Prepositions used with "shape"

"in shape" or "of shape"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 51% of cases shape in is used
    Keep yourself in shape and looking sexy.
    Most of these cases are conical in shape.
    Here is how to get those muscles back in shape.
    We've had a great fall work program to get the trails in shape for this upcoming ski season.
    The playing field is rectangular in shape and is almost half the size of a rugby league field.
    You need to focus on the best way to lose belly fat for women that uses advanced strategies to help you get in shape.
    Grubs are whitish-yellow, legless, and oval in shape; their head is reddish brown, and is armed with strong mandibles.
    As for those in animals, they are similar, the cortical substance is the same, and the structure only differs in shape.
    Even with all that I wouldn't be able to do this if I wasn't currently coaching gymnastics which helps keep me in shape.

    In 27% of cases shape of is used
    I had been drinking and smoking again and was out of shape.
    While I had the skills, my muscles were out of shape for it.
    My sense is these stocks have been completely beaten out of shape.
    There seems to be a lot of splitting of seams of late and some balls are going out of shape.
    I've now got to the stage where I can populate a set of shapes with a set of TRAK attributes.
    The event was part of shape the Future program that aims at sharing the voice of young people.
    Yoga for the Rest of Us is a yoga practice for people who might be inflexible, out of shape, or feeling aches and pains.
    If one moves too close to the image, it becomes an abstract grid of shapes and colors, but at a distance the face emerges.
    TINGARI ANCESTOR (81 x 46 cm) 350 People in our culture don't grow up with the concept of shape (and even gender!) shifting.
    Through hand felting the maker is in control of shape, colour, size and design, where as with commercial felt hoods the maker is.

    In 16% of cases shape into is used
    It took a little motivation from Sister Mag to whip me into shape.
    This would then be blocked into shape, sanded, lined and finished.
    And on that day she set out to learn how to eat, exercise, and get into shape.
    Despite all that, we've been steadily getting the Government's books back into shape.
    I have observed stress games that are hard and spring back into shape when compressed.
    But the nice thing about walking for hours each day is that you do eventually get into shape.
    Manoeuvring a banner of that size (40m by 20m) is no mean feat, and it took 20 of us to unroll it and pull it into shape.
    As stated earlier, if you actually apply yourself towards getting into shape, then success should come before you know it.
    An alternative to the perfectly risen cake, is to make a couple of normal cakes, then cut them into shapes and stick them.
    To begin, I remove any polish using the Bourjois Magic Pot Nail Polish Remover (Review here) I clip and file my nails into shape.

    In 1% of cases shape about is used
    He was very nice and polite and talked knowledgeably about shape etc.
    Nothing as advanced as the individuals described here, but I did find that moving my hands around while echo-locating gave me more information about shapes.

    In 1% of cases shape as is used
    They prescribe elements such as shape, size, layout, colour, typography and use of symbols.

    In 1% of cases shape at is used
    Andy Goodpaster, who had previously been stationed at shape, was now a member of the White House staff.

    In 1% of cases shape for is used
    Sparseness in form is a prime requirement for shape in form.
    But to the extent I know, DNA can not completely code for shape of gross things.
    Another option is plastic-coated garden or landscaping wire, again 12-gauge at minimum for shape and pliability.

    In 1% of cases shape to is used
    Shadows And Highlights Strong light can add emphasis to shapes and help cast shadows which work well in graphical style shots.

    In 1% of cases shape with is used
    You can annotate your pictures with shapes and arrows by using Awesome screenshot capture.
    Such play with shapes and spaces was to characterize Neoclassical planning, particularly in France.
    However, much like with shape, you may also forgo the principle if you are doing it to achieve a certain style.

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