Prepositions used with "tournament"

"in tournament" or "of tournament"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 33% of cases tournament in is used
    Knights also took part in tournaments.
    So I'd still definitely in tournament mode, that's for sure.
    You are 43 years young and still playing in tournaments such as the SLPL and the IPL.
    The amount of pokerstars money is increased as time goes by in tournaments to eliminate players.
    And he travels frequently around the world in tournaments without having problems with the visa.
    There can be a tendency for guys to throw ideas out there when it's not going your way in tournaments.
    I don't think I will be playing much longer, but at the moment I'd quite happy to be still playing in tournaments such as the Bangladesh Premier League, the.
    New Zealand have shown that attack is now king, and we've seen the resulting waves from that shift in mentality in tournaments such as the Aviva Premiership this year.
    Access the world of free online multiplayer gaming, take part in tournaments, share your hard-earned in-game trophies and post your scores on game-specific leader boards -.

    In 24% of cases tournament of is used
    There is a process for these sorts of tournaments.
    He had struggled to break his duck despite making the latter stages of a host of tournaments over the last year.
    The Portugal No10 has been one of tournament's most impressive players, but even the high standards set in previous matches were surpassed this evening.
    This is simply not good enough for a dual Allan Border Medallist who has all manner of trophies in his bulging cabinet, including the World Twenty20 player of tournament in Sri Lanka just last month.

    In 14% of cases tournament for is used
    England failed to qualify for tournaments from 1972 to 1978 and there were hardly any foreign players in the leagues back then.
    The point I was making was that England had a team that didn't even qualify for tournaments in the 1970's when most players in the top league were English.

    In 8% of cases tournament at is used
    I strongly believe that armies at tournaments should be painted.
    Then we can't hold onto the ball for long at tournaments against gifted international players.
    It was a feeling many celebrities had as their names were replaced by corporations at tournaments.
    The relaxation of the painting rules happened a few years ago when the attendance at tournaments had dropped off.

    In 6% of cases tournament to is used
    However, their wishes did not match the success on the football field when it came to tournaments like the CL crashed out too early to sustain the policy in the long term.

    In 4% of cases tournament during is used
    Has been in the national side now and then but given Van der Vaart/Sneijder/Affellay presence he's never had a proper go during tournaments or qualification rounds.

    In 4% of cases tournament On is used
    On tournament days, mainly towards the end of the year, myself, Ross and Timmy would agree who would talk when, so we could keep things fresh.
    She started playing golf aged four and sat in the television commentary box many times as a youngster whilst her father, Ming, was commentating on tournament golf for ESPN.

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