Common mistake trite (tried) and true

Common Grammar Mistakes: "Trite and True"

Grammar is a fundamental aspect of effective communication, and sometimes even the simplest mistakes can have a big impact on how our message is received. One such mistake that often goes unnoticed is the usage of the phrase "trite and true" instead of the correct phrase, "tried and true."

Understanding the Mistake

The incorrect use of "trite and true" instead of "tried and true" is a common error made by native English speakers and non-native English speakers alike. This mistake occurs when someone mishears or misunderstands the correct phrase due to its similarity in pronunciation.

The word "trite" means overused, stale, or lacking in originality. On the other hand, "tried" means tested, proven, or attempted. The correct phrase, "tried and true," conveys the idea that something has been tested and proven effective.

Example of Correct Usage

Let's consider an example to see the correct usage of "tried and true" in a sentence:

  • The recipe for chocolate chip cookies has been tried and true for generations.

In this example, the phrase "tried and true" is used correctly to express that the recipe has been tested and proven to be successful over many years.

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trite (tried) and true mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    It was a trite and true solution.

    It was a tried and true solution.

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