Prepositions used with "future"

in, of, For, about or near future?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 80% of cases future in is used

Will u use it more in future? 6.

I want to be a journalist in future.

I could see that changing in future.

They should focus on building their future now, so that life will be easier in future.

In future there will be no writer on the subject of Hadith who will not need his books.

A good brand name suggests that you will not face any troubles with the grill in future.

It will be increasingly reliant on Lottery funding in future, with 75 per cent of its income coming from that source.

I have used adversity before to my advantage, and I have absolutely no doubt that I shall use it even more in future.

Let us wish them well and hope that they will keep up their good work as brave flyers, managers and leaders in future.

She knew that once she truly fell in love, no matter what she did in future, she would be unable to retract her heart.

In 8% of cases future of is used

Hope comes from a sense of future.

A whole lot of futures are resting on your decisions.

A team of future and class players like pabloa hernandezzzz.

I have looked inside myself to see who I am, what I want and what kind of future that I want.

ALBANESE: What kind of future do you see for your country? DRAKULIC: I can't imagine the future.

In my vision of future, I want to see happy children and youth of both Hindus and the Muslims in Kashmir.

Such valuable Dhamma needs to be well recorded, maintained and preserved for the benefit of future and present generations.

Although I understand, to a certain extent, why she did it, I wish she could have gotten herself clean and had some kind of future.

And then, of course, the question is whether that instant of future itself had any meaning if it too could only exist as an immeasurable moment of Now.

If you can make an African understand the Western type of future he will probably deem any belief in it ridiculous, fatiguing, superfluous and dangerous.

In 5% of cases future For is used

For future in the past, there are two formations:nnn1.

For futures for novels -- and everything else -- worth having.

And the developers should set the default value higher for future 1.

If you won't prepare talented youngster for future, team will go back down.

REPLY: Ah, a smartass who speaks in tongues, noted for future bit bucketing.

These are for future, current and recent graduate and undergraduate students.

This is something we will keep around for future shows so look for it at NAB 2013.

The research directions for future and emerging technologies will shape our economy for decades to come.

The margin requirements for futures could be increased limiting the ability of traders to trade in size.

In 2% of cases future about is used

Surely it is logical that one thinks about future and has a desire to put a cushion for the older age times.

They go through life like ants, always running around rather than worrying about future or sulking over past.

In 2% of cases future near is used

In the very near future, coral reefs will disappear.

Guy and others expect this to begin in the near future.

First Scenario, it is not visible and possible in the near future or long run.

They'll have more than Great Britain sometime in the - in the relatively near future.

Hope? There is no hope at the moment of the London conference bringing forward any meaningful change in the near future.

We are going to have to adjust to a radically different new normal in the relatively near future, and we are not going to like it.

The starting rotation remains awful, though, with prospects like Mike Montgomery and Jake Odorizzi badly needed to produce in the relatively near future.

Justin Zehmke of Howzit MSN, a media company that helped World Wide Worx run the study, told TechCentral that the rise means many services will be mobilized in near future.

In 2% of cases future to is used

John, wow what a spin out for you and what a threading of past to present, to future.

It's a message about being open to future, change and evolution, and changing perceptions.

So it isn't the present which moves from past to future, but the events which go from future to past.

As I've argued ad nauseam I see time as effect of action, the changing configuration of what exists, turning future into past, not a vector from past to future.

McAfee McAfee is making tools that automate the detection of and response to a range of threats -- a serious space of focus for money establishments within the close to future.

In 1% of cases future on is used

In respect of the Contracts for Differences on futures in approach of the expiry date of the underlying asset the transactions are executed in the? close only? way.

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