Prepositions used with "concert"

in, of, for, to or at concert?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 63% of cases concert in is used
    Wish they played this when I saw them in concert.
    In concert, let us jointly prosper our neighbours first.
    Some fans have been waiting for years to see him in concert.
    Computers will run millions of wireless electronic devices, working in concert with one another.
    Yet, McCorkle has spent the better part of two decades making albums, appearing in concert all across the U.
    There is nothing small about the talent and heart presented by Ceolbeg in concert ' ' (Dirty Linen USA 1991).
    The 25 year-old, whose design won her tickets to see Shaggy, Eve and Lauryn Hill live in concert, told judges that she.
    Just as soon as the food is cooked or dessert is baked, then you could take it in concert with all the current family members.
    I saw him in concert and my best friend practically fainted, she was sitting on the floor and I was like ' Are you all right? '.
    Some of these might be provided by authors and some by bioinformatics curators, perhaps in concert with text-mining applications.

    In 10% of cases concert of is used
    A vast array of concerts and exhibitions are held throughout the year.
    Presenter: There's a lot of chances, Jay Chou has a lot of these kinds of concerts.
    The Neutral Hills north of concert, Alberta contains effigies of bison, turtles, and snakes.
    Watch highlights of concert on the Red Button and find clips, photos and more on the Radio 2 website.
    Gardiner and the orchestra are returning here for the first time since 1999, when they performed all nine of Beethoven's symphonies in a series of concerts.
    The peak of the fall colour season is mid to late September, and the Mont Tremblant Resort hosts the Tremblant Symphony of Colours which includes a series of concerts and special events.

    In 7% of cases concert for is used
    Kind of a Ponzi scheme for concerts.
    In addition, the building is a venue for concerts and recitals.
    The former Parade Ground is already established as a major new outdoor space for concerts and festivals.
    Also we have provided a biography from all the singers and contact information along with interviews to encourage bookings for concerts.
    He served as staff arranger for three Army bands during his active duty, writing for concert band, jazz ensemble and a variety of chamber groups.
    The fine concert hall in the building is the venue for concerts, festivals and functions in addition to the various city administration facilities it provides.

    In 7% of cases concert to is used
    When I was a little girl, I've never imagined going to concerts and the like.
    Farrow's Finding: If God had intended for us to go to concerts, He would have given us tickets.
    On the top of that, I was listening to punk music and I was going to concerts without making any friends there.
    From gallery shows to concerts to outdoor installations, it's a night on the town unlike anything you've experienced before.
    Percentage of surfing internet, listening to music, going to karaoke, listening to concert and camping has obviously risen, with considerable rise in surfing internet.
    Smoking pot or getting drunk, sleeping around and giving each other venereal diseases, partying all the time, going to concerts to meet other vacuum-heads, and so forth.

    In 5% of cases concert at is used
    Santana has sold more than 100 million records and has reached more than a 100 million fans at concerts worldwide.
    These were the original forerunner of all the ' moving-head ' colour changing lights you now see at concerts and on XF.
    Ryan Kelly -- on his work He has a great bond with his fans and they can be inspired by each other's enthusiasm at concerts.

    In 3% of cases concert with is used
    The same goes with concert photography.
    It's a lovely building with concert halls etc and until lately, anyway, an excellent program of exhibitions.

    In 1% of cases concert by is used
    Unfortunately, they didn't play one of their most recently released rock songs, ' Come on ' which was highly anticipated by concert goers.

    In 1% of cases concert during is used
    Her comeback also ended in disaster when fans complained she had lost her talent and seemed confused during concerts.
    During concerts or other after-dark events, the membrane can act as a colorful backdrop by reflecting lights from a sophisticated LED system installed on the underside of the steel.

    In 1% of cases concert from is used
    The album contains 4 songs from concert + old songs from their room and if you buy the beginning limited album.
    Apart from concerts in Bangladesh, Shama performs regularly worldwide, in cities across Canada, USA, UK, Italy and India, winning critical acclaim and fans the world over.

    In 1% of cases concert like is used
    I doubt any of the musicians are arguing against something like concert times or venues.

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