Common mistake safety (safe) deposit box

The Common Mistake of Using "Safety" Instead of "Safe" Deposit Box

When it comes to storing valuables, many people opt for the security and peace of mind provided by a deposit box. These boxes, usually found in banks or other financial institutions, offer protection for items such as important documents, jewelry, or other valuable possessions. However, there is a common mistake that often occurs when referring to these secure storage facilities: using the term "safety deposit box" instead of "safe deposit box."

The Correct Term: Safe Deposit Box

The proper term for this type of secure storage is a "safe deposit box." While the wrong usage of "safety deposit box" is widespread, it is important to understand the correct terminology to avoid confusion or misunderstandings.

The term "safe deposit box" refers to the nature and purpose of these storage units. They are designed to provide a secure place where individuals can deposit their valuable items, keeping them safe from theft, damage, or loss. The word "safe" in this context emphasizes the protection and security offered by these boxes.

On the other hand, the word "safety" pertains to the condition of being free from harm, danger, or risk. Although it may seem logical to use "safety deposit box" to describe the heightened protection these boxes offer, it is grammatically incorrect and misleading.


Incorrect: I stored my grandmother's precious heirlooms in a safety deposit box.

Correct: I stored my grandmother's precious heirlooms in a safe deposit box.

Incorrect: The bank offers safety deposit boxes for rent.

Correct: The bank offers safe deposit boxes for rent.

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safety (safe) deposit box mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    He inherited his grandfather's safety deposit box.

    He inherited his grandfather's safe deposit box.

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