Common mistake hangout (hang out)

Common Mistake: Hangout vs. Hang out

One of the common mistakes people make while writing is confusing the two different spellings of "hangout" and "hang out." These two words have different meanings and uses in the English language.

The Verb - Hang Out

The verb form of this word is "hang out." It is used when talking about spending time with friends or relaxing in a casual setting. For example:

  • Let's hang out at the park tomorrow.
  • We used to hang out at that coffee shop every weekend.
  • She enjoys hanging out with her classmates during lunch breaks.

The Noun - Hangout

The noun form of this word is "hangout." It refers to a place or location where people gather to spend time together. For example:

  • The local café is a popular hangout spot for teenagers.
  • The beach becomes a popular hangout during the summer months.
  • We are planning to meet at the new mall, which has become a trendy hangout for shoppers.

It is essential to remember that the verb "hang out" is spelled as two separate words, while the noun "hangout" is spelled as one word.

When writing, it is crucial to pay attention to such details to ensure that your work is grammatically correct and effectively conveys your message. Linguix grammar checker can be a helpful tool to identify and correct such common mistakes along with enhancing your overall writing skills.

hangout (hang out) mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    We can hangout and enjoy a few beers.

    We can hang out and enjoy a few beers.

  • Incorrect:
    They hangout in the yard.

    They hang out in the yard.

  • Correct:
    Our favourite hangout place.
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