Prepositions used with "prison"

"in prison" or "to prison"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 61% of cases prison in is used

In prison, everyone is innocent.

But if you were in prison, Rick,.

What he has can put them in prison.

We take the bad guys, put them in prison for a long time, then finally knock ' em off.

When it turns out those who were with these Shuyukh in prison are saying the opposite.

So the two people who had to finish their sentences, they got 20 years in prison each.

After my release, the military boys descended on the newspapers that carried the story of my ordeal while in prison.

I was then told as Mike was in prison for ten days and had no-one to look after me I was to be caged for that period.

This week, Omar Khadr was offered the following choice: plead guilty, or face two different routes to life in prison.

NHK said the mobsters wanted the seats, directly in the TV cameras ' line of sight, to cheer up associates in prison.

In 18% of cases prison to is used

Then sail off to Prison Island.

He needs to be put into prison.

That's why he's going to prison.

Some have been sent to prison for inventing a Social Security number just to get a job.

Both cases resulted in manslaughter convictions, yet it was Ms Martin who went to prison.

He, and several co-conspirators, are sentenced to prison, but found hanged in their cells.

Also, a management agent was recently sent to prison for 30 months for the theft of 122,000 of leaseholders ' money.

Besides that, offenders emerge much less likely to commit fresh crimes than those with similar records who go to prison.

He told me that he knows him very well and I should be careful because he got ' involved ' and he was sentenced to prison.

However, ' justice for Ched ' has been served: the man has gone to prison for a crime he has been found to have committed.

In 10% of cases prison of is used

He is the main character of Prison Break.

He was in and out of prison and rehab growing up.

Department of Justice, the number of prisoners amounted to 2.

If everything that happens is God's plan we should let all the criminals out of prison.

What started the riot was the comment by the Commissioner of Prisons at the time (Col.

Up to the part where Toad is dressed as a washerwoman and has just broken out of prison.

Objective s To ensure that research activities in the Department of Prisons smoothly and according to the procedure.

Objective s To ensure that research activities in the Department of Prisons smoothly and according to the procedure.

The homeless or those just out of prison are the most likely to face the double burden of mental illness and addiction.

In 1990 the land owners Darly and Darcy Alves da Silva were found guilty of the crime and convicted to 19 years of prison.

In 7% of cases prison from is used

He is released from prison in 2000.

In his confusion, he freed Vasudev and Devaki from prison.

The third letter from prison was addressed to the Philippians.

When Ibrahim was released from prison three years later, he came out on a stretcher.

When people come home from prison they are at their most motivated to turn their lives around.

A convicted criminal, on release from prison, should be allowed to start again with a clean slate.

Since Chen Guangcheng was released from prison in 2010, many groups of friends and netizens had tried to visit him.

The beautiful actress and former Miss Wonderland has however been living a low profile life since she was released from prison.

It is in everyone's interests that criminals are encouraged to emerge from prison reformed and more inclined to be good citizens.

The suspect, who was released from prison in July, was responsible for at least eight luxury car thefts with losses amounting to RM2.

In 1% of cases prison by is used

SR: Were you scared by prison? CB: My spirits weren't lowered too much.

Their possessions, including clothing and shoes, were taken away and replaced by prison uniform and shoes.

Comments such as the price also personally bug me when they are comparing prices to something made by prison labor in China.

Verzilov said his wife has been treated well by prison officials, but he attributed that to the publicity stirred up by the trial.

In 1% of cases prison for is used

Provides for prison terms for conviction ranging from 5 to 20 years or life.

There is a maximum of 24 strokes for prisoners over 18, and 12 strokes below that age.

In New York City, The Osborne Association has a helpline for prison families at 800-344-3314.

According to statistics from the 2008 International Centre for Prison Studies report, minors made up 0.

This punishment was applied with a cat-o ' -nine-tails for prisoners over 18, and with a cane for juveniles.

Benson and Glover (1931) recorded 529 floggings for prison discipline reasons (revolt, violence, insubordination) in 1929.

The show also has a forum for prison inmates nationwide to give their input and suggestions on the show based on real life experience.

A 2008 estimate from the International Center for Prison Studies found that nearly 70 percent of prison inmates were in pretrial detention.

In 1% of cases prison into is used

He needs to be put into prison.

The classrooms were converted into prison cells and the windows were fitted with bars and barbed wire.

Epaphras, however, had been clapped into prison when he came to consult Paul, and it was imperative to deal with the matter immediately.

The chapter The Making of an Outlaw is a mini-autobiography of this former student leader who was thrown into prison in 1975 following a fabricated charge.

In 1% of cases prison on is used

Indeed, the legal duty on prison authorities does not intend to altogether eliminate the risk of infection.

A Variety report reveals the film's plot, claiming it will be centered on high-speed cars but will also touch on prison and murder.

As state spending on prisons has skyrocketed, politicians across the country are questioning whether the benefits of laws like three strikes outweigh the costs.

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