Common mistake now a days (nowadays)

Common Grammar Mistake: "now a days" vs "nowadays"

One of the most common grammatical errors that people make is confusing "now a days" with "nowadays." While they may sound similar, these two phrases have different meanings and should be used in different contexts.

The Correct Usage: "Nowadays"

The word "nowadays" is an adverb that refers to the present time or the current period in general. It is used to indicate that something is happening in the modern era.

For example:

  • Nowadays people rely heavily on smartphones for communication.
  • I don't watch TV nowadays because I prefer streaming services.

The Incorrect Usage: "Now a days"

The phrase "now a days" is grammatically incorrect and does not have a valid meaning. It is often mistakenly used instead of "nowadays."

For example:

  • Now a days I eat healthier and exercise regularly.
  • I used to enjoy going to the movies now a days I prefer staying at home.

As you can see, in both of these examples, "nowadays" should have been used instead of "now a days."

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now a days (nowadays) mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    Now a days, there isn't much hope.

    Nowadays, there isn't much hope.

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