Prepositions used with "line"

"in line" or "on line"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 43% of cases line in is used

People chatted them up in line.

The quarter was almost in line.

Lots of people in line, etc, etc.

With the private tour service we had little or no time waiting in lines and no wondering.

Because this is the second issue, it has to be in lines (AND BETTER) than the first one.

They are the first in line to face a terrible onslaught of attack from Satan at this time.

This is a great picture! It perfectly illustrates the current condition of PBS in line at the government soup kitchen.

Footloose The latest news on the planned Footloose remake is that High School Musical ' s Zac Efron is in line to star.

Meanwhile, Al Mutamid, the emir of Seville, read the signs correctly that he was next in line for a Murabitun takeover.

Being committed to win Once you decide to commit to something, everything falls in line, whether in business or in life.

In 28% of cases line on is used

If not run the vb script on line 275.

I've been buying on line for years now.

I checked the tracking on line as follows.

The first of some 19 GWe of new-generation plants are expected to be on line about 2018.

You can find a local Business Brokers in your are by visiting a broker directory on line.

The report was published in 2000, and it is still available on line at the USGCRP website.

China is going to stop exporting rare earths, and higher cost rare earth production operations will be coming on line.

The story is not available on line but it says that they are losing some 10 million gal of water per day to evaporation.

So tv is not important,, if it does go on, its for a few mins as we get ready, but ability to get on line is important,.

If you have a product that can be easily sold online you can dramatically increase your customer base by selling on line.

In 15% of cases line of is used

They didn't let him get out of line.

Kitty's size is completely out of line.

A block of text is a stack of line boxes.

Of the blurring of lines between what should be sacrosanct and what is deviant behaviour.

You can just whip the Wacom stylus around and use the eraser to clean up the ends of lines.

I was a pretty strong kid and they just needed someone who could haul pots on 200ft of line.

The hundreds of lines and depressions in the Chaco Canyon zone all appear to be some kind of networked infrastructure.

The structure of many different types of poetry result in groups of lines on the page which enhance the poem's composition.

Flickr Photostream What's Your Favourite? About Bullet News Bullet News Niagara is a division of Line 2 Revenue Systems Inc.

LeWitt created a visual lexicon of lines and geometries and a conceptual lexicon of collaborative and/or self-realizing forms.

In 4% of cases line into is used

Recall that inline boxes flow into line boxes.

He was not the one to whip his subjects into line.

Then direction arises and things start falling into line.

Even Greece is falling into line as the outcome of its recent election proved; it needs the money.

Shuffling into line for the next match is a large number of men with matching Coca-Cola backpacks.

They don't always respect you, or they treat you a certain way so that you learn to fall into line.

MINIMUM PRICE PER UNIT OF ALCOHOL is the only way to attempt to bring binge drinking into line not excise increases.

The reality is that these activists are blinded by their own rage, their idol is self and they need pulling into line now.

Reordering the text for display on a line-by-line basis using the resolved embedding levels, once the text has been broken into lines.

Inline-areas (for example, glyph-areas) are collected into lines and the direction in which they are stacked is the **28;3176;TOOLONG.

In 3% of cases line by is used

The bond pairs can also be shown by lines.

They each went through the Report line by line and approved it.

Line by line code audits We offer all of the above, several combined or anything in between.

Who can not be charmed by lines like this: Get over it, they said at the School of Broken Hearts.

Some developments initially envisaged as branches are likely to be replaced by Line 4 (orange ), a 20.

I know it by heart and recently irritated my daughter by reciting it line by line as we were watching it pre-Olympics.

Indeed, Nickerson feels his way, line by line, character after character, groping toward the common nature of shared trauma.

My administration has also begun to go line by line through the federal budget in order to eliminate wasteful and ineffective programs.

In 2% of cases line with is used

With lines that try to recognize the lot and reveal its qualities.

They just seem out of place on a body with lines like the 159 and Brera.

The rectangles with lines or arrows are images with an intrinsic size as shown.

I'd expect to see the coaches get creative with line combinations to jump start his game.

Like us, she has more than a mild obsession with line, generous curves, Alphonse Mucha, Aubrey Beardsley and a host of other art nouveau favourites.

Don't be afraid to wear pants with lines or patterns because these add volume, although you'll want to banish pinstripes from your closet as they will make you look like a beanpole.

In 1% of cases line at is used

Imagery of dice at line 380 stresses the chance nature of fate.

The strange thing is that when this happened, the csv file stopped at line 999 or 1000 or thereabouts.

In 1% of cases line for is used

Negative values for line-height.

There's no phones, no off peak calls and no extra costs for line rental.

There are, in addition, two computed baselines that are only defined for line areas.

A bit of quiet rebellion against that memory of paying for line rental and internet access.

Common Hyphenation Properties Control of hyphenation for line-breaking, including language, script, and country.

The memory of paying for line rental and internet access really shows up in how people shop for broadband today.

The end result is an intuitive process for line managers at all levels to ensure reviews are consistent with corporate objectives.

Not only were the Muslims divided between Fatimids, Turks and Umayyads, but within each camp, there were fierce feuds for lines of succession.

I've done it a lot of times in Python and Java with a simple for line in file if givenline == line; count += 1 but I am starting to think that there is no magic thing as for.

Descendant elements with inherit the 2em and have line height relative to their font size? Kaashif: If you use em units for line-height, they will operate like percentage units.

In 1% of cases line off is used

OffLine - The Device is off line and its condition is unknown.

That voting machine was temporarily taken off line to be recalibrated.

It is also a great way to connect on and off line attendees and create a buzz around your event offline.

Production was cut following the financial crash of 2008 but then in March 2011 Libya went off line during the civil war with over 1.

Lacking Social Interaction: while you often interact with classmates via email, chat rooms, or discussion groups, there are no parties or off line get-togethers.

I was able to pop on and off line through the day thanks to the laptop and its battery, so kept up to date with news of The Vessel and the casting that has been going on.

In 1% of cases line up is used

In your case that would be the clean up line.

Ditch the chat up lines It can take between 90 seconds and 4 minutes to decide if we fancy someone.

They never stood a chance, even from the very start when their up line gave them the first piece of advice.

You then will have you beautiful clean up line which should reflect your original hand inked pigment line from your scan.

Most up line will tell you to press your opportunity on your family and friends mainly because you have credibility since they have some level of trust in you.

Talbot's character does start off the film being a tad strange, almost a slimy character with his frankly odd and stalker like chat up lines used on local girl Gwen.

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