Prepositions used with "height"

"in height" or "of height"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 48% of cases height in is used

It is stout plant over 3m in height.

Ertan Dam is 245 meters in height with huge water capacity.

He was five years old and stood a little above me in height.

Around 25% of the desert is sand dunes, some of which reach over 500 ft (152 m) in height.

You and I will never be top 10% in height, so we are forced to make up for it in other ways.

About 30 feet in length, and nearly 10 feet in height from the water to the top of the back.

Henri Rechatin was 35 years old, weighed one hundred and fifty-eight pounds and was five feet seven inched in height.

Development plans for the Station Square project include five residential towers ranging in height from 35 to 57 storeys.

Obviously that produces a better tone of muscle, faster healing of wounds and when you're still growing -- a rise in height.

Plants/shrubs: Common Name Scientific Name Description Yellow Trumpet shrub Tecoma stans This forms a tree or shrub up to 9m in height.

In 23% of cases height of is used

Measurement = 26 cm height = 181 cm 1/7 of height = 25.

Measurement = 45 cm height = 181 cm 1/5 of height = 36.

Measurement = 49 cm height = 181 cm 1/4 of height = 45.

Kids or those scared of heights taking a challenge, the surrounding beauty and coves.

Roger: The original WTC architect was also afraid of heights, so he made the windows small.

It should be noted that court shoes don't really add a lot of height, unlike the wedge shoe.

Physical Ed - tumble and backwards (sideways) tumble since he was 2, he's got great balance but is wary of heights.

However a word of warning; it is definitely not for people of a nervous disposition or for those with a bad fear of heights.

Even then, though it is steep, I think most people - even those afraid of heights - should be able to overcome that obstacle.

Maybe;) Fair play Darragh - I did a bungee jump in NZ (from slightly less than 4km!) back when I was still scared of heights.

In 7% of cases height to is used

Prayer will reveal hidden secrets and take you to heights unknown.

Another bone of contention will be bad positioning when it comes to heights.

You have vivid imagination which could one day propel you to heights no other Sri Lankan novelists could imagine.

Instead of the Olympic Games serving as his Selecao sojourn, it will provide the springboard for Oscar to launch himself to heights that the former Barcelona man once experienced.

In 6% of cases height at is used

Capsule at height of 127,811 ft.

He gave demonstration flights at heights of ninety meters.

It was set at height and a tricky course that required precise riding.

Fewer safety concerns associated with replacing bulbs at heights are an added benefit.

He had received no training in working at heights or in roofing and had not been provided with any safety equipment.

Back in 2003, the British government introduced the working at height directive through the Health and Saftey Executive.

This means that workers no longer need to work at heights to wrap the tops of the pallets, reducing the risk of accidents.

Whilst rugged and rocky at height, when one walks between the outcrops, down into the valley, one can almost feel a sea of tameness wisping through.

In 6% of cases height with is used

Time to go for players with height, raw grit and endless workrate.

The inversion is an increase of temperature with height so sound travels faster aloft than it does near the ground.

These WC's are quieter in operation than open rim WC's and are more versatile with height without splashing problems.

The low-pressure system grows in the presence of vertical wind shear (winds increasing with height) and thermal instability (convection).

To be honest, I too am not that good with heights, and have been scared on occasions when I've been on a roof or ladder - and yet I never felt at all frightened on the Barranco Wall.

In 4% of cases height for is used

How do you know he's still growing? 18 is pretty old for height growth.

The optimum gradient for height gain would be a constant gradient of 8-10% Alpe d'Huez would be good.

First I did the Highland Games style weight for height throw, then I tried doing the basic chest press throw.

On the screen, there's a measure for height and a one for width, and you mark where you want the bullet to go with the cursor.

Anthropometric measures of individuals 2 to 60 years old were recorded using measuring tape and scales for height and weight respectively.

I actually thought a better question would be what the lowest weight for height z-score is since with WAZ, we don't know what is causing the score to be low.

In 2% of cases height as is used

This requires the name and date of birth, as well other identifying details such as height and race.

Our defenders represent a spectrum of styles -- Squillaci, Djourou, Kos and Vermaelen as well as heights.

Try: Chin-length or even longer designs, cuts along with fullness as well as height in the crown, split top, off-center components.

In 2% of cases height by is used

Rank Ranking is determined by height to the structural top of the building (see above).

Size Width 1300px by height 350px The banner is an urban Islamic Style Banner The background should be a nice brick wall with the text An-Nasihah appearing on the wall seamlessly in graffiti writing.

In 1% of cases height from is used

The campaign highlights that falls from height are the most common cause of work-related deaths.

Every year, around 80 people are killed and more than 5,500 seriously injured as a result of falling from height.

In 1% of cases height on is used

Those pageants often put a premium on height.

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