Common mistakes in English - category Typos

wold (world) anther (another) Alzheimers Hawaiian w hat (what) tis (this) er (her, err, Er) im (I'm) bu (by, bus, but) Ur (You're) AppStore (App Store, Amazon Appstore) om (on) ne (né, me, no) tr (try) hi (his, high) time A word contains an underscore au [astronomical unit] (Au=gold) 'hair' + singular verb Th (The/thorium) too DETERMINER too CARDINAL NUMBER masters (master’s) degree/dissertation/thesis to be elder (older) than for time to time (from time to time) confusion of fond/fund confusion of hart/heart must of the time (most of the time) I am worry (worried) afterall (after all) ala mode (a la mode) downpayment (down payment) along (a long) time to comeback (come back) to blackout (black out) to backout (back out) take awhile (a while) Portland Trailblazers (Trail Blazers) incase (in case) of in anyway (any way) in along (a long) time got shutout (shut out) got shutdown (shut down) can checkout (check out) can blackout (black out) They backup (back up) can backup (back up) flashpoint (flash point) Id would (I would) It's has (It has) Ive have (I have) Im am (I am) were are (we are) its is (it is) youll will (you will) on the lamb (lam) old wise tail (old wives' tale) tattle-tail (tattle-tale) wet (whet) your appetite urine analysis (urinalysis) tongue and (in) cheek spare (spur) of the moment reap what you sew (sow) death nail (knell) daring-do (derring-do) cursing (coursing) through veins damp squid (squib) on the contraire (au contraire) might has (as) well grill (grilled) cheese grasping for straws (grasping at straws) hand and hand (hand in hand) year end (in) and year out whim (wing) and a prayer vintage (vantage) point to the manor (manner) born sound byte (bite) stock and trade (stock in trade) souse (sous) chef rod (wrought) iron right (rite) of passage ring (wring) its neck sense of false security (false sense of security) realms (realm) of possibility plays a factor (plays a role) pawn off (palm off) pedal to the medal (metal) one of the only (few) on the same token (by the same token) oft chance (off chance) minus well (might as well) hew (hue) and cry hardly never (ever) hay day (heyday) gardener (garter) snake fowl (fell) swoop every (ever) since between you and I (me) trite (tried) and true build off of (build on) brussel (brussels) sprout buttload (boatload) begs (beggars) belief beckon (beck and) call beyond the pail (pale) as follow (follows) as time progressed (passed) discussions around (about) all the farther (as far as) statue (statute) of limitations safety (safe) deposit box strike a cord (chord) land lover (landlubber) Noble (Nobel) Prize ad nauseum (nauseam) treasure trough (trove) to bath (bathe) worst (worse) comes to worst worse-case (worst-case) scenario de factor (facto) daily regiment (regimen) could (couldn't) give a damn couldn't careless (care less) could (couldn't) care less constitutes (consists) of constellation (consolation) prize chomping (champing) at the bit imminent (eminent) domain after been (being) is contained of (contains) in titled (entitled) guest stared (guest-starred) historic (historical) record working (work in) progress brew haha (brouhaha) is renown (renowned) for mash (mashed) potatoes jive (jibe) with Phillips (Philips) Arena Jimmy (Jimi) Hendrix Erwin Schroedinger (Schrödinger) Harison (Harrison) Ford Jimmy Buffet (Buffett) was lain (laid) lays (lies) atop laying (lying) around lay (lie) around laid (lay) ahead goon (go on) hast o (has to) oft he (of the) duck (duct) tape with(e) I ill (I will) Ill (I'll) need to VBG (VB) DT VBZ they're (their) NN IN VBZ they're (their) NN VBZ IN they're (their) NN 'wherever there (they are) going' they're (their) JJS NN you're (your) JJS NN that's its (possessive) that's they're (their) that's you're (your) VBG you're (your) about who (whom) to wreck (wreak) havoc waived (waved) off to blank then (than) by comparison 'as ... as' (no comparative/superlative) comparisons NNS then (than) comparisons then (than) IN PRP then (than) IN PRP different tact (tack) out of sink (sync) construction sight (site) role (roll) call roll player (role player) lead roll (role) free reign (rein) take the reigns (reins) reigns (reins) of power managerial reigns (reins) at the reigns (reins) most populace (populous) peak (pique) his interest mute (moot) point loosing (losing) effort am loathe (loath) to less (fewer) dollars door jam (jamb) forth (fourth) place put fourth (forth) the and so fourth (forth) faired (fared) badly faired (fared) as well in edition (addition) to full compliment (complement) of spinal chord (cord) hit the breaks (brakes) disc break (brakes) playoff birth (berth) bare (bear) in mind baited (bated) breath complaint (compliant) with allude (elude) eluded to (alluded to) was aloud (allowed) other then (other than) were MD political gaff (gaffe) political gaffs (gaffes) out come (outcome) a bail out (bailout) some where (somewhere) any where (anywhere) past time (pastime) meta data (metadata) crowd sourcing (crowdsourcing) key words (keywords) VB a while (awhile) free lancing (freelancing) free lances (freelances) free lancer (freelancer) free lance (freelance) on-going (ongoing) through out (throughout) down side (downside) before hand (beforehand) be ware (beware) be cause (because) along side (alongside) way side (wayside) worth while (worthwhile) world wide (worldwide) back fire (backfire) them selves (themselves) some how (somehow) sky diving (skydiving) side kick (sidekick) short cut (shortcut) short coming (shortcoming) over rated (overrated) over looking (overlooking) over looked (overlooked) out side (outside) out grow (outgrow) now a days (nowadays) new comer (newcomer) near by (nearby) nation wide (nationwide) mean while (meanwhile) laughing stock (laughingstock) how ever (however) flag ship (flagship) figure head (figurehead) every where (everywhere) self fish (selfish) there fore (therefore) all ways (always) 'Could've' + irregular past tense verb 'hasn't' + irregular past tense verb vary (very) much very match (much) envelop (envelope) though (through) sparking (sparkling) wine a girls best friend Missing possessive: This weeks (week's) meeting Missing possessive: Todays (today's) meeting missing apostrophe in 'Childrens Day' missing apostrophe in 'International Workers Day' missing apostrophe in 'Presidents Day' ones (one's) had of (had) squared (square) manger (manager) wrong genitive (e.g., 'employees's' instead of 'employee's') 'it' vs. 'its' after 'and' cant (can't) can not (cannot) is (it) should/could my (may) be a know (known) bug/problem look ate (at) it (is) I/you/... thing (think) think/know off (of) the/a responds (response) or way (was) it through (throw) away and so one (on) nut (not) please not (note) that the only on (one) I (if) see (sea) weather (whether) come threw (through) sit of (on) the shelf nail on the hat (head) going one (on) one ore (or) is were (where) think you a/an (are) 'Them (Then)' at sentence start bed/bat (bad) English/... analysis if (of) all most (almost) allot of (a lot of) with out (without) tot he (to the) Number + 'week's time' (weeks' time) Possessive pronoun with apostrophe without out (without) where as/by (whereas/whereby) whatsoever → whatsoever under wear (underwear) industry leading (industry-leading) stand alone (standalone) some what (somewhat) per say (per se) 'One the one hand' (On the one hand) one in the same (one and the same) last but not last (least) fro (for) away fro (away from) for along time (for a long time) I've go to (I've got to) in tact (intact) in stead of (instead of) in parenthesis (in parentheses) in January 1 (on January 1) the how/why (how/why) there exits (there exists) another words (in other words) all over the word (all over the world) all be it (albeit) I thin (think) de juro (jure) are still the some (same) easiest was (way) to feel tree (free) to up to data (date) apart form (apart from) your (you) should out (our) theses (these) as oppose to (as opposed to) also know (known) a was (way) ah ha (aha) an then (and then) tool long (too long) the good new (news) is ... lot's of (lots of) if which (if, which) re cent (recent) wan't (want) ling (long) beat (best) regards Ive -> I've does n't (doesn't) want be (won't be) wont (won't) 'by' + passive participle (be) 'as follow' (as follows) Halo (Hallo) wrack (rack) one's brain about tow (toe) the line 360 (180) degree change true to her words (word) looked over her should (shoulder) Word contains a ligature Misspellings of 'Papua New Guinea' I need helps (help) hep (help / hip) hing (thing / hang) mi (me) mah (my) inconsistent case in contraction (e.g. I'Ve) t he (the) son't (don't) add-no (add-on) pee-configured (pre-configured) perpetuum mobile Kin (kind) regards has it advantages → has its advantages were're → we're fair sure → fairly sure Unite Kingdom -> United Kingdom isn'r (isn't) y'al (y'all) this look slike (looks like) an error fort the (for the) they area (are) your'e (you're) it There a re (are) a few items missing Numbers in words My life as (has|was) gotten a lot busier in the last month I want to know id (if) you'll be there HIPPA (HIPAA) a3ft (a 3ft elephant) Hellos (Hello) mus (must) Non-standard word Language Tool (LanguageTool) Thank (Thanks) Thanks (Thank) you fr [franc), Fr (Father, francium) too (two) o'clock confusion of 'tel' vs. 'tell' confusion of 'sill' vs. 'still' confusion of 'aways' vs. 'always' confusion of 'typ' vs. 'type' confusion of 'sav' vs. 'save' save (safe) tome (time) to get ride (rid) if (of) in to (into) confusion of contract/contact complement / compliment can checkin (check in) rollout (roll out) hangout (hang out) can workout (work out) setup (set up) Your (You're) exited (excited) you/your (you're) your (you) whom (who) who (whom) fewer (less) uncountable comprised of heavy weight (heavyweight) light weight (lightweight) over seas (overseas) on going (ongoing) an every day (everyday) envelope (envelop) throws (throes) once and (in) a while may be (maybe) any body (anybody) Verb with 's Do's and Don'ts Possessive form instead of plural Possessive apostrophe error could of (could have) seen/scene seen or scene no/now no where (nowhere) who's (whose) missing genitive (e.g., 'employee's' instead of 'employee') wed (we'd) its vs it is its vs. it's if it (is) something else let's (lets) hell/shell (he'll, she'll) were (where/we) not us (use) responds vs. response I'm note (not) sure I a/an (am) stationary (stationery) vary (very) WiFi (Wi-Fi) if it if (is) if (of) tow (two) it is no (not/now) filed (filled) with tank (thank) you half an our (half an hour) humans beings (human beings) awhile (a while) it self (itself) i vs. I he (the) from/form ca I (can I) being (begin) et al (et al.) he cold do (he could do) apart of (a part of, apart from) on (one) of the most/least/... confusion of 'us' vs. 'use' been (being) me (I) then (than) gong/going How (What) is he like? all though (although) a but (a bit / about) I'l (I'll) etc. Contraction errors: e.g. did'nt (didn't) I dont't (don't) word (world) see (seen) bee (been) miss use (misuse) we'Re' (we're) etc compere (compare) brother-in-laws (brothers-in-law) well suiting, well suitable → well suited looks likes → looks like we'are → we're died-in-the-wool -> dyed-in-the-wool Unite State -> United States youre vs your A couple or (of) them went the other way I was going to drop by an (and) see what's up
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