Common mistake all though (although)

Common Grammar Mistakes: All though (Although)

Mistakes in grammar are common, even for native English speakers. One of the frequently made errors is the misuse of the phrase "all though" instead of "although." While these words may sound similar, they have distinct meanings and usage.

The Correct Usage: Although

"Although" is a conjunction that is used to introduce a subordinate clause and show a contrast or concession between ideas. It indicates that there is an unexpected or contradictory relationship between the clauses it connects.


  • Although it was raining, we still decided to go for a walk.
  • I didn't win the competition, although I had practiced for months.

The Incorrect Usage: All though

"All though" is often mistakenly used in place of "although." However, the phrase "all though" is incorrect and does not exist in standard English usage.

Incorrect Example:

  • All though I was tired, I couldn't sleep.

Did you mean "all through"?

If you intended to express moving past or completing something, the correct phrase is "all through."


  • I stayed up all through the night to finish my project.

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all though (although) mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    All though the day: a song by Anita O'Day.

    All through the day: a song by Anita O'Day.

  • Correct:
    I enjoyed this all through the night.
  • Incorrect:
    All though I liked the book, I had to stop reading it.

    Although I liked the book, I had to stop reading it.

  • Correct:
    Best of all though, the review will be great.
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