Common mistake over rated (overrated)

Common Grammar Mistake: Over rated (Overrated)


Grammar plays a crucial role in effective communication. However, even the best of us can make mistakes in grammar, leading to miscommunication or misunderstanding. One such common error is the incorrect usage of "over rated" instead of the correct form, "overrated."

The Mistake:

The incorrect form "over rated" is a frequently seen mistake where the word "over" is separated from the word "rated" by a space. This mistake is quite common, even among native English speakers.

The Correct Form:

The correct form is "overrated," written as one word with no space between "over" and "rated." In this form, "overrated" is used as an adjective to express that something is given more praise or attention than it deserves.


  • The movie was over rated. (Incorrect)
  • The movie was overrated. (Correct)
  • The restaurant's reputation was over rated. (Incorrect)
  • The restaurant's reputation was overrated. (Correct)

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over rated (overrated) mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    The movie was highly over rated.

    The movie was highly overrated.

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