.

Located within walking distance of the harbour of Baltimore, the dive centre can also charter their boat for use by groups.

Bookings for motorhomes can only be made by group (2-berth, 4-berth, or 6-berth etc ), not by specific make, model or colour.

Throughout American history, Antifederalist ideas have been resurrected by groups eager to challenge the power of the central government.

In 6% of cases group with is used

Speakers and tour guides can be scheduled to meet with groups.

But with groups, it's always better to just be passing through.

I think I have the issue nailed down to something to do with Group Policy.

We've already discussed our disposal with groups and organisations that could use it.

It is also possible to pay a deposit directly into our bank account? Only with groups.

You just can not attract people anymore with group toilets and pictures of Osho anywhere.

Group exercise It is indicated that this task lasts for around half an hour, with groups containing around 6-8 members.

She speaks with groups of corporate managers, executives, and business owners helping them to solve their 3 biggest problems.

At 15, Fogarty moved with his dad to Tampa, where he started picking fights with groups of black kids at his new high school.

Afghanistan: Like Obama, would withdraw troops by 2014, but has rejected the idea of negotiating with groups like the Taliban.

In 4% of cases group from is used

Volunteers, from groups such as Habitat for Humanity, helped repair homes.

I moved from group to group, answering questions and assisting the teachers.

Australia and Pakistan are qualified to the semifinals based on the run rate from Group 2.

Applications from groups in partnership with municipalities flooded in from around the world.

But had there been any pressure, it would have been from groups of consumers pressuring the company.

That said, some students from Group B told me they were worried about how they would fare on the course.

If they win in Belgium tonight, and Maritimo lose in Bordeaux, Newcastle will have qualified from Group D with two games remaining.

Today the centre employs 35 permanent staff and has many facilities, welcoming over 3,000 people every year, from groups to families, to individuals.

In 4% of cases group into is used

Form participants into groups of four.

The three subfamilies are broken into groups of genera called tribes.

It's divided us into groups that almost can not mingle with each other.

This clique has succeeded in splitting the nation into groups with irreconcilable views.

Botanists organise the plant kingdom into groups based on features found in different plants.

I have run into groups of doctors here in Bangladesh too and they are always looking for somewhere nice.

In some cases, these cells organise themselves into groups or clusters, in certain areas of the body to fight infection.

We had to split into groups of 3 per pot, luckily my friends are quite easy going and it was easy to decided on a flavour.

To kick start the conference this year, we broke the teams into groups and they had to come up with a group name and chants.

Once up the stairs, they separated into groups of twos and a three and headed for the sleeping quarters of the house's inhabitants.

In 3% of cases group between is used

The Students-Newman-Keuls test was used to draw a parallel between groups.

The Students-Newman-Keuls test was used to draw a parallel between groups.

Booster training resulted in no significant booster effect between groups (F = 3.

Booster training resulted in no significant booster effect between groups (F = 3.

There was no difference between groups regarding time from rupture of membranes to birth (home: 31.

Movement between groups, or inter-occupational mobility, usually reflects a change in skill level (e.

You would almost certainly have no inkling that Indigenous customary law varies widely between groups of Indigenous peoples across Australia.

In excess of 120k was received by the Council for 2012 which was to be divided equally between groups and projects on both sides of the Liffey.

In 2% of cases group on is used

Wong joined the Shui On Group in 1981.

Prior to joining the Shui On Group, Mr.

Roberto Mancini's team lost at Real Madrid on Group D's opening night.

Day 7: Sunken Crater to Engaruka - Approx 30 Kms (dependent on group strength).

Lo, aged 64, is the founder and Chairman of the Shui On Group which was established in 1971.

It is like having an innovation group in a company instead of the whole company supporting innovation.

Aquarius puts emphasis on group activities and community, thus we have the Internet and the eye of the global village which we call television.

For example, Darwin always put the emphasis on selection acting on individuals whereas Wallace apparently thought selection acted on groups or species.

We are on group water, paid 1500 for upgrading a few years ago with an attached promise that the council would take over once it was repaired and brought up to scratch -- it didn't.

Pakistan? s military and intelligence services in Rawalpindi are betting on groups and individuals that most Afghans, Washington, and other Afghan stakeholders will find unacceptable.

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