Prepositions used with "battle"

"in battle" or "of battle"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 43% of cases battle in is used

You said that my son died in battle.

The other allied dukes had died in battle.

It was almost as if he wanted to die in battle.

This encouraged Batista's troops to surrender to Castro when things went badly in battle.

Not once but twice in the preceding chapter God delivered Ahab from the Syrians in battle.

Secondly, I should confront Imam Husain and kill him in battle and be hated amongst all the people and enter into Hell.

And while partial precedents can doubtless be discerned in battles long ago, the package was a new and unsettling one.

We was one of the first people to take it to TV in battle for the Nokia stuff, Dynamix On TV, Nokia don't break the beat.

He also pledged that he personally would retaliate and if necessary refuse to give quarter to English soldiers in battle.

In 28% of cases battle of is used

I had rather die on the field of battle.

Here's what the scene of battle looks like from a distance.

Two generals leading their armies out to the field of battle.

Mount Suribachi was taken on the fourth day of battle, a moment George clearly recalls.

This Battalion served in the front line of battle while an Infantry Battalion was rested.

The Igan Valley of Sarawak, became the first arena of battle between Brunei and other forces.

In Akwa Ibom State, the ministry has been in the forefront of battle against the practice of witchcraft and other evil powers.

The EME was formed during the peak period of mid-World War II when the tide of battle was turning at EL-ALAMEIN and STALINGRAD.

Most days there's discussions of battles and things where people talk about how impressed they were with what Napoleon did (eg.

Who doesn't love Pokmon battles? The producers certainly love them, proven by the amount of battles they have put in to this movie.

In 13% of cases battle into is used

Before going into battle Imam Husayn (A.

The Shield go into battle with a strong panel.

Only the ensuing orc siege forces him into battle.

Voila! There were the Roman legions with their armor and spears tramping into battle.

He asked for permission to organize an American force and lead it into battle in France.

As such, most women prefer to go into battle only with roadside vendors over a rupee or two.

No one made fun of Mel Gibson painting his face blue in Braveheart because that's how the Scots actually went into battle.

She's fine as a put-upon captive, but as a holy virgin warrior meant to lead an army into battle? She's more like Joan of Snark.

The dragoons were Sobieski's favourite troops and he often wore their uniform, he also sometimes led them on foot into battle, such as at Chocim (1673).

One of the advantages of deploying our troops early is that if they are sent into battle, they will have been acclimatised and got ready for that conflict.

In 8% of cases battle for is used

Afterwards Imam himself went for battle.

Other last-minute reinforcements sent were untrained and ill-equipped for battle.

In the 18 th century, the main material used to make capes and armour for battle was Leather.

It was used there, and later in The Sopranos television series, to mean ' preparing for battle '.

Brady, and include scenes of military personnel, preparations for battle, and battle after-effects.

As both armies prepared for battle the following morning an image appeared in the sky of a white cross.

We went in prepared for battle: we are market pros from Southeast Asia, as you may recall, so we knew what was in store.

She stood for a minute, which seemed like hours, her heart still thumping, and the hairs on her body standing like soldiers waiting for battle.

There's a picture of a character riding on the back of a dragon! It's hard to see if this is the player-character, but whoever it is sits hands-free ready for battle.

I have some experience creating armies now, but I find seeing even a new hobbyists force painted and arrayed for battle a truly inspiring site, as hobbyists we know the dedication it takes.

In 2% of cases battle during is used

This, the ' Greyhound ' division was the fastest, deepest marching division during Battle of the Bulge.

In 2% of cases battle to is used

The fight over land led to battles, wars and massacres where Koorie people often came off second best when confronted with the more effective weaponry of the Europeans.

In 2% of cases battle with is used

Why hasn't anything further happened with Battle of Ceylon film? The whole jeep/battlefields things must have looked a little weird to you.

In 1% of cases battle at is used

The Cree ambushed a party of Gros Ventres at Battle Creek and robbed the group of their first.

They became rather good at it and a later Lord Roger Clifford fought alongside Henry III at Battle of Evesham.

BishopAlexander Tache (1823-1894 suggests after 1850 that Battle River was so named because of many contests between the Crees and Blackfoot.

But fear not, these pictures show military history re-enactors preparing for the annual re-enactment of the Battle of Hastings at Battle Abbey, East Sussex.

In 1% of cases battle from is used

From plague, pestilence, and famine; from battle and murder, and from sudden death.

You get a sense that not only is she giving you that gesture but she's made an entrance -- that picture to me is all about an entrance -- she's come back from battle.

In 1% of cases battle on is used

First, you worked on Battle Chess and never told me? Dude.

I think the stages on Battle Royale are one of the most important differences.

The American consulate was attacked with weapons commonly seen on battle fields not in the streets.

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