Prepositions used with "response"

"In response" or "of response"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 52% of cases response In is used

Two obvious points in response.

In response, Vodafone was lifted 3.

In response, GoDaddy rival NameCheap.

Today was my very first blog and I actually wrote it in response to these campaigns.

In response Aerocas are now thinking of suing the regional government for 80 million.

Several countries, in response, said they would comment only after seeing the new paper.

In response, Vivus, the manufacturer, submitted final data for a one-year extension of one of its clinical trials.

Sesan in response revealed that the whole project is being financed by the Ekiti state Government and would gulp 1.

You might want to ask, does Walter have too much free time? In response I ask you to do a word count on this e-mail.

In response, one might insist that such connections are at best contingent, and indeed can be imagined to be absent.

In 35% of cases response of is used

Lack of response to verbal requests.

But this is a limited set of responses.

It's exactly the kind of response I was hoping for.

WPXI posted a link to their story on Facebook and it has garnered a lot of responses.

Yet, as this situation unfolds, the speed and magnitude of response has varied by market.

A spectrum of responses in the comments section to that column are worth taking a look at.

Non-crafters will exhibit a range of responses according to their level of empathy and appreciation of aesthetics.

Non-crafters will exhibit a range of responses according to their level of empathy and appreciation of aesthetics.

We do nt need thousands of responses, we just need one, and then its like Heaven came to Earth for a little while.

In human settings, there are many other types of responses to observation other than running away and looking back.

In 5% of cases response for is used

The deadline for responses is expected to be 2012-NOV-23.

They are essential not just for physiological processes but also for response to drugs.

We can not wait for responses if the client or quality control has questions about your report.

You can only prepare for responses to natural and human-made disasters and live life fully daily.

My plan is to deal with these first so that I can get the initial part of the task completed and work on other things while I'd waiting for responses.

Combined with inadequate records management practices and systems, these factors create an impediment to complying with statutory time limits for responses.

After approaching the companies via e-mail, we decided to wait for two days for response, and on Friday we would start calling the companies for appointments.

BUT do these viewers actually pick up the phone to vote? You can't leave comments on their YT site so there is no indication unless a fan posts a video clip up there for responses.

Our results suggest that a similar approach may be usefully applied to the auditory cortex, where structural auditory models may partially account for responses in primary and intermediate areas (e.

In 3% of cases response with is used

It'll be fascinating to see what changes occur with responses to the report over the next couple weeks.

You may be not a genius but someone that is very focus, passionate, hard working and can not sit still you like to see result, and along the way turn the result with responses.

The thread has been created by a well known troll on this forum, which you seem to be blind to and actively encourage and accept with responses of non-sensical replies of odd and unfunny humour.

A Molieben (prayers of thanksgiving) to the Most-Holy Theotokos was celebrated by parish rector, Father Peter Olsen, with responses sung by the parish choir under the direction of Michael Mellin.

In 1% of cases response by is used

The full range of the acoustic speech spectrum was encoded by responses from multiple electrodes in the ensemble, although coverage of the spectrum varied by participant (Figure 4D).

In 1% of cases response on is used

Modification of dosing should be based on response and on therapeutic drug monitoring.

The dose is moved up or down depending on response in activity or the serotonin level.

In 1% of cases response to is used

Normally I don't respond to responses on my posts.

I'd not saying anyone will do what I suggest, but people will have to start making moves that expose them to response.

In 1% of cases response without is used

Efforts to contact the Chief Traffic Police Officer, Mohammed Mpinga for more clarification about the matter proved futile as his mobile phone kept on ringing several times without response.

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