Common mistake true to her words (word)

The Common Mistake: "True to her words"

One of the most common mistakes in English grammar is using the phrase "true to her words." Although it may sound correct, the proper phrase is actually "true to one's word."

The Correct Idiom: "True to One's Word"

The correct idiom, "true to one's word," means to keep one's promise or to be faithful to what one has said. Using this phrase correctly is important for effective communication.

For example:

  • He is always true to his word, and you can trust him.
  • She promised to finish the project on time, and she was true to her word.
  • The company has a reputation for being true to its word.

Remember, when using this phrase, always refer to "one's word" to indicate the person being true to their own promise or statement.

Additionally, it's essential to proofread and edit your written work to ensure proper grammar usage. Linguix Grammar Checker is a helpful tool in identifying and fixing common mistakes like this, allowing you to communicate more effectively.

true to her words (word) mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    She was true to her words.

    She was true to her word.

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