Common mistake industry leading (industry-leading)

One of the most common grammatical mistakes that people make is incorrectly using hyphens. Specifically, the misuse of hyphens when combining words or phrases into compound modifiers.

1. Industry Leading vs. Industry-Leading

One phrase commonly seen is "industry leading." However, the correct usage is actually "industry-leading." Without the hyphen, the phrase does not properly convey that the "leading" aspect is describing the "industry." Thus, by adding a hyphen, we create a compound modifier that accurately represents the relationship between the words.


Incorrect: We offer industry leading solutions.

Correct: We offer industry-leading solutions.

By using a grammar checker like Linguix, you can easily spot and correct such mistakes in your writing.

industry leading (industry-leading) mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    She is an industry leading expert in this field.

    She is an industry-leading expert in this field.

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