Common mistake free lances (freelances)

Common Grammar Mistakes: Free Lances vs Freelances

Grammar mistakes can make even the most well-written content appear unprofessional, and one common mistake is the incorrect usage of "free lances" instead of the correct term "freelances." Let's take a closer look at this often misunderstood term and understand the correct usage of "freelances."

Understanding the Correct Term: Freelances

The correct term to describe a self-employed individual who offers services to multiple clients or companies is "freelances" rather than "free lances." The word "freelance" originated from the medieval term "freelance," which referred to a knight who was free to offer his services to various employers.

Over time, the term "freelance" transitioned to its modern-day meaning, where individuals work independently, often in creative or professional fields, without being tied to a single employer.

Common Misconception: Free Lances

The mistaken use of "free lances" instead of "freelances" is understandable, as the words "free" and "lance" individually have different meanings. The word "free" means without cost or obligation, while "lance" refers to a long weapon used in the past.

However, when used together as "free lances," the meaning changes entirely and doesn't match the intended definition. This is why it's crucial to remember the correct term "freelances" when referring to self-employed individuals.

Examples of Correct Usage

Here are a few examples to further illustrate the correct usage of "freelances":

  • Many writers today prefer to work as freelances instead of pursuing full-time employment.
  • She has been freelancing as a graphic designer for several years now.
  • Freelances often enjoy the flexibility of choosing their own projects and setting their own schedules.


Using the correct term "freelances" instead of the commonly mistaken "free lances" is essential for maintaining grammatical correctness in your writing. By understanding the history and meaning behind the term, you can confidently use it when referring to self-employed individuals offering their services to multiple clients.

Using tools like Linguix grammar checker can also help catch and correct such mistakes, providing you with well-polished and error-free content.

free lances (freelances) mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    He only free lances for the CIA.

    He only freelances for the CIA.

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